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Kiel Conference on Eurasian Neutrality (Invite Only, E20)

11-10-2005, 03:26
With the Union's realization that the blockade on Britain will not succeed if neutrals continue trading with it, decisions have to be made. While threatening Belgium alone worked well enough, threatening Scandinavia, where vast resources are, and Greece, which would open another front, has become too much. Some of the old Prussian advisors told Trotsky an old saying: When war doesn't work, try peace.

So Trotsky ordered a conference to discuss the war with the neutrals on the Eurasian Continent. They were to meet in Kiel to discuss matters of trade, war, and political sides. Messages are sent to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Albania, Rumania, Bulgaria, the Ottoman Empire, Palestine, Burgundy, Portugal, Siam, Korea and China.
11-10-2005, 03:44
The Chinese delegate, the venerable Lu Hong, arrived at the conference at Kiel. He made his way to the conference chamber where the other delegates were supposedly waiting, as Lu was ready to leave yet another Chinese mark on history.
New Dornalia
12-10-2005, 03:14
Syngman Rhee read the invite, and laughed at it. Those Reds.....they thought that you could host one get-together and everybody'd be singing the "Internationale." He slammed the paper down and said to the Emperor, who was in the room, "Our Majesty, not sure if I get this. The German wants us to talk with the others who have decided to stay out of the bloodshed, yet I've a feeling they're doing it for something else....I'm banking on NOT working with Reds, Majesty."

Gang then said, "Look....this might be a way to meet nice people, whatnot, and actually state our neutrality. You don't actually have to agree. JUst go there, make your point, and go."

Rhee then said, "I can't send Cho, she'll make us join them. So.....I'll go, I guess."

Gang then said, "No. I don't feel like sending out somebody who's got work here.....I'll get my idiot brother, Sunjong, to go to Kiel. Besides, he likes diplomacy."

Rhee then said, "Sure..."


With that, Prince Sunjong was sent to Kiel to represent the Korean Empire. He came with a suitcase, and a bunch of papers listing Korea's case for NOT going to war.

Still, who knew what would happen...the German was a fierce warrior, reportedly. He knew that firsthand from the Austrian advisors back in the day. As it was, he'd see how their backroom prowess was...