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World Series Game 1!!! Come See Chicago

21-10-2005, 22:11
OOC: This is an open RP for any World Leader to attend. As most of you recall, IDF took Chicago over long ago so obviously my nation is proud of their Sox. Have fun RPing here. I mean how many RPs give you the opportunity to have national leaders have fun, eat a brat, and talk about the Rocket?

IC: [cue Comcast Pre-Game music]

Welcome to Comcast Sports Net’s pregame show for game 1 of the 2005 World Series featuring the Chicago White Sox vs. the Houston Astros in what should be a good pitching match-up. I am Ken “Hawk” Harrelson working with long time voice of the Sox on radio John Rooney who will be leaving after this year. I will be joining John in the booth as colorman while he does play-by-play. This game will be carried by Joe Buck and crew on Fox TV and ESPN Radio. We are live at US Cellular Field in Chicago so sit back relax and strapper down. We will have the starting line-ups after this break.

- - - - -- - - - - -- -
We are now back and here is the Astros starting line-up
1. Biggio 2B
2. Taveras CF
3. Berkman LF
4. Ensberg 3B
5. Bagwell DH
6. Lamb 1B
7. Lane RF
8. Everett SS
9. Ausmus C
This isn’t the best line-up in baseball but they got the job done coming back from a 15 game deficit in May. They have relied on their pitching and they have that tonight. We have a real treat as Roger Clemens returns to the World Series. He will be making the start tonight.

Now let’s look at skipper Ozzie Guillen’s line-up.
1. Scott Podsednik LF
2. Tadahito Iguchi 2B
3. Frank Thomas DH (I can dream can’t I?)
4. Paul Konerko 1B
5. Jermaine Dye RF
6. Aaron Rowand CF
7. AJ Pierzynski C
8. Joe Crede 3B
9. Juan Uribe SS

This is a great line-up put here by Ozzie. They lost power in the offseason by losing Maggs and trading Carlos Lee, but they gained speed and Scott Podsednik has led the way as the team ran to an AL Pennant. Frank Thomas missed most of the season and made a miraculous return for this series. Pierzynski was a good pickup. He was involved in controversy during the ALCS with the dropped 3rd strike and later catcher’s interference. He will make this interesting. Sox starter and former Clemens teammate Jose Contreras will take the bump with his 95 mph fastball and 90+ mph forkball.

We will have the 1st pitch right after this break.