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Return of The Ancients [Intro]

The Alteran Ascension
22-10-2005, 18:45
[I used to be 'The Gate Builders' but let it die. So I'm starting again.]

Atlantis, the most technologically advanced ship in the Pegasus Galaxy. Build thousands of years ago to house the Alteran people, for ten millenia it has stood empty, uninhabited amidst the turmoil of the Universe.
Its former occupiers have long gone, ascended to another plane of existence.

Now they return.

After a meeting of all the Ascended Alterans, they came to the decision that the Universe was destroying itself. At the centre of thi spiral of annihilation lies mankind, the second evolution of the Ancients, seeded long ago by the Alterans as a way of ensuring their survival. They are disappointed with humanity.
They quickly come to the decision that a group of them must return to the Pegasus galaxy with only a fraction of the knowledge they gained as ascended beings. Having said that, the Ancients are vastly intelligent beings, with the power to heal with a touch.

Atlantis, Pegasus Galaxy

Theyhad arrived. Across the city 4 million Alterans appeared, in a flash of light, with little memory of their time as ascended beings. In other parts of the galaxy they appeared, in ships that had drifted for millenia, and outposts other races had deemed abandoned: Taonas, Alantus, Alaris, Dakara and Heliopolis. The other great city of the Ancients was finished, becoming the new capital. Atlantis was fully powered with three new ZPMs, and given orders to go out to the Milky Way Galaxy under escort, to contact the humans there, and broadcast a message.

We are the Alterans. We come to your galaxy to seek contact with your people, our second evolution. We have much to offer, and would like friendly relations with you. If you wish the same, and your people have access to a StarGate (stone ring, great ring etc.) then use the following symbols to go to our welcome site. Come unarmed, or you will be removed.

Along with the message, the gate symbols for Heliopolis are included.
Star Gate central
22-10-2005, 20:32
Location:Atlantis, Pegasis galaxy
From:Atlantis team
To: SGC, Earth

Transmission as follows:Two hours ago we beleived that Atlantis's builders had left our plane of existance for good, but it seems this is no longer true.
It happened so suddenly, there was a blinding light and then they were standing there wearing white clothing, The Leader introduced them in perfect english "we are the owner's of this place, and the creaters of your race. We are the Alterans, and we are here to heal the galaxy".

The Alterans have already started setting up Atlantis for it's return to Earth and have also promised to have close relations with us...their creations. The Daetaleus has already requisitioned as the escort for Atlantis on its return home and all of the Atlantis team are to return aboard the Daetaleus as the Alterans wish to repair damage caused by our "tinkering". ETA is roughtly 2 days.

Atlantis team admin Dr Weir
The Alteran Ascension
22-10-2005, 20:42
Log, Commander of the Alteran Descended Taskforce
Entry 1:

The descenion went as planned. We all arrived at our desired locations without a hitch. It turns out that some of our evolutionary 'children' have attempted to take over Atlantis in our absence. Admittedly we didn't think we'd be returning, but it was a shock to see them. They seemed somewhat socked to see us jus appear out of nowhere... That was funny.
Mockery of these under-developed people aside, they have done some damage whilst attempting to interface our technologies. Our shield generators are damaged, our ZPMs are depleted (we have since manufactured three) and our drones are ALL GONE. We will have to leave Pegasus to return to the home systems.
The ones we sent to Vis Uban report that a primitive society has been set up there in oour absence. They didn't like being evicted forom the city, but that was unavoidable. we are already in the process of building a new captal ship.
All in all a success. Now we are headed to Earth, to dock with the Terra Atlantus facility. I hope our people there are doing well.
Star Gate central
22-10-2005, 20:57
From: Battleship Prometheus
Transmission priority:Emergancy

Tranmission as follows:MAYDAY,MAYDAY. Prometheus shutting down, this maybe my final message. We were doing a scan at the edge of the galaxy when a wraith ship exited hyperspace, it had several improvements but it was obviosly a hive ship. We lanched several 100 megaton nuclear warheads at the ship but it's sheild's reflected them....we have no idea how but the seen to have captures some of your technolgy, including the canon that you used on your defence platforms. It tore through the ship and then the ship moved in for the kill......DAMN! their wepon's have hit the Naquada generator................Atlantis, if you can hear me, abort your transit, repeat abort your transit

Transmission terminated due to power failiure