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Yet another successful election

22-10-2005, 05:42
A woman has a microphone in her hand. She quickly rearranges her hair, checks her face, and a man says "Live in 3, 2, 1"

"After several months of anticipation and campaigning, Andmerica has finally finished voting for our new president. Last year when President 98, also known as President Blehm, announced that he would no longer be President and would instead take Vice President or cabinet roles, over a billion citizens worried that the country would never be the same again, and that it would return to the Dark Ages which happened last time President 98 had decided not to run. But after several months of reassuring the populace that no such rebellion would ever happen again, the people finally calmed down. But enough of the background.
After a voting period of 3 days, the votes were counted, and Tom Jhelk, formerly one of President 98's senior advisors, won the election by a mere 1% of the votes. In the process of winning, the former President 98 took the office of Vice President. President Jhelk recently gave a speach stating how glad he was that he made it, and congratulated his opponent, Carl Vonh, for coming so close. Vonh graciously accepted defeat, and President Jhelk appointed Vonh to his Senior cabinet.
A massive celebration celebrating the new elections has been organized to run for the next 3 days, and everyone is invited. President Jhelk and Vice President 98 will be visiting every state in Andmerica and some of the smaller nearby independant countries to express their thanks and to show that they are in it for the good not only of Andmerica, but for every country on Andrexa. This is Reporter Maggie Hosch, thank you for tuning into ANS, the number one Andmerican news source."

A shady figure is in the background... He walks up to a desk, and a man is sitting there
"Was he elected?"
"Yes sir, but the fools who ran for president are already showing public disapproval towards him."
"That doesn't matter, as long as he isn't caught, he will be fine. The most 98 can do is publicly criticize and embarass him, but he can't impeach him."
"Among the three fools, most of them have a close friendship with a large section of the Senate. If they were to pull strings..."
"They won't unless they have a seriously good reason to doubt him. They have friends, but even close friends will not do your bidding and turn on their brethren unless it is obvious that they must. He is fine."
*the man picks up a paper, and quickly reads it*
"Yes sir, I will deliver the papers to him."

the man turns around, and walks out the door. He hands the paper to a new recruit, and tells him to give the Senator it. The recruit instinctively reads it, accidentally sealing his own fate. He comes out of the Senatorial Chambers, and follows the man into a dark alleyway, where he promptly killed by a shot into the base of the skull by a silenced pistol.
Oblivious the the conpiracy going on, the rest of Andmerica celebrates, unaware of something going on that would change the country forever. The body isn't found for 3 days, and police believe it was probably a few drunk friends playing around and accidentally killing a friend.

i'm a bit rusty, but it feels good to type something up. The dark ages were when several of my puppet accounts were deleted from inactivity, and i wrote myself a big story about why they disappeared