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Van Luxemburgian Premier murdered, Elections called, Investigation started!

Van Luxemburg
20-10-2005, 11:42
Diekirch, near Luxembourg

The Van Luxemburgian Premier, Jean-Pierre Claude, was asleep in his mansion in The Ardennes, a few dozen Kilometers away from the capital of van Luxemburg, Luxembourg. although Van Luxemburg was a Grand-Duchy, the Grand Duke was supported by Claude's government, to ensure the Grand Duke wouldn't become a dictator. the danger wasn't big, but it could. Claude was asleep, yet lightly. suddenly, he awoke, and listened carefully.
What was that?
he listened again. nothing but silence. it wouldn't be strange, cause he was in an area which had been completely silent, for years.
There was it again. footsteps on the natural stone in the hallway. no sound again. The carpet on the stairs. now, the wooden floor on the hall to it's bedroom crackled. A soft shivering went through him as the door opened with a squeeking noise. maybe it was his wife. he looked at the clock besides his bed. 12 o'clock, at night. His wife couldn't be at home, she was at a conference for housewives in Berlin and couldn't be home in 3 days.
suddenly, a black figure stepped into the room. nobody Claude knew. or? No, it simply couldn't. For some seconds, Claude first saw a bright light.
a Flashlight
Then, he saw the figure aiming something at him. a black box, with a round hole. A Pistol. Desert Eagle, .50, when looking at the size of the weapon.
"NO!? WHAT!?-"
With those last words, a bullet penetrated his head, leaving entry and exit wound. the last thing he saw, was a light. not a flashlight.
The Light, go towards The Light....

Three Days Later

Maria Claude put her bags down in the hallway. after the long helicopter ride from Berlin she was exhausted. she had been at a conference for Housewives there, and didn't felt the need to go to the afterparty. Home, Sweet Home.
"Jean? Jean-Pierre?"
no response.
"Jean? Love, where are you?"
she went into the living, thereafter the Diningroom, kitchen, Toilet and then went upstairs, towards the Bathroom. nothing. the whole 16th century Huntingcastle was empty, only one place was left. The Bedroom.

When she walked in, the stench almost drenched her, drowning her in a strange smell, which she had never smelled before. she saw him when she looked aside. there He was, with blood all over the pillow. he didn't look too good, more something like peaceful. but the only thing Maria could think of, was run. run! run for your life! maybe he or she could be here?. she stormed towards the living, picking up the telephone and dialing a number. 112
"Goodmorning, Diekirch district emergency number, how can I help you?"
the soft voice of the operator sounded into Maria's ears.
"Yes! Please!" Maria was panicked, and almost shouted into the phone.
"What is it, Miss?"
"My Husband has been murdered!"
"Ofcourse, Ma'am. could you please pass your name and address?"
"Oh, I'm so glad. it's Maria Claude, Rue des Bouchers number 12, Noumerlayen."
"Claude? of the premier? it shows the same address."
"SHIT! I'll be sending a few cars over to investigate, Ma'am."

A short line of cars left the Police HQ in Diekirch. accompanied by a few vans and other standard policecars, were a few black cars, which were seemingly the absolute top of the manufacturer. they sped through the town, and turned left on the main road leading into the woods. with howling sirens and flashing lights, they passed a military convoy, already doing recon for the MILEX. the police cars, whereunder Maserati's, Audi's and Porsche's, could have been sent to separately, but they were sent all at once. they drove through the gate of the castle and barely could brake before the end of the lane.

"Headshot, caliber .50, entry and exit wound. bullet penetrated pillow and was found in the mattress. dead at once. happened approximately 3-4 days ago, judging of the smell and stiffness of the body. although-"
"You can't say anything before the autopsy, yes, I know. now, a point fifty is quite rare to be in civilian hands, as they are forbidden to bear arms above point fourtyfive caliber, so it must be one who has an Illegal weapo-"
"Please, tell me something new."
"Let me speak out, if it wasn't a civilian, whow as it?"
"well, most logical should be the GLM."
"could be"
Rechercheurs Laaker and Kouder were in charge of the investigation. they were two friends, who had followed the training together, and did everything together. they got into their Black Mercedes S350, the second in a month. another one was wrecked during a pursuit, and all cars before that were also wrecked, one way or another. before Laaker got the chance to start the S, another rechercheur ran towards the car, with a large plastic bag in his hand.
"Sirs, we've found the weapon, IMI Desert Eagle, .50, it was in the woods, 300 metres away from the castle."
"Get it to the HQ, we'll need to interrogate Maria."

Alborán Sea, near Almeriá, that same day.

"you're saying that the guy I had on my side a few days ago, was now killed in his castle?"
"Ehm, yes, mister"
"that just plain sucks"
The Royal yacht was floating around near Almeriá, to accomodate the commanders of the MILEX. The Grand Duke was also there, to welocme them. he just heard of the murder.
"Okay, let the rechercheurs stay on the case, ensure the security around Luxembourg and the houses of Government members, aswell as call for new elections for Premier. only for premier, not for a complete government.

Das Groussherzogtum Vum Letzebuerg

Unfortunately, Premier Jean-Pierre Claude was murdered 3 days ago. Van Luxemburgian Police will be investigating the murder, and will catch the murderer. Meanwhile, The Grand Duke has called for elections for Premier. A Pressconference will be held on the case tonight at the Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg, by Interim-Premier Maria Laiz. the Grand Duke and several Ministers and Head of Police will be there. Foreign Press is absolutely welcome.

~ing, J. Blom, Interim Press manager, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

(OOC: practicly, this will be a sort of CSI/FBI investigation and Premier Elections thread, but first, the press conference will take place. it would be nice if Foreign press and maybe Foreign ministries/Ambassadors would ask questions in that conference.)
Van Luxemburg
20-10-2005, 13:06
Police Laboratory, Luxembourg

The Pathologist was surprised, when Laaker and Kouder came in. he was already finished with the autopsy, but still.
"And, Doc?"
"Eh, sure, Laaker, now, as already seen, a .50 bullet, Desert Eagle. done 3 days ago, at a Fridaynight, approximately between 11 and 1. Following reports in the castle, the Murderer had gloves on. only thing was that his forefinger wasn't covered and those prints show on the barrel and trigger. it's up to you who it is, I don't have the tools for that."
"before I forget, we've found tiremarks on an unpaved road leading deep in the Ardennes, near the castle. they're from a Rover 75, built in 2004. the car has left that road with high speed and entered the Rue des Bouchers, taking it northbound."
"Thanks a lot, Doc"

When they stepped into the Mercedes, Laaker was still thinking that the GLM wasn't behind this. they were more fan of blowing things up. he started the car and drove off, towards Diekirch.

Somewhat later...

Kouder sat behind his PC. He was busy identificating the fingerprints. it had been busy for an hour already, identificating fingerprints of all citizens of van Luxemburg, required to deliver it with their passports.
"We've got one, it's Baum"
"Baum? Impossible, he utilizes another method"
"I think we should honour him with a visit"
"Correct, only problem is that nobody knows where he is"
"his house in Dresden?"
"not possible, he sold it two years ago and moved to Hannover"
"Great. one killed, and we don't know where the murderer is"


Günther Baum stepped out of his car, A Rover 75. it was driven by his mate, which always carried a suitcase with a heavy Luger, silenced. he now stood infront of a luxury Apartment block, in the middle of Echternach. while the traffic raced past him, he banged on the door and waited. after some time, Ms. Maria Laiz, minister of the Interior, opened the door, looking at the two persons, one long man in a black suit, and another, somewhat smaller than the first, in a blue suit.
"VLIA, We're here to check the safety of your building, because of the murder on the Premier."
"b-but ofcourse, come in..."
Laiz walked infront of the two men, when she suddenly felt the icecold feeling of a steel barrel in her neck.
"get into the closet there, stop. don't move."
the short sound that the Luger made wasn't heared by Laiz. she was busy running towards a light.
20-10-2005, 14:29
OOC: The light at the end of the tunnel is a muzzle flash.


Verghastinsel extends the arm of sympathy with Van Luxemburg regarding the brutal murder of it's president. A minute's silence will be observed at noon today, in respect for the late president Claude.

He worked for his country and stuck to his principles, but he was a man, and a man only.
Van Luxemburg
20-10-2005, 14:58
OOC: Okay, I'll keep it up with the next murder(s)!

From: The Grand Duke of Van Luxemburg,
To: Verghastinsel

We thank you for your deep respect for our Premier, Jean-Pierre Claude. we also thank you for your sympathy with the Van Luxemburgian Population.

The Grand Duke of van Luxemburg,
Koen van Luxemburg

The Grand Duchy of Van Luxemburg,
Constitutional Monarchy.
Van Luxemburg
20-10-2005, 16:36

The S350 raced over one of the wide boulevards in the town, and warned other drivers with many flashing lights and loud sirens. The car almost made a 360 degree turn when trying to round a sharp corner, and got away from traffic jams with sqeaking wheels. the car crossed over the main square and reached the apartment blocks. there were already quite a bit of policecars parked all across, and many policiers blocked the main roads. a Policier lifted the line for the two men, who entered the building thereafter.

"Neckshot, no signs of an exit wound. calibre is probably 9mm from judging the wound, silenced, as noone heard the shot. been dead for a few hours, didn't show up at the conference and didn't respond to calls."
"Neckshot? old nazi method."
"sure is"
Van Luxemburg
22-10-2005, 09:58
That Night....

The newsreader sat in Studio 64, Radio et Television de Van Luxemburg (RTVL). the space was empty, but large lights and cameras surrounded him.
"Goodafternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. after the murder of Premier Claude, and minister Laiz, The Van Luxemburgian police has a fixed image of the murderer. The Van Luxemburgian Police asks to stay away and call the police if man sees him. he is probably armed and dangerous. his name is Günther Baum, coming from Dresden, whereabouts unknown. he is approximately 1.75 metres long, has black hair, blue eyes and is always with his comrade, which is 1.70, Brown Hair, Green eyes. Baum has a mark on his chin, probably done by a knife. we ask you to call your Local Police office if someone has seen the person in question. thank you very much. we now transfer to the Grand Ducal Palace Studio 21, where a Press Conference is held.

at that moment, the view changed to a large auditorium, which had an expensive interior. the Grand Duke and several other members of the Goverment, aswell as some Police and Military commanders came into sight.
"welcome in the Grand Ducal palace. to all in this hall, and the ladies and Gentlemen at home. we are shocked by the two murders, which happened shortly after eachother, on both premier and interim premier. as far as we know, all details about the whereabouts of the murderer and the current state of the bodies has been made known already. we're open for questions, from both the press here, and from the people at home.
someone from RTVL stood up.
"What will happen to the Government as of now?"
"New elections will be done within a few weeks, and all the other government members still alive will have maxed out security."
another person stood up. The Van Luxemburgian Times.
"will the VLIA, police and military work together to get mr. Baum?"
"as of now, the Police is working alone on the case and can handle it. Royal recherche is busy investigating the traces."
a representative from Der Spiegel, Van Luxemburguoise stood up.
"do you have a Vague Idea where baum is located atm?"
"we suspect that he is in a beam of 200 km of this palace"
A servant walked in, attending the Grand Duke and all representatives.
"Sir, we have an explosion on the new government building."
"Thanks alot. Ladies and Gentlemen this is now officially a high priority case. please leave the hall orderly. the conference has been cancelled."

The Government Building

A large gaping hole was next to the main entrance, a burning car wreck next to it. several Armoured vehicles, aswell as dozens of Police cars were parked around it. Fighters and helicopters skimmed the airspace
"Suicide attack. car bomb. one survivor."
"Great. another one alive. who is he?"
"nobody known. he wore the insignia of the GLM."
"Since when do they have an insignia?"
"Don't know, but anyways, theose attacks have intensified. in august it was the "Koen", now in one week two murders and one suicide attack."
"it's getting worse, yes. unfortunately, we have orders to not touch the high leaders of the GLM, because of VLIA research."
"only lower ones?"
the rechercheur got into his BMW, and got out his radio.
"this is the royal recherche to all units. you now have an official arrest warrant for any of the GLM members, exception for the high leaders becuase of VLIA research. you may now search any suspect's car and house, aswell as take all personal equipment. A request will be filed to increase to DEFCON 2. this was the Royal recherche, out."

in the following days.....

a lot of possible supects were arrested, and disarmed. more than 2000 weapons were caught, aswell as large lots of RPG's and HE material. more than 1000 suspects resisted to arrestation, and the TCT had notable losses while arresting some suspects.