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Hell On The High Seas!!!

18-10-2005, 05:44
OOC: Cheeses-H-Rice fleet: (I have a small Navy with used ships that are a minimum of 10-15 years old with a 40+ year old carrier and 30 year old FFGs and Spru-can I want to have fun with this RP)

1 Kitty Hawk class CV with:
24 F-14D
12 F/A-18E
12 F/A-18C
8 S-3B
6 EA-6B
4 E-2C
8 SH-60

1 Ticonderoga class CG
4 Arleigh Burke DDG
1 Spruance DD
3 Oliver Hazard Perry FFG
2 688 (flight II)
5 Kilo SSK

I need someone to RP the owner of the Type 23 Duke FF.

IC: The CHR fleet left under cover of darkness as they left the North African port of Tripoli that their crews had been enjoying during a brief shore leave. Now the real work was to begin. The CHR Navy was going to engage others in the Med to give the people of CHR pride. The pride that comes with valor and victory at sea.

The Admiral was ready aboard his flagship, an aging KH class CV. It wasn’t the best ship on the seas, but it could do it’s job. For now his primary ships would avoid engaging. He’d have a sub take the 1st shot.

He looked aft to see an E-2 trap on the deck as it’s hook caught the #1 wire, not a good landing, but this plane did its mission. The plane had ID’ed a Type 23 Duke class ship out there. They didn’t know what Navy was operating her, but she was a ripe target for a Kilo SSK that was 20 miles away and in the course of this unsuspecting Duke. A message was sent to the ELF that this sub had been specially modified to have since Kilos didn’t have this American technology. The 3 letter code authorized the Kilo to fire at will on any non-allied warships found.

- -- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -

The Kilo’s CO was ready for action. His crew had been at battle-stations for almost an hour now and his SONARs were now picking up the loud noise from the unsuspecting ASW ship that was moving at high speeds. There was almost no chance her crew would detect the quiet diesel-electice Kilo on battery. The enemy ship kept inching closer and closer to her doom.

The Kilo had 6 tubes for launching weapons. 5 were loaded with fish while 1 was loaded with an ASM. The Captain had his crew prepare a fish to fire at the enemy ship once she was within range. The order was given and the torpedo ran right for the frigate.

The frigate’s SONAR detected the fish when it was too late. They maneuvered hard to avoid the fish, but it ran right into the starboard side of the ship forward of her funnel and right under her main mast. The hit wasn’t immediately fatal. How the crew responded to fires and flooding would determine the fate of the frigate.

The CO of the Kilo continued away from the area of the incident on silent running. The rest of the CHR fleet stayed out of the way to draw no suspicion, after all they were 200 miles away.