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The Symbian Revolution (FT)

22-10-2005, 05:58
OOC: This is a record of this Revolution- Comment if you wish

IC: She was there, inside of a ship... she was the ship. Her body was attached to the ship in the core. Her mind was one with the ships computers, and her body was too. Before she joined the Biomem Corps, people called her Erla Jeat, now she was Sebecean Imperial Warship Jeat. It wasn't has humiliating as the left-wing Sebeceans had said it would be, she actually found it quite honorable having a ship name after her, but it was her. Her life as a Symbiant was enlightening, and she was able to do amazing things on her year long system patrols. She had the power to destroy a Sebecean Command Carrier and a Sebecean Dreadnought- the Traditional symbols of Sebecean Imperial and Congressional Power.

***Historical File: BM-SIM-288-9105BE-67***
Title: Basic Symbiant Information
Sebecean Imperial Navy: BioMem Corps
Re: Basic Information of the Biologically Linked Warships

The Symbiant is a person merged with a machine, in this case a warship, who commands or mans a certian system onboard a ship. Their minds are merged with the computer systems and their body is maintained in an apparatus known as Symbiant Stasis. Symbiants are generally people who have a terminal illness which there is now known cure for, and in the case of fighter symbiants, are genetically altered and grown into their fighters. Symbiants are often cured of their disease by the stasis.

The military use of Sybiants came at about -2 AU (After Union of the Three Gods) when the modular class of warships was created to replace the effective yet old Command Carriers and Dreadnoughts. The modular ship classes, Vultura and Decimator use Symbiant Fighters. At 430 AU the use of Symbiant commanded ships grew.

With one person commanding a small but powerful ship, it was met with great fear by the peoples of the Assmilated Worlds. The practice of integration was viewed as terrible by the Sebecean Confederalists (left-wing), however it is accepted they do not like the idea of a larger more powerful military.

Erla observed the sun through the asteroids, and she moved out from the belt. She was cloaked and began stalking a transport barge. It was automated, and was carring minerals from a nearby automated mining station. She quickly decloaked, and found its Subspace com link, and inserted herself. She shut the computer down, and the barge drifted. Her theory had worked, she could stop other Sebecean systems, she just need followers.

Erla was angry over the treatment of Symbiants by the Navy. They were put on long patrols, and their term of service was 100 years. She hate the idea of being immortal like the Patriarch Emperor, yet forced to surrender that immortality after 100 years. Symbiants were harassed by people and were taxed heavily once they retired. She had no idea why, but she was not happy with this abuse, and she was ready to strike.

She was atlast recalled to the BioMem base for inspection. When she arrived she was greeted byt 70 other Symbiant Ships. She landed on a small moon, and began chatting about her ideas. The pilots agreed with her, but were afraid of the concept of Revolution, because even though there were more Biomems than before, they were still vastly out numbered. She told them to have confidence, and without orders she took-off from the planet. She was ordered down, and two Dreadnoughts began firing upon her when she failed to comply, she found them and shut their systems down. She powered her weapons and butchered the helpless ships. In seeing her actions, the other Symbiant pilots took-off and joined her.

In about a minute a fleet of 200 Command BattleCarriers jumped in. Erla began deactivating them, and the other pilots, showed no mercy, and attack the carriers. Thousands of escape pods from the Carriers shot out, and the Symbiants attack each one after the Carriers were gone. She began calling her brothers and sisters forth, and by the hundreds Biomem ships entered the system. They were met by no force for two days, where Erla and the fleet planned the strike on Higar IV, capitol of the Imperium. They were going to do what no other had done... strike the heart(Imperial Monarchy(Military)) and the head(Coalitionist Congress) of the Imperium.
24-10-2005, 02:51
With every Symbiant ship with her, she had a fleet powerful enough. Symbiant ships were the generally few, but were usually more power. But that still ment little to her, seeing that the Imperial and Congressional Forces had had time to fortify the Higar System. She need to do something radical, and that thing hit her at the last moment. She would have her brothers and sisters shut down outer stations, to draw the forces out, then they would jump into the atmosphere of Higar IV.

The next day, she sent four of her brothers to do their mission. They destroyed the stations, and with captured ships, they made it seem as though the fleet was there. The Imperial vessals moved out to the decoys, and the Symbiant Fleet jumped in. Ships were shut down left and right, only lifesupport remain on. Only a few ships were destroyed, but in the end she had Higar and her mercy.

Her ship landed in Ecliptia City, met by Senators no soldiers. In their hand a apology and a legeslation to protect the Symbiant, but she did not take it. Instead she step from her stasis, and walked out from her ship. She was nude, but she was beautiful. She had stepped in deformed and near death, and she walked out as a perfect example of Sebecean beauty. The senators were shocked by the sight, and a massive crowd was silenced. She took what they were holding, and toar it.

She looked up to everyone, and with the use of her ship, spoke to the masses, "People of the Grand Coalition of the Second Sebecean Democratic Imperium, your treatment of honorable warriors has led to this. Your abuses, harassment, and humilation will be forgiven, because we have won, we have shown you the consiquences of your actions. However we shall remove all elected officials, and hold new elections. We shall return everything to what it was. We will let you govern yourself, but as the Patriarch Emperor united the Setian-Sebecean People by conquest, I shall unite you under the new First Symbiant Coalition of Setian-Sebeceans and the greater Symbiant-Sebecean Democratic Imperium. I offer a shared throne with Miniah, but I will not yeild my power. I am your new Empress, and I now take the new name of Erla Symbia, the Sybiant Empress."
The crowd remained quiet until the Senators agreed to her terms, which caused the crowd to cheer. They had not been defeated but they had won their freedoms again. They would have new reforms and changes, they would remain strong.