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VM Construction of New Space Port (FT)

Vespeterium Minor
18-10-2005, 14:58
'The Corporate Empire, in order to keep up with these changing times, has begun the construction of the Cravian Space Port at the edge of the Cravian system. We have sent 3 million of our loyal Ferr'Ka workers to take up this endevour. This port will give a unique window into several other systems. If anybody wishes to use it as a docking station or as a base of operations in any conflict then I hope that you will contact us.'
Paulo Von Gerrit Vespeterium III, Supreme Chancellor of the Corporate Empire of Vespeterium Minor.
Vespeterium Minor
18-10-2005, 15:30
Vespeterium Minor
18-10-2005, 17:03
the cow says 'bump'.