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Call to power
25-10-2005, 23:47

Call to power is often described as "Antarctica’s Ibiza" due to the country’s north being unusually warm but don't let that fool you this is one of the coldest areas on Earth!


The country is covered largely by arctic desert but the north provides a warm climate (mainly due to volcanic activity) the rich soil of the area is used for tree farms.


The country's south is ravaged by blizzards and sub-zero temperatures whilst the North suffers frequent rain, snow and fog



Green: forest
White: snow/ice
Brown: mountain
Red: volcano
Grey: major city (grey with red* is capital)
Light blue: naval base
Purple: airbase
Yellow: army base


not much is known about pre-historic CTP though we do know South American tribes migrated here before the end of the last ice age

Early civilization (4000BC)
The early civilization was greatly influenced by the early Moche and had a similar religion though it is theorized that CTP could of been part of the Incan empire no concrete proof has been found

Western colonialism (1492-1925)
During the 16th century refugees of south American civilizations fled to CTP hearing of the western conquests the nation went into isolationism and had all the maps of CTP destroyed. The plan worked until the 1900's when explorers landed luckily upon finding no natural resources they quickly left calling the nation "a frozen desert inhabited by savages".

industrialization (1925-1940)

After the south Americans successfully rebelled CTP began to re-establish contact with the world this led to a rapid industrialization but Christian missionary’s had began spreading the word of God to the local population the power of the blood cult faded leading to a revolution on August 14th 1940

The Blood revolution (1940-1946)

The revolution was called “the Blood revolution” because it was sparked when several Christian parents refused to allow there children to be sacrificed as punishment 2000 Christian children were killed unfortunately the majority of the nation had already became Christian and a revolution soon followed

Post revolution (1946-49)

Many governments were experimented with during he post period unfortunately the army had overthrown the government each time eventually CEO smoke Jaguar took power and created a corporate Monarchy

The corporate years (1949-1962)

The corporate Monarchy re-created the old hierarchy and gave rich company bosses there own estates in return company’s like Pepsi and McDonalds provided a military and so long as they had this power they could pass any laws they liked (most notably the ban on the company’s arch rivals Coca-Cola and Burger King)

The red revolution (1962-1963)

In the winter of 1962 General Sapa-Inca Pepsi led a successful revolution which was supported by Coca Cola, Burger King and for a small period the soviet union unfortunately Sapa-Inca Pepsi was in no mood to allow another corporate dictatorship so he selected the best at there field scientists to create another government unfortunately they became power mad and created a technocracy

The age of peace (1963-present)

As the years went on the technocracy stabilized to its current form most notably the government passed a bill to give all religions free practice (which had been banned since 1940!) Coca-Cola and Burger King are celebrated as heroes and all corporations except McDonalds and Pepsi are allowed to sell there goods in the nation
Call to power
25-10-2005, 23:48
The government of Call to power is run by officials selected for being the best at there particular field they regularly hold conferences for bills and government actions though if there is a state of emergency or when action is needed A.S.A.P the high General of the armed forces is left to make a choice

(Unfortunately the identities of the officials has been hidden due to recent cheese based attacks)

Official name: The Technocracy of Call to power

UN Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

UN ratings

Civil Rights: Good

Economy: Powerhouse

Political Freedoms: Average

Population (est. last census): 1.102 billion

average income tax rate: 87%

(for other information see Call to Power in world ns nations and
Call to power
25-10-2005, 23:48
total servicemen: 22040000 (2% of population)

percentage of troops and budget:

15% Navy 3306000 men $1018467108984.8999
29% Army 6391600 men $1969036410704
30% Airforce 6612000 men $2036934217969.7998
26% Rapid reaction force 5730400 men $1765342988907.1601

total defence budget: $6,789,780,726,566.40

(est. 26th Oct)
Call to power
26-10-2005, 00:08
comments/suggestions? (will do military later)