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Rebuilding A Nation (semi-open RP)

19-10-2005, 07:10
After an unexpected amount of aid from new found friends in the world Delamonico started "operation rebirth". First it would start up the planed "Uncontrolled controlled Economy" instead of the gov't telling what the people to do, the gov't offered afterwork contracts in which a cash reward was offered to any body or group who would do the work to a high standard, those who failed were unreibersed for the work. After the Infrastructure was rebuilt, industry and farming was next. Farmers were given free gear and money if they combined farms for greater production. free land, tools and money were given to people who wished to set up manufacturing plants. the last thing was to start up the make people smart program. universal education was introduced and elementary, high and upper high (University) Schools were built and opened to all for free. all were made to be up to date as possible. This would all take time and with almost all of the nation destroyed in the reunification wars it would not be easy

It first starts in St. Guills. The first Capital of Delamonico.