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Nazi colony ship fleeing TCS fleet is utterly ahnnialated(sp)!

The Celestial Swords
31-07-2005, 04:12
TCS News

Earlier today, at aproxxomately 0400 hours, the remanents of the TCS Nazi party attempted to raid a Cathedral before fleeing in a massive Sleeper Ship. The raid was supposedly an act of retribution, and met a grisley failure as the approaching terrorists were engaged in close combat by Space Marine and killed. A sniper attempting to kill staff members was caught by a lone guardsman was kicked off the spire that he desecrated before his brother-in-arm was dispatched by a single shot from that Guardsmen who has now recieved a promotion and medal.

The sleeper ship was engaged in open space by the Valeen-Class Heavy Crusier: Justice. The ship was boarded by Grav-Chute infantry before it's destruction and the women and children were captured and evacuated, they are currently under Psycho-rehabilitation at the colony: Nova Light.

The crew quarters were evacuated, and the ship was destroyed as the grown men. and a few fanatical women tried to fight back.

No loss of life was expeirenced by the TCS. Now all may rest peacably, the TCS nazi's are dead forevermore.
Green Sun
31-07-2005, 04:36
Earnest Equanant has sent a video of him dancing to a song called, "No more Nazis".

Earnest Equanant apppears to be in his early fifties and does not dance well.