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Now for sale: GS-300 attack helicopter

27-07-2005, 10:06
The GS-300 attack helicopter is now for sale! It has been used by the Glorious Nadderud Army, the Glorious Nadderud Air Force, the Glorious Nadderud Navy, the Glorious Nadderud Marines and the Glorious Nadderud Police for years. It has proven its worth in the Marine march towards the capital of Algeristan in response to the ICBM launch at Nadderud.

Length: 18.0 m (around 58.5 ft) with rotors
Wingspan: 5.0 m (16.4 ft)
Height: 3.60 m (12.6 ft)
Wing Area: 5.227 m (17.15 ft)

Empty 4.933 kg (don't know the weight in Ibs yet)
Loaded 7.744 kg
Max take-off 10.000 kg

Maximum Speed: 400 km/h
Combat Range: 500 km
Ferry Range: 1.900 km
Service Ceiling: 6.500 m
Rate of climb: 800 m/min

2 automatic cannons with 2000 rounds each
Hellfire/Hellfire II etc
Hydra 70 Rockets

2 crew members, one pilot, one co-pilot/gunner

Price pr.chopper: $700.000
27-07-2005, 12:06
Anyone intrested in this chopper
27-07-2005, 22:37
I will purchase 10,000 choppers for $5 billion. If this price is suitable for you, I shall transfer the funds immediately. Delivery must take place within 72 hours.
27-07-2005, 23:11
$700.000? Must be a piece of shit...

The Commissariat of War
The Halladi Workers Republic
Call to power
27-07-2005, 23:19
1) a picture will help sales
2) its godmod cheap


Message from CTP command

We wish to purchase 200 of your GS-300 attack helicopter's for the agreed price of $140,000.000

we would also be interested in purchasing the production rights for this craft
27-07-2005, 23:35

Perhaps it's an Mi-1 remake?
28-07-2005, 17:09
We have withdrawn our offer due to delay of delivery.
28-07-2005, 17:13
We have withdrawn our offer due to delay of delivery.
Dude, he's offline, wait a bit instead of expecting everything to happen in 15 seconds. Kids today, jeez, can't wait.
28-07-2005, 17:17
The United Socialist States of Peopleita would like to purchase 100 of these helicopters, for 5 Peopleitan subs and 20,000,000 USD, or just the money (70,000,000 USD)
28-07-2005, 17:29
It is not a remake, and all orders will be delivered within 2 days unless any action we deem unreasonable is undertaken