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The Aftermath Conference (Earth X)

18-08-2005, 00:48
The President's aids were scurrying about, making sure all the final touches on the conference were perfect. it wouldnt do any good to appear sad or dirty in the first international summit. Watchin it all from the balcony, President Hampton looked down and grimaced. The foreign dignitaries could be arriving at any moment and this still isnt ready, he thought, the conference to determine what might be the future of America, and he was barely prepared. But in today's world, he decided, that will be enough.
"make sure the airport is ready for our guests." He ordered. "This will be the defining moment of our lives."
18-08-2005, 01:59
Tires squelched on the runway as a Gulfstream V touched down and decelerated slowly, eventually coming to a slow lurch at the end of the runway. The Pilot steadily guided it along the tarmac path to the designated plane stand.

The parking brakes clamped and the engines idled as a set of stairs settled against the door. Four guards stepped out from the plane and made their way to ground-level, their well-tailored suits hiding their pistols. The ones with heavier weapons stayed inside the plane, so as to not intice public confusion and hostility.

David Hoshkoff was next to appear from the Gulfstream, followed by the C.C.E. appointed advisors. He was an unassuming old man, dressed up in his old pinstriped suit, that looked like it had came from the fifties and decided to stay a while. Hoshkoff had an almost skeletal figure, his bald head topped with a hat, to keep it from burning in the sun.

He looked out onto that which was Sardukarr, and he thought Arkanaland was a weird name. He turned and looked to his closest advisor, a young man named Todd Green. Neither of them knew what to expect in this conference. They both had discussed the possibility of war, or perhaps a struggle for power, as they were sure there was much loyalty still left in at least some parts of the former U.S., especially considering Maryland was a part of Sardukarr. Although thoughts like that were pushed deep into the corners of their minds. For today, was a day for optimists.

After all, a bright future lay ahead...
22-08-2005, 04:33
The Lear jet landed without incident and R. J. Hewing exited with his entourage - his first diplomatic mission of note for Texarkania and President Vargas - he didn't want to screw it up.

Speaking to his pilots, who were also, in reality, navy SEALS: "you men stay with the plane. We're all wearing the GPS watches. I'm leaving two of the military escorts here with you as well. I want this plane under 24 hour guard and our whereabouts with the GPS monitored at all times. I want no surprises and I want to get the hell out as fast as possible if it all goes south."

"sir, yes sir" was the reply, in unison, of the pilots.

Turning to his secretary and the 8 military escorts, he informed 2 of the escorts what their duty station would be during the conference. Then he and Ms. Jackson and the 6 other guards exited the plane and approached the waiting cars and welcoming committee.
22-08-2005, 21:24
OOC: I think our guest went AWOL. I'll TG him.
25-08-2005, 03:41
As he sat in the lush ante chamber R.J. Ewing sized up the Arkanaland delegate - he seemed, from outward appearances anyway, to be sure of himself and confident. He was from Oklahoma which was a plus in R.J.'s book - it meant he understood Texas. R. J. was from Lewisville, just north of Dallas and had quite a bit of dealing with Oklahoma's. Meanwhile, this conference seemed to be dying before it even began, where the hell was his host? Was anyone else coming. Hell, I'm gonna do something.

Standing, he approached the Arkanaland delegate stretched out his arm and with a pleasant smile said "Hello, I'm R.J. Ewing, Texarkania - I don't know where the hell our host is, but how's about we start a dialouge on our own, seeing as we're neighbors anyway."
25-08-2005, 06:14
"Hello, I'm R.J. Ewing, Texarkania - I don't know where the hell our host is, but how's about we start a dialouge on our own, seeing as we're neighbors anyway."

"Aah, yes," David said as he grabbed the man's hand with both of his, shaking it. "Seems as though our Host HAS wandered off on us. All well, nothing we can do. But yes, we may discuss the relationship of our two nations. What is it that you have in mind?"
25-08-2005, 09:42
President Hampton burst through the Oak double doors, hurried due to his already late arrival. "Forgive me, gentlemen. We were having a . . . situation with some . . . unions protesters. It has been solved, and I am now happy to welcome you to Sardukarr. It is my most sincere hope we can accomplish great things in this conference." He stated, already carefully inspecting the two delegates. Folks from Oklahoma and Texas were not the easiest sort to deal with, but it was neccessary.
25-08-2005, 14:01
"President Hampton, I was afraid we were going to have to begin this without you. Thanks for inviting us here to discuss our futures. Should we perhaps enter the conference room and get down to business?"

As he spoke, R.J. sized up the president - obviously a bit disorganized, then again, re-unititing these various areas of the U.S. isn't easy - perhaps I should give him the benefit of the doubt - we'll see where he stands soon enough I guess."
26-08-2005, 00:12
"Aah! And there YOU are," grinned David Hoskoff, in an almost fatherly manner. "Very pleased to meet you, Mr. President, I represent the matters of the C.C.E. in this event."

He didn't bother sizing up the two, he came here to state his business, draw up some ties, and see about making North America a peaceful place once again. With Arkanaland rebuilding it's Military, and expanding it's borders, they needed all the reassurance they could get.