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Trading Restrictions on TFU (FT closed/invite only)

The Humankind Abh
24-10-2005, 20:57
In light of recent events and numerous threats from the Federation to undermine the economy of the Abh Empire, all ships from the Federation are hereby banned from Abh space. Any and all ships that enter will either be turned back or crew placed under arrest. Those that refuse, shall be destroyed on the spot.

This goes out to all nations so that there can be no mistake that this is being done in the interest to preserve our economy. All diplomats and citizens from the Federation may stay for a time being and then will be transported back home on Abh merchant ships. This will only apply to those that wish to leave. However, if they do not wish to leave, they will no longer be members of the Federation but of the Abh Empire.

From this moment on, Star Forces will conduct constant patrols along the borders. Garrison forces will be increased and the defenses will be strengthened to prevent any retaliation from even entering the Empire.

~Emperor Dusanyu 28th Emperor of the Jade Throne
The Fedral Union
26-10-2005, 19:33
The United sates denies any wrong doing, and takes the steps as an act of war, if The Humankind Abh, fallow through with these threats the united sates shall consider that act of blatant war.

The call immediately came in to SWACS, and FED fleet command.

Admiral forest sighed as he looked at the message in his officer, he pressed the Buttons on the computer and wired the message, to the commanders of the 8th, 6th, 7th, and 2nd fleets.

Each fleet contained 300 ships, and 1500 fighters, they were ready to be deployed, with in 48 hours the huge fleets warped out of there home ports and in to border space ready to begin operation Federal shield.

The large sleek Grey ships rumbled in the dark void of space, as they cruised towards the border.

Mean while several freighters , were making a run for it rushing toward the border.
The Humankind Abh
27-10-2005, 01:12
The Abh Empire takes this as a declaration of war by the Federation. Since war has been declared on us, Star Forces will mobilize all efforts to counter this threat.

The Seven Admirals of the Abh Empire prepared their fleets alongside the commanders of the Terran forces.

Garrison forces already began to pick up on the movements of the Federation fleets. Border stations and fortifications began to take aim on the approaching fighters. Laser turrets along with several torpedoe tubes were hot and ready to fire.

Warning signals were sent to all approaching craft. "You will only be warned once. Any craft trying to cross our border that flies under the flag of the federation will be shot down if they do not turn back."

The Guardships, Attack Vessels and Frontlineships were mobilizing to set up defensive postures around the fortifications. Frontlineships launched thousands of mines behind the stations and readied to launch them at anything that threatened the Empire.
Hyperspatial Travel
27-10-2005, 02:45
OOC : I won't get directly involved unless you want me to, but I'm going to send a message of congratulations.

IC: League Communique -

We congratulate you on your exceptional intelligence in taking this action, and offer a free trade agreement. The imperialist Union pigs have often enroached on others territory, and, this time, we are not afraid to repel the pitiful invaders, even from a nation who once aided them.

You have seen the error of your ways, and, for that, if you so wish, we can load up sixteen spare supply fleets, and supply your citizenry with food, minerals, and weaponry, as well as shield generators, as so to stop the expansionist, anti-democracy, inadequate Union from claiming another victim with its mad leader, Bob Rastidas. Or whatever he's called.

- End Comminique -
The Fedral Union
28-10-2005, 18:13
The freighters continued across the Fedral border feeling safe they slowed, but some continued on course going faster the fleet of Fedral ships scattered slightly but not to scattered , they were ready to unleash a hell of fire upon there Emmys.

Several thousand fighters warped in taking up attack positions.
The Humankind Abh
28-10-2005, 18:34
The thousands of mines that layed behind the defense grid began picking out military targets. The engines to moblize them slowly warmed up.

Several Patrolships waited behind the defenses to intercept the approaching frieghters with the intention of stripping out the cargo and then sending the crew back to where they came from.

Admiral Mustaf, Rulef, and Wakapale were enroute with their fleets should trouble arise. Lord Rahl and Commander Savage were also enroute with their fleets to assist.
The Fedral Union
28-10-2005, 20:17
The entire fleet including fighters had not crossed the border, cargo ships attempted to get out of abh space quickly rushing the border
The Humankind Abh
29-10-2005, 03:45
The freighters had been warned not to enter Abh space. They refused and would be stopped at the border. The defense grid powered up by jamming all abilities for the freighters to jump from the border to another location. Even if they did manage to, there would be other ships ready to pick them up.

Ion cannons locked on to the freighters and opened fire to make them a dead stick in space. The rest of the defenses powered up as well in case the fighters made a move to attack.
29-10-2005, 16:58
Official Communique from the Federated Lands of Starenell to The Humankind Abh:

We will gladly send support if it is needed. A fleet is being prepared, consisting mainly of ships, not many ground troops. We have our Space Marines though.
The Humankind Abh
29-10-2005, 17:04
Reply to the Federal Lands of Starenell~

We appreciate the offered support however this is a one on one fight to settle a disturbance. This fight is bound by an honor code and agreement. If this code is broken though, we ask that you standby to lend your assistance then.
29-10-2005, 17:07
Of course. Our fleet awaits on the planet Iaress, which is closest to your realm.
The Fedral Union
30-10-2005, 15:33
The Union ships are trying to get out of abh space as fast as they can while the fleet stood in watch preparing to attack if those ships ,were shot down.

Mean while the void of space was filled with tension, as the light of a nearby star gleamed on the ships hulls. The captains and crew were all tense but ready to fight.
The Humankind Abh
30-10-2005, 23:54
Three Admirals had arrived on the scene by this time. Admiral Wakapale took charge of garrison forces and was heading this operation at the moment. She sent a message out to all ships in the Abh defensive line.

Allow the freighters to pass. They contain diplomats and Federal citizens wishing to leave the Empire before we completely shut down our borders to them. Any who fire on the vessels will adhere to a strict court martial at the ex-Emperors meeting.

Ion cannons powered down and lost focus on freighters leaving the system. Other defensive weapons remained active and kept their energy pulses trained on military vessels. The three fleets dispersed and set up position a few hundred kilometers behing the mine line. Frontlineships positioned themselves a few kilometers behind the other Abh vessels. Standard Abh column formation with Attack Vessels mixed in among the Guardships and Patrolships for fighter and missle defense.