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Mobster RP

Zactarn Prime
24-10-2005, 02:55
Okay I have an idea for a 1930's mobster RP like Scarface, Godfather, Say Hello to my Little Friend, shooting, big coats, etc. It will take place in Chicago and all of it's suburbs. We will fight for territory and buy buildings and do crack jobs and so on. You will make a character and place it in one of the families. You will put his Family, Name, Age, Weight, Height, Favorite Weapon, Skill, Rank, and Reason for being in family.

Families are as follows:

Luchesse Family (Italian)

Rigitoni Family (Italian)

Papadopolus Family (Greek)

Banderas Family (Spanish)

Napoelitano Family (Italian)

Gotti Family (Italian)

Kolish Family (Irish)

O' Riley Family (Irish)


Zactarn Prime
Family: Rigitoni Family
Name: Valentino Rigitoni
Age: 32
Weight: 426
Height: 5' 10"
Favorite Weapon: Tommy Gun
Skill: Drive By's and Property Control
Rank: Head of Rigitoni Family
Reason for being in Family: Father was falsly murdered by police.