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War On Terror In Today's Free World!

Al Ahmera
29-07-2005, 12:52

Today in Al Ahmera, (a prodominatly capitalist country, whos citizens are free to speak of they're own religions/beliefs), a group of Islamist extremists siezed the Imperial city of Ji-Omarii by brute force.

Cleric Extremist, Bakir Mukasa preached words of hatred and disgust from the doors of a mosque as car bombs exploded and non-islamic citizens were burned alive on stakes in the street.

The Extremeists have capture the south bay city taking many people prisoner in there own homes...
Lord Asamari, Leader of the Democratis states of Al Ahmera and founder of the Al Ahmera Imperial States had tis to say...
Al Ahmera
29-07-2005, 12:55
"I call upon the free nations of the world to send aid and military force to Ji-Umarii, and make cease to these acts of hatred aganst my people, TAKE UP YOUR SWORDS!"
Lord Asamari II

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29-07-2005, 13:26
Vintovia belives that if this cleric was responsible for such terrorist atrocities, than he should be brought to justice.

However, this should NOT have anything to do with his religion.
29-07-2005, 14:38
My nation would be willing to support you with military means but first we would like to know what sparked this action, we would also like an estimate of the enemies numbers before making any commitments.

Cyth Vanilion Director of Military Operations
Al Ahmera
29-07-2005, 15:10
"Those of the islamic faith believe that capitalism is a crime against them.

It it estimated that over 1000 muslims are currently occuping Ji-Umarii.

Each armed with an AK47 or RPG.

Al Ahmeras crack space marines have recently stormed the south of the city (ghetto area) and are pinned down at present.

I call for the worlds best anti-terror squads two aid my nation in it's hour of need!"
29-07-2005, 15:14
We will send a Federal Police Special Emegency Team to help.
Al Ahmera
29-07-2005, 15:39

:mp5: VS. :sniper:

Progress report:

The Ahmerian Space troop (Division 4) huttled through the streets of Ji-Umarii in X20 hover cars (newly developed by the government) and took control of a casino and government controled brothel.


With the help of the federal police of Brydog at there sides a Asamarian commando regament then went on to take one of the nine mosques in the outer citidel.
29-07-2005, 17:28
We will see what happens now, before we send any troops.
29-07-2005, 18:13
To Al Ahmera
From Frozopia

We of Frozopia offer assistance in the form of a 150 men. 40 medics to both help your soldiers, civilians caught in the crossfire and our own anti-terrorist squads. 4 companies (each of 20 men) of our Blizzard soldiers (standard name for Frozopian infantry) who have over the last year been recieving urban warfare training. They also have extensive experience fighting Jewish terrorist in the waste lands of Frozopia. Vehicles will be 6 armoured vehicles and 3 Blackhawk helicopters. The remaining men will be engineers, pilots and drivers etc.

Do you accept our offer?
29-07-2005, 19:14
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29-07-2005, 19:55
I'm willing to send you my Special Forces squad to do with as you see fit. The best time to send them in is at night, where would be the best place to land them?

- The Dictator of Darkana
Al Ahmera
29-07-2005, 20:08
The South east bay of Ji-Umarii...
At night.....A good idea!
take Them out...! :sniper:
Al Ahmera
29-07-2005, 20:28
29-07-2005, 21:12
We are willing to send a battalion of our 2nd Light Infantry Squad.
Al Ahmera
29-07-2005, 21:16
this is greatly appretiated
29-07-2005, 21:25
Bradyistan has its 10th Special Forces Group on ready alert, a force of approxemently 200 including support staff, and at your command they'll be sent in country on MH60's

Also, if fighting increases, the Government of Bradyistan will deploy elements of the 9th Air Force.
Al Ahmera
29-07-2005, 21:30

Fighting Ceases after capture of muslim cleric behind alleged coup!

"Al Ahmera wishes to thank those nations of whom supported them in there hour of need! This will not be forgotten!"