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Swiss? Imperialism? NO WAY![Earth7]

18-10-2005, 22:33
The French Province of "Rhone-Alpes"

General Reinkordt stood on top of a military controlled mountain peak, looking over the French/Swiss border. The French Province of Rhone Alpes was exactly like the Western Swiss-Alps, and would be easy to cross into. The French had never placed military patrols on the border, feeling relatively safe towards there Swiss neighbors. This would be the beginnings of there downfall, and soon Central France, including Paris, would be under Swiss control. The Swiss Rangers moved out, paving the way of Switzerland's future. They would take out all French guards down in the low-lands and place markers for transports to land with Regulars and Tanks and other Vehicles. The invasion of France would be that of an easy one.

The Austrian Province of "Tyrol"

General Gerhardt had "skipped" the celebrations that were held for the peaceful take over of Liechtenstein. He stepped outside to have a smoke when one of his Colonels and an Aide approached him, apparently with urgent news.

Colonel - " Herr Gerhardt, we have recieved orders from Bern. We are to invade the Austrian Province of Tyrol. The Prime Minister asks that we result to almost no violence, especially on Civilians. He says to only fire on any troops or person that may fire on us first. "

Gerhardt - " Hmm...okay then. Tell the troops to head off to there bunks, and get them ready for tommorow. "

Colonel - " Jawohl, Herr Gerhardt. "