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New Embassy Built (FT)

18-10-2005, 19:26
To Those Whom This Concerns:

Five years ago, King Georic I of Almohed ordered that a embassy be built so that Almohed might increase its foreign relations.

The embassy has finally been finished. It is 4,227 stories. There are ten stories available for each country to decorate and furnish as they please. Each story is 49,000sq ft in area. There is room for up to 420 nations. The remaining 27 stories consist of private government facilities for Almohed officials. The building is a perfect rectangular prism. Its stats are as follows:

Height: 52,800 ft
Base: 49,000 sq ft


1) No military, except for personal guards.
2) No sith or jedi.
3) No weapons allowed inside the embassy.
4) If you are unsure if something is legal, simply ask.
5) Furnish your nation's space according to your tastes, as long as they do not violate the laws of Almohed.


Base (1st Story) - Greeting Station
2nd Story - Help
3rd Story - Restaraunts
4th-14th Stories - Vaccant
15 Story - Private Offices
16th-26th Stories - Vaccant
27th-37th Stories - Vaccant
38th Story - Restaraunts
39th-49th Stories - Vaccant
50th-77th Stories - Government Offices (Almohed)
77th Story - Restaraunts
78th-4,227th Stories - Vaccant

Thank You,

Reidrich Woyiyo,
Almohed Minister of Foreign Affairs
18-10-2005, 20:51
19-10-2005, 16:10
19-10-2005, 17:06

Where are you in the Galaxy, I didn't notice you in Green Sun's star chart (

My interstellar empire is, so far, still a sublight culture so I need to know where and how far away you are before I can send an embassy to you.