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OOC: idea for Biblical RP

22-10-2005, 22:08
So i was just thinking, it'd be sort of cool to do an RP loosely based on the biblical depition of the final battle between good and evil, otherwise known as Armegeddon. It will be loose so that it won't be as dependant on prophesy as it would be otherwise, so essentially the only things that will be concrete will be the sides, between the belivers, and the damned. The sides will be as follows. Take note that this is a modern tech RP that takes place in the future, so it is obviously an alternate universe where this takes place.
i'm definately open to suggestions, if u like tag or drop a comment, u can start asking for positions now, once we have the major ones filled i'll open an invisionboard forum for the RP.

Antichrist and his Armies
Babylonia (located in present day Iraq) - the seat of the one world government and the chief enemy of Israel and the believers. Capitol city of Babylon is the capitol of world commerce and politics.
Egypt (modern day Egypt) - Ally of Babylonia
Etheopia (modern day eastern Africa) - Ally of Babylonia
Rome (modern day Italy, France, Spain, and Switzerland) - Ally of Babylonia and seat of the one world religion, Governed by the False Prophet.
Scandanavia (modern day Sweeden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland) - Ally of Babylonia, and capital of Europe.
Peoples Republic (modern day China, Koreas, Japan, Mongolia, and region of Siam). - Military backbone of the Global Government, loyal to Babylon, avowedly worship the image of the Beast.
The Belivers
Israel(located in modern day Israel and Palestine) - the seat of the followers of god, and the seat of the resistance against the one world government.
United Arab Armies (Iran,Turkey,Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and UAE) - the resitance armies against Babylonia operating all over the world, fighting for their belief in Allah as the only god.
The Minutemen (United States, Britain, Austrailia, New Zeeland, and Canada) - resistnace to Babylonia, not belivers in god, simply opposed to the despotism that rules the world.
Russia (former Soviet Union) - strategic ally of israel, opposes the one world government and has resited invasion b/c of superior military.
CRM = Christian Resistance Movement (Austria, Hungary, Czech Rep. Slovakia, Poland, Romania) - the armies of eastern europe that oppose Rome and Babylonia.
Edom (Oman, Yemen) - ally of Israel