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Red Star Industries - USSNA Division

01-08-2005, 20:13

Welcome to the USSNA Division of Red Star Industries, leading provider of military might on the open seas and rugged land. We strive to bring you the highest quality equipment possible and lend a helping hand to nations in need. We currently have systems in the Naval and Ground departments but soon hope to expand into Aircraft and Missiles. We endeavour to be helpful and friendly at all times and ensure that orders are dealt with swiftly wherever possible.

The Small Print:

RSI reserves the right to perform background checks of any and all customers in order to satisfy concerns on the part of the company. RSI may refuse sales to any customer and is not obliged to give reason for it, though we will usually do so. Any attempt to copy, reverse-engineer or steal designs will result in annihilation and/or ignoring.
01-08-2005, 20:15
-Ground Branch-


T-115 Eviscerator Main Battle Tank ( - Very powerful, very well protected tank. It serves many roles perfectly - $5.7 million
T-94B and T-95M Main Battle Tanks ( - Older tank designs, they fall into the medium or light tank category - T-94B $5 million, T-95M $4.5 million - recent price cut!
BDR-20 Armored Fighting Vehicle ( - A newer light to medium tank design, it is well armored, well armed, and fast. Great for protecting your flanks - $4.415 million to $4.235 million

[APCs and IFVs]

BMP-R Infantry Fighting Vehicle ( - A IFV that can provide almost as much firepower as a tank. Great for moving troops into the fight - $3.3 million

[Small Arms and Crew Served Weaponry]

RSR-26 Assault Rifle ( - An accurate, powerful bullpup assault rfle - $2,000 each
RSR-27 Light Machine Gun ( - Designed to work in tandem with the RSR-26, it replaces the SAW - $2,500 each
RSR-40 Medium Machine Gun ( - An anti-personel replacement for the M2HB - $3,000 each
RSR-181 Personal Defense Weapon/Submachine Gun ( - A PDW that is small and powerfull - $1,500 each


-Naval Branch-


Blue Dragon Heavy Carrier ( - Very large carrier that can provide all you would ever want in a long range enguagement - $8.6 billion to $10.1 billion
Repulse-Class Battlecarrier ( - A carrier that is a battleship at its front, and a carrier towarsd the back. It can provide firepower at long or short range - $7.8 billion


Hunter-Class Command Battleship ( - One of the best battleships ever made, it can take out any other battleship with ease - $7.6 billion
Frunze-Class Battleship ( - An advanced battleship that can bring awsome firepower down on a target - $7 billion
Soyuz-Class Battleship ( - A slightly older design, but powerful none the less - $6.2 billion - recent price cut!


Arrow-Class Command Battlecruiser ( - Battlecruiser designed to command smaller groups of ships - Export variant being prepared, please be patient
Admiral-Class Battlecruiser ( - Powerful, fast battlecruiser for your workhorse fleet - $6.7 billion
Tempest-Class Battlecruiser ( - Smaller, less powerful design for less - $5.1 billion - recent price cut!


Rapier-Class Heavy Cruiser ( - A fighting cruiser, it can take on battlecruisers and even group up on battleships - $3.6 billion
Boar-Class Light Missile Cruiser ( - A cheap aresenal ship that can carry a wide range of missiles - $2.2 billion


Typhoon-II SSBN ( - An updated version of the Typhoon Balistic Missile Sub - $5.8 billion new, $3.6 billion coverted/used
Denial CSSG ( - A concrete submarine that can sit and provide protection for a port or near-shore shipping lane for a long time.- $560,000,000
Juliett-II SSG ( - A deisel guided missile sub that can complement any near shore fleet - $345,000,000


-Air Branch-


RS-7 Death Adder ( - A stealthy manuverable fighter for you every need - $110 million
RS-8 Pit Viper ( - For those in need of a cheap 5th generation fighter that still offer high performance - $35 million


-Post Modern Tech Branch-

[Non-Combat Vessels]

Jerico-Class Space Tug ( - A fast, powerful short-range tug for space use - Export variant being prepared, please be patient
01-08-2005, 20:16
- [reserved]
01-08-2005, 22:34
02-08-2005, 03:58
The Velkyan Union
02-08-2005, 04:07
How much is the export model?
02-08-2005, 05:35
Which item are you talking about?
The Velkyan Union
02-08-2005, 05:54
We would like to present a indiginous fighter design we have devolped and would like you to carry in your storefront.

Lightwieght Multrole Fighter (LMF-1A)

Function: Multirole Combat Aircraft
Crew: 1
Engine: One State Aviation SAAE-485 Afterburning Engine
Length: 46 ft 6 in
Wingspan: 20 ft 10 in
Height: 13 ft 10 in
Empty Weight: 20,000
Maximum Weight: 30,900 lb
Speed: Mach 2+
Ceiling: approximately 60,000 ft
Range: 2,000 nautical miles

Devolped by the Allied States of the Velkyan Union as a cheap multirole fighter (similar to the F-16), the LMX is the one of the most cost effective fighters in the world. The LMX based of the new X-29 design, a derivative of the famed F-5E. Able to operate everywhere from runways to carrier decks (naval conversion kit included with every unit) to sod runways! This fighter aircraft can be used in all sorts of roles including:

Air Supremacy
Ground Attack
Training Aircraft

Our suggested price is 40m

We hope you will except our sales push and carry the fighter in your storefront. Production plans will be sent via secure net channel once your agreement has been stated. We would like just 30 percent of the sales made on our fighter system. What say you?
03-08-2005, 22:16
Sure I could carry it, but do you have a pic? It can be a user created pic or a picture of an existing RL aircraft.

I will warn you thou, I am creating am interceptor that is similar in size and faster.
06-08-2005, 04:59
06-08-2005, 13:02
06-08-2005, 16:06
So... No Air Branch?
06-08-2005, 20:30
"but soon hope to expand into Aircraft and Missiles."
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20-08-2005, 05:49
Bump, buy people buy!
26-08-2005, 03:36
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bump for USSNA
Graham and Palmer
04-12-2005, 05:59
Your Excellency,
My nation wishes to begin the foundation of our navy and air force with the purchase of 55 Boar-Class Light Missile Cruisers for $121 billion, 10 "Hunter" class Battleships for $76 billion, 25 Rapier-Class Heavy Cruisers for $90 billion, and production rights for the RS-7 Death Adder for $110 billion. This comes to $497 billion, to be payed off by next year (tomorrow IRL).

On a side note, my friends at the Naval Office assure me that your Repulse-Class Battlecarrier is a novelty at best. Although it has good size guns and enough planes to defend itself, an attack from the rear renders those guns useless, and the fact that it has enough planes to only get by from such an attack calls for consideration of some revision in the concept.
BG Antonio Delton, Chef of Logistics, Graham and Palmer Department of War
05-12-2005, 09:49
Graham and Palmer
05-12-2005, 22:25
06-12-2005, 10:14
07-12-2005, 15:08
07-12-2005, 21:12
With all due respects, as The Chancellor Of Ogletree, how do we purchase any of your products? We're interested in buying from you a Typhoon-II SSBN submarine for the Ogletree Navy.

Cyrill Pankow,
Chancellor Of Ogletree.
Graham and Palmer
09-12-2005, 01:23

(ooc: Ogletree, just get an Economic Calulator, put in your nation, and scroll down until you see "Defense". I use this ( one, because it tends to put the numbers higher. :D Anyway, look at that number, thatis your spending limit for each NS year (usually this is put at 1 RL day), then post in the thread something like "My nation would like to buy..." and wait until the person who started the thread confirms the order.)
Graham and Palmer
14-12-2005, 22:39
18-12-2005, 14:31
19-12-2005, 02:07
Opps, sorry guys. I havent been able to sit down and operate this storefront for a while. Now that I have some time, I will be ding a mssive reoworking of my nation and a large redesign and possible transfer of RSI. (I'm going from a European based nation to a more Oriental one)
19-12-2005, 08:29
So why not confirm their orders?
22-12-2005, 02:40
Take them as confirmed. I am working on the new storefront as I type this message.
The Thirteen Tribes
22-12-2005, 19:34
TO: USSNA Red Star Armaments
FROM: Blinding Arrow, Defense Minister, The Federation of the Thirteen Tribes

SUBJECT: As our nation is relatively young and still growing, the Thirteen Tribes wish to purchase from you the production rights to both the RS-7 Death Adder and the RS-8 Pit Viper. We are prepared to offer a total of $2 Billion USD for the blueprints to both designs and a license to produce both planes with modifications in the Federation under the designation TTF-1 and TTF-2, respectively.


Blinding Arrow, Defense Minister, The Federation of the Thirteen Tribes