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Yevon opens its arms to other races and nations [Open FTor MT( who rp with ft)]

Neo Zeta
29-07-2005, 05:43
Yevon is now wishing to expand its teachings into other nations and to other races.

The Teachings of Yevon are long but can be summed up into four main teachings.

One: The Use of War Machines has curropted all races and humans above else. They encourge war not discourge it. Such Weapons are banned by Yevon. Tho many still use them Neo Zeta is a Expansionist Machine Empire in many ways. Yevon says one day Yevon himself will punish this.

Two: Do not break the naturle order of life. When someone dies recloneing them is a very forbidden taboo. It is steping on the toes of god. This also gose for unnaturle births.

Three: Only the Faithful will be saved from Yevons wrath when the time comes for the punishment for our sins come. Pray to the Fayth who have given them selfs to creat the Aeons to help the faithful. Pray to Yevon for his mercy and atone for thy sins.

Four: Only the followers of Yevon will be allowed to gain the Aeons of the temples. Any summoner who strays from the teachings will be punished. The Four Maesters of Yevon will pick a punishment fitting to the crime.

The Faithful Nations:

Neo Zeta ( somewhat punishment for their sins will come soon enough)
29-07-2005, 05:57
The United Galactic Empire of Deatharon was surpised about this new religion that had popped up. The Imperial Government after observing this religions policies immediately bans it for fear of it being used agaisnt the Empire and its military.

OOC: Main reasons why We banned the Religon out of our borders. We Use War machines and our Emperor is cloned from the Dead. This religion could be a threat to Imperial peace and give the slave races something to fight for.
29-07-2005, 06:33
Triune Governance News -- Nationalized News from the Sucellan Governance

In a vote of 533 - 67 in the Reichstag this week, it has been affirmed that in the Triune Systems Yevon will not be illegalized. Although practice of Yevon will not be considered illegal, due to its teachings that are, as Nicholas Gehman, a representative from Antraeol-Lusion, said, "potentially harmful to the institutions and current parties of Tannenmille," Tannenmillians will not be permitted to hold political seats of power if they are reported to be practitioners of the Yevon religion. The bill was proposed by the Chancellory, an elite group of lawyers and professors that draft the preliminary stages of all bills in the Governance.

Reichsf├╝hrer Aven Tannen has not commented personally on the issue, although sources tell TGN that he does not agree with the Reichstag's decision. This is an unconfirmed rumour, although the Reichsf├╝hrer is able to overturn any law passed by the Reichstag.
29-07-2005, 06:36
While your welcome to preach, do not expect to gain many followers among us as our very life is based upon stepping on the toes of natural life and our home could be considered a weapon of war.
29-07-2005, 08:39
The Empire has officially banned this religion from Taledonian territory as their views are false and seem to say everyone who is not of the religion is evil and should be destroyed if they don't convert(or as they call it, atone for their sins).
Vespeterium Minor
29-07-2005, 09:22
Our species does not endorse any religion of any kind. And we rely on machines to execute war. We look on this 'cult' with contempt. Sorry.
Paulo Von Gerrit Vespeterium III, Chairman of the Family Vespeterium and Lord Chancellor of the Corporate Empire of Vespeterium Minor.
Neo Zeta
29-07-2005, 21:52