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Enoclastia passes Equal Act; President Resigns to Become King

16-08-2005, 20:11
Kingston, Enoclastia (AP)- President Baker, taking advantage of an overwhelmingly high approval rating (96%), passed the Equal Act- destroying the final barriers to true integration and equal opportunity to all races and genders.

"Clansmen and countrymen, we, of the Incorporated States of Enoclastia, are a great and capable nation. It is with the passing of the Equal Act that Enoclastia will step out of antiquity and truly enter the present.

We no longer endure the suffering of our ancestors. We feel less hunger, less poverty, less war, than those before us. Should we not continue this positive trend? Shall we not move foward? We have discovered ourselves to be of great attributes: hardworking, loyal, intelligent, and we hold political freedom and civil rights to be sacrosanct. But to truly be equal, to truly be the free nation that we claim to be I pass into motion the Equal Act."

With these words, President Baker signed into law the Equal Act which will provide the following rights:

Equal Act

1. Integration of male and female public schools.

2. Equal opportunity to be hired or work regardless of gender or race or creed.

3. All osu (exiled citizens to the Swampland State based on race/religion) may return to Clan states from which the were exiled from.

4. The State of Garland, Gibbons Free State, and Addington Free State will be given full state privileges.

5. Suffrage extended to female Clanmembers, allowing females to vote or run for clan offices, including executive positions, traditionally male-only.

6. Universal suffrage for civic voting enforced.

President Baker's second surprise move came later in the day, announcing his plans to resign from the presidency and his surprise engagement to Caterina Mazeretto, Age 20. The marriage is planned for Saturday later this week at the temple of Ceres and Demeter.

Caterina Mazeretto, in addition to being the leader of the Epitadas Clan, the most powerful clan in Enoclastia, is also a champion swimmer, expert with the revolver, and rated one of the prettiest women in Enoclastia (second to the Ice Princess) whose figure has graced the cover of many international financial and political magazines and newspapers promoting Enoclastia's robust economy.

With the Equal Act in place, Caterina Mazeretto, the most popular Clan leader out of the 10 clans, is in full position to become Queen of the Clans, and is most likely to be voted into that position. President Baker, if he follows through with his resignation and marriage, will become King, though for the first time in history, will serve under the Queen.

"I will not mind serving under my fiancee. She is a strong but caring person who will serve the needs of all clansmembers. I fully support her", President Baker said.

President Baker will be replaced by Vice President H.G. Warren. His office was unavailable for comment.

Reporter Christopher Smith contributed to this article. Copyright 2005 All rights reserved.
16-08-2005, 20:21
We cheer the integration of the races and sexes and bless the monarchy in hopes that they do a good job relative to the Enoclastian people.
16-08-2005, 20:26
We wish to congratulate the happy couple and wish the Enoclastian people great happiness, peace and prosperity in the future.
16-08-2005, 20:37

From the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Minister Princess Layla

Greetings from Camewot,

We congratulate your people on the newly reformed state of Enoclastia. May you be equal to each other for many many years!

If you would wish to trade with our nation, please do not hestitate to contact Marc Verwilghen, our minister of trade.

~ Princess Layla, The Democratic Empire of Camewot! Pro Patria!