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20-10-2005, 21:07
OOC: Here the nations who signed up for the Olde Earth campaign may post their major changes in government, trade, industry, expansion, diplomatic talks and etc, etc, etc. In here, if you please will, post your smaller personal threads in here. That way we can keep track and keep things kind of centralized.

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By Caladonn
21-10-2005, 19:27
Overlooking a great plain, a man stood on a low platue of rock and earth. The plains were green and rich, a river ran close by, its fresh clear waters guiding fish and other creatures to the sea.

"A good land," the man said aloud. "Indeed it my Lord," said another voice. The man turned and saw his personal servant sitting in his formal court position, their two horses were grazing nearby.

"So it is Lie Mai," said Sun-Cha Tang. He stepped over to his horse, his servant bowed low as he passed. Sun launched up into the saddle then shifted the reins to the right, moving down a path, down the hill-like platue, through the trees that covered it. When he came off it and through the hills, he looked out over the large mass column of people. 150,000 men, women, and children, all coming to this area to build the new capitol of the Federation.

One of his advisors road up on a horse to him. He bowed at the waist to Sun-Cha. "My Lord, the 10 govenors of the 10 nations of the Federation are wishing an audiance," he said.

"Very well Cho, inform them I will see them when I have settled my people for the evening. We have found the site for the new city," said Sun-Cha. The advisor bowed again then turned his horse away and road to the large formation of horsemen at the base of the hill.

"Soon, we will start a new beginnning for my Empire," said Sun-Cha to himself.
23-10-2005, 14:48
The Imperial Senate Chamber was silent. The gilded Senators' booths, set between massive windows, brought in the light and revealed a stunning view of central Caladonn from the top of the Imperial Citadel.

But now was not the time to gaze out at the view. In the Jeriath section of the chamber, a young elf stood up, with a swish of his silver robes. "Fellow senators," he shouted, "The time has come for our nation to end its isolation. We are cosmopolitan, we are expansionist, and yet, when new land has been discovered, we quibble over nothings while our brave soldiers map out the unknown." his voice rose. "No longer, I say! Let all of Caladonn unite to bring our great destiny to the lands beyond, and enrich the motherland a hundredfold! What is the price of increased exploratory spending now, compared with the great empire we will have in the long term? The Imperium must stand on its feet and strive, or we will become complacent." He sat down amid startled whisperings.

Then another elf stood up, and the hall quieted. It was Consul Holimar, an aged elf from central Caladonn. "It is not enough to expand outwards," he said. "We must also expand our homeland! We do not have the industry to support the massive fleets nor the infrastructure for gigantic transportation. We must embark upon a journey to modernise the lands of Caladonn, expanding outwards and inwards simultaneously." He also sat down.

Consul Aramil banged his staff on the floor and said, "I call for a vote on the issues presented by the Senator and Consul."

Quickly, the Senators voted, and the vote was tallied. It was a clear success. Caladonn would continue to expand at a faster pace, and would upgrade her interior infrastructure at the same time. An ambitious plan, surely, but one who's spoils when it came to fruition would surely merit the hard work put in earlier.
23-10-2005, 15:10
OOC: Just remember Caladon, that this is Olde Earth, meaning no technology beyond what was in the 12th-14th centuries. So, watch your wording.


"I'm not sure my Lord, but our engineers say that the forest will be cut down soon," said the Advisor of Work. He bowed after he spoke and shuffled backwards to join the line of advisors all sitting in front of Su-Chan Tang. He nooded and looked around the great tent they sat in.

Rugs and carpets from the eastern provinces of the Federation lined the floor, making it more comfortable to walk upon than the grassy ground. A wooden dais, Su-Chan's throne upon it, sat in the far reaches of the large tent, two fires on either side.

Su-Chan himself was seated in his throne, wearing a doe-skin jerkin and thigh high riding boots, and a black silk shirt with the gold crest of the Tang house stitched into its fabric with golden thread. On his head he had a silver circlet and in its center, over his forehead, it held a white diamond; the crown of the Federation.

"Very well Advisor Hantao. I am tired now, you may leave," he said and waved. The advisors all bowed, their heads touching the mats and carpets, then they walked backwards 10 paces, then turned and left the tent.

Out of the corner of the tent came Su-Chan's personal servant Lei Mai, carrying a platter with food and a glass of wine on it. "Here you are my Lord, your evening meal," he said, he bowed after setting the platter before Su-Chan, then moved back a few paces away to wait on his lord.

"I have a plan in mind," said Su-Chan, he picked up the cooked lamb and ate into it gingerly and properly, he chewed and swallowed it slowly; Lei Mai did not reply until he was done, as was polite.

"And what plan is that, my Lord," he asked.

"I have a Dream, Lei Mai, one that will change the lives of all those within the Federation. But for now, I am content with my present dream, and that is the construction of this new city," he said. Once again he set into his food.
23-10-2005, 22:47
OOC: Of course. 'Massive' and 'Gigantic' are relative, and what is massive to a Caladonnian senator might not be massive to you.

Also, by ships I mean a viking longship type thing, and the infrastructure is simply better roads, and inns and such. I'm sure all of these were around in medieval times.
24-10-2005, 07:58
OOC: I know, I was just curious as to your 'wording' of it, thats all.
25-10-2005, 00:05
OOC: Ok then.
25-10-2005, 07:35
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