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ASF-08 Spirit Dragon Released

26-10-2005, 02:12
ASF-08 “Spirit Dragon”

Program Description:

“I shelled out 2 fucking trillion dollars for this?!” exclaimed the CEO of MP Ordnance Incorporated, upon seeing W.M.D Inc.’s Seagull, a strangely designed “Stealth” fighter that had design flaw upon design flaw heaped onto it. Sighing, the CEO called back his research scientists from their respective vacations and ordered them to start working on a decent fighter, one that could, in his words “climb like a fucking squirrel on crack and dance like Michael Jackson chasing after young boys.” Of course, since MP Ordnance Corporation had already signed an agreement with W.M.D Inc., it was decided that many elements of W.M.D Inc. technology would be used concurrently with MP Ordnance Corp. technology. The ASF-08 was developed with utmost brilliance and precision, and makes the L-82 Hussar, Lu-45 Hawk and the F-78 Strakhen Sokol II look like cheap playthings. This is next generation of aerial combat.


Class: Air Superiority Fighter
Model Name: ASF-08 Spirit Dragon
Base Model Parameters:
Length: 15.8m
Wingspan: 10m fully folded. 25m fully extended
Height: 3.10m
Powerplant: 2 MP Ordnance Corp. V4 series Pulse Detonation Hybrid Engines making 70,000 lbs. of thrust each.
Top Speed: Mach 4.5 (Totally unladen, at 80,000 ft. with most systems stripped off)
Top Combat Speed: Mach 3.9-4.0
Crew: 1
Max. Lift-off Weight: 29,000 kg
G-Force Capabilities: -9/15 g
Climb Rate: 62,800 ft/min
Max Range: 2,100 km combat radius (flying slowly)
Ceiling: 93,000 ft.
Empty Weight: 15992 kg.
External Hard Points: 4 optional external hardpoints.
Interior Bays: 4x bottom mounted missile bays, 6x side pod missile bays.
Construction: Samurai Folded, "20 sided die," Silicon Carbide and nickel aluminum superalloy w/ advanced poly-silicate RAM coating and metallic titanium glass infusement. Optional carbon nanotube reinforcements to the wings are possible. Kevlar RAM honeycomb lies beneath the skin.
Carrier Capable: Yes
Thrust Vectoring: full 360 degrees at 90 degrees/4.5 sec. at max speed (i.e. at max speed I can go from from perfectly horizontal flight to perfectly vertical flight in 4.5 seconds - likewise from perfectly North to perfectly east or west, etc.) This is due to STA ceramic encased hydrodynamic actuators in the rotation system.
Payload: 13,000 kg. Although this severely limits the speed and range of the plane. A more optimal loading would be something around a 5-8000 kg load.
Excluding the internal bays, the ASF-08 has a single 3 barreled 25mm minigun with electrothermal and magnetic coil assist.
Special Notes re: design/stealth abilities:
1. Advanced poly-silicate RAM (Radar Absorbent Material) coating on entire plane; this is coupled with Kevlar honeycombing beneath the surface to further absorb radar.
2. Triangulated openings and re-entrant wing design with 34 degree or less angles on all surfaces.
3. Aerogel, Thymonel-8 foam and ambient air cooling for exhaust gases.
4. "Self-shading" gold film, bullet proof, cockpit glass,
5. Matte heavy gray and black coloring. Optional optical camouflage available.
6. 100 point radar detection capability with return signal masking (i.e. 100 points on the plane will detect a radar "tag" and broadcast a jamming signal that cancels the radar frequency return detected by the detection point(s))
7. Condensation trail masking for lower speed flight in order to avoid detection.
8. Nose shaped to reduce sonic boom.
9. Optional towed EW pods.
1. Passive radar sensor. LPI, ELINT and NPI defeating via power spectral density analysis, parallel filter arrays, third order computer processing and signal separation and analysis.
2. Omni-directional thermal and infrared passive sensors.
3. Active radar, high-moving target stealth burnthrough VLPI, with multistatic transmitters, ultra wide band signals, continuous wave ratio and long, low power pulsing.
4. Optional towed passive radar.
5. Fiber optic spool transmission IR and Cassagarian Doppler LIDAR.

Other Systems:
1. Holographic HUD display
2. MPCN-1 Dial an Output Communications System.
3. "Fly-by-Light" systems
4. Laser, radar, IR and thermal targeting systems with AI computer coordination (i.e. on board computer compares radar, laser and thermally identified target coordinates and targets onboard guns/missiles at the "right" target and eliminates or reduces the effects of flares, chaff, etc.) Basically this means that the computer can tell between random contacts such as flares, and actual targets.
5. GPS enabled navigation system. Also, a LIDAR based terrain referencing system can be installed.
6. Radar chaff & HSM flare systems. Small, ejectable EW pods capable of being equipped.
7. "Astronaut Gel," 60 degree, computer controlled, adjustable pilot seat position for G-force comfort and capabilities.
8. VTOL capabilities for rapid carrier deployment
9. MP Intuitive Control System Joystick onboard.
10. Auto-sense pilot distress systems
11. Advanced ejection seat. Self righting
12. Shtora V Electronic Warfare Suite
13. FC3S-4A Fire Control Suite, capable of tracking 1000+ targets at once and maintaining targeting information on all of them.

Estimated base unit cost: $152 million.
Production Rights: $25 Billion

(Write-up coming soon*)

ooc: Thanks to Mauiwowee, Doomingsland, Soviet Bloc, Layarteb and Sarzonia for helping me get started. The write-up will be out within a few weeks.
26-10-2005, 02:31
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Space Union
26-10-2005, 02:47
We'll see if this is a competitor to the F-79B Archangel and if it will stay in the sky with an F-79B nearby. ;) Nice plane, though, overall. I'm guessing that this is air superiority. Once you have the write-up I'll check it out and add my 2 cents.
26-10-2005, 15:17
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