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27-07-2005, 03:13
The Confederated States of Aysheaia, a country on the eastern edge of the 10,000 island region. It comprises more than 7,300 islands having a coastline 100 meters or longer. The largest and main islands are, from north to south, Aysheaia, Ottoia, Pikaia (the largest island), Choia, Wapt, Olenoi, Ki ku, Tok, and Kuk.

Quick facts
Confederated states of Aysheaia
Motto: Ae akka’aeinu ti kek’kon te arimik eu (old Aysheaian: You may not see us, but we’re there)
Map of the Confederated States of Aysheaia (
Capital: Eieari’i
Largest city: Taeryash
Official Languages: Aysheaian (Ku, Wapti, Japanese, Hindi, English, Skodan)
Government: Democratic republic
Total: 1,989,460 sq. km.
Water: 5.14%
Total: 836,159,273 (Aug 2005 census)
Density: 420/ sq. km.
Total: 9.35 trillion
GDP/capita: $11,187.26
Currency: Rilk
Time Zone: UTC +10 (no DST)
National Anthem: Akka’aeinu te i Aysheaia

The ancestors of the Aysheaians settled the island of Aysheaia over 4000 years ago. A decentralized chieftain-based system eventually evolved into a more centralized economic and religious empire centered on Aysheaia. Pure Blind explorers – first the Conglom and then the Skoda – reached Aysheaia in the 16th century, with Skoda establishing sovereignty. In 1947 it was reorganized under Pure Blind auspices into the Pan-Aysheaian Trust Territory. An 1952 the territory was enlarged to include the current islands, adding the Wapti and Ku islands of Wapt, Ki ku, Tok and Kuk. On March 18, 1967 the Trust Territory ratified a new constitution to become the Confederated States of Aysheaia, which entered force on November 25, 1967, marking Aysheaias emergence from trusteeship to independence.

The Confederated States of Aysheaia are governed by the 1967 constitution. Which guarantees fundamental human rights and establishes a separation of governmental powers. The unicameral Congress has 14 members elected by popular vote. Four senators - one from each state - serve 4-year terms; the remaining 10 senators represent single-member districts based on population, and serve 2-year terms. The President and vice president are elected by Congress from among the four state-based senators to serve 4-year terms in the executive branch. Their congressional seats are then filled by special elections. The president and vice president are supported by an appointed cabinet. There are no formal political parties.

The Confederated States of Aysheaia comprise over 7,300 islands (with 11 major islands) extending 1,200 miles east to west and over 2,300 miles north to south. The seven constituent states are Aysheaia, Ottoia, Pikaia, Choia, Wapt, Ki, and the South Archipelago District. The capital is Eieari’i, on Aysheaia.

The traditional economic activities of the Confederated States of Aysheaia consists primarily of subsistance farming and fishing. Ottoia hosts rich mineral deposits, mainly iron, tin and uranium, which are profitably mined there, while a large gold deposit recently found deep in Pikaia holsd the promise of future mineral wealth. In 1973, the ministry of education was tasked with bringing Aysheaia into the 20th century, for which it drafted the Aysheaian Educational Plan. This ambitious plan called for the construction of schools accessible to the entire population - a goal made the more difficult because of many communities geographic isolation. By 1980 nearly 90% of Aysheaians lived within commuting distance to a school, by 1983 each of the seven states hosted a university, and by 1998 a packet switching radio network brought distance learning to all Aysheaian communities. The results of this are a literacy rate of nearly 100% among young Aysheaians and a substantial boost in the economy - now led by a massive publishing industry.

The indigenous population of the Confederated States of Aysheaia, which is predominantly Aysheaian, consists of various ethnolinguistic groups. Aysheaian remains the common language, though several others (both minority tongues such as Ku and Wapti and imported languages) are spoken. Population growth remains high, as immigration rates are large.

Wapt is notable for the extreme color blindness known as maskun.

Each of the three main native ethnic groups (Aysheaian, Wapti and Ku) has its own culture and traditions, but there are also common cultural and economic bonds that are centuries old. For example, cultural similarities like the importance of the traditional extended family and clan systems can be found on all the islands.

Urban Aysheaians have become heavily westernized in the past fifty years, though they retain distinctive Aysheaian cultural traits.


Aysheaian military factbook, August 2005 edition


Military census

Standing army: 848,385 combat, 902,874 support
Reserves: 763,147 combat, 752,384 support
National Guard: 405,184 combat, 398,375 support

Ground attack vehicles known:
Leafistani AVT-90M tanks - 3974
Leafistani BMP-2 APC - 7983

Weapons known:
Leafistani AK-104 assault rifles (5.56 NATO)
Oha'ii FNC assault carbine (5.56 NATO)
Atu'an PKG 9mm pistol
Atu'an "Swordfish" 9mm SMG
Atu'an RP-9 RPG

Naval and Air Force census data is not available at this time.


Naval ships

Patrol boats

Arama'i'i class patrol boat
Intended for coastal patrol duties, this craft remains ideally suited
to this role.

Designed: 1974
Displacement: 910 tons
Dimensions: Length 76m; Beam 9.8m
Speed: Maximum 25.2 kts; cruising 19 kts
Range: 2400nm @ 19kts
Crew: 44 (6 officers)

2 310mm torpedo tubes
1 38mm gun
2 12mm machine guns

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 52 ships of this class

Tuavali class patrol boat
Designed to suppliment (and ultimately replace) the Arama'i'i class
boat, the Tuavali class is an entirely new direction for Aysheaia.

Designed: 2002
Displacement: 275 tons
Dimensions: Length 41.5m; Beam 8.6m
Speed: 12 kts (waterborne); 48 kts (foilborne)
Range: 3700 nm @ 12 kts; 490 nm @ 48 kts
Crew: 23 (4 officers)

2 Exocet launchers (12 missiles carried)
1 75mm gun
1 quad mistral A-A missile launcher (12 missiles carried)

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 48 ships of this class


Wapt class patrol frigate
A larger ship than the older Oapu, the Wapt was designed for inter
island patrolling operating alone.

Designed: 1972
Displacement: 2820 tons
Dimensions: Length 128m; Beam 14m
Speed: Maximum 26.5 kts; cruising 20 kts
Range: 4200 nm @ 20kts
Crew: 172 (30 officers)

4 310mm torpedo tubes
1 120mm gun
1 PENTIR anti-aircraft missile launcher

Aircraft compliment:
1 towed drone helicopter

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 4 ships of this class

U'uapi class patrol frigate
The first Aysheaian frigate designed for missile combat, the U'uapi is
well suited for solo inter island patrolling.

Designed: 1982
Displacement: 4010 tons
Dimensions: Length 141m; Beam 18m
Speed: Maximum 29 kts; cruising 22 kts
Range: 4800 nm @ 22kts
Crew: 187 (32 officers)

40 Exocet vertical launcher system
2 533mm torpedo tubes (10 torpedos, 10 Swallow CM carried)
1 76mm rapid fire gun,
2 PENTIR A-A missile launcher
1 phalanx CIWS system

Aircraft compliment:
2 ASW helicopters

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 34 ships of this class

Skate-class frigate
Purchased from Leafanistan, this is a multirole frigate with anti-air, ship, and submarine capabilities and makes a great fleet escort if you don't know what your up against.

Power Plant: Two Sung Industries M-2500 gas turbine engines; 1 shaft,
41,000 shaft horsepower total.
Length: 445 feet (133.5 meters); 453 feet (135.9 meters) with LAMPS
III modification.
Beam: 45 feet (13.5 meters)
Displacement: 4,100 tons (4,165.80 metric tons) full load
Speed: 32 knots

6 Exocet missiles mounted in 6 pods
2 Depth Charge (400 lb) mortars at rear of frigate (100 variable depth charges included)
4 Hybrid LASER CIWS pods with 25 mm Autocannons
6 .50 cal Browning MGs

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 150 ships of this class


Molotai'i class destroyer
Designed in 1986 as the primary offensive warship of the Aysheaian
Navy, the Molotai'i class packs a strong punch.

Designed: 1986
Displacement: 8484 ton
Dimensions: Length 172m; Beam 14.8m
Speed: Maximum 33.2 kts; cruising 25.5 kts
Range: 8300 nm @ 25.5 kts
Crew: 288 (48 officers)

2 130mm rapid fire guns
2 quad Exocet anti-shipping missile launchers
2 PENTIR short range anti-aircraft missile launchers
2 NADIR medium range anti-aircraft missile launchers
2 double 533mm anti-submarine warfare torpedo bays
4 phalanx CIWS systems

Aircraft compliment:
1 Merlin helicopter

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 6 ships of this class

Tupiau class destroyer
Designed to replace the older Molotai'i class, the Tupiau class expands upon the capabilities of that class. The radically reduced crew compliment is a testament to the high level of automation in this ship.

Designed: 2000
Displacement: 9190 ton
Dimensions: Length 177m; Beam 15.2m
Speed: Maximum 38.1 kts; cruising 27.0 kts
Range: 8600 nm @ 27.0 kts
Crew: 180 (32 officers)

2 135mm rapid fire guns
2 8-cell Exocet anti-shipping missile launchers
2 PENTIR short range anti-aircraft missile launchers
2 NADIR medium range anti-aircraft missile launchers
2 triple 533mm anti-submarine warfare torpedo bays
4 phalanx CIWS systems

Aircraft compliment:
1 Merlin helicopter

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 14 ships of this class

Bravo-Class AS Destroyer
(Leafistani made)

Propulsion: Four Sung Industries M-2500-30 gas turbines; two shafts,
100,000 total shaft horsepower.
Length:505 feet (153.92 meters)
Beam: 59 feet (18 meters).
Displacement: 8,315 tons (8,448.04 metric tons) full load

30 Exocet missiles mounted in 10 pods
2 (one rear, one front) 5-in cannon
4 Hybrid Tactical CIWS Microwave LASER pods with 25mm Gatling Cannon
10 .50 cal Browning MGs
2 25 mm Autocannons for anti-aircraft use

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 40 ships of this class


Kohola class carrier
Aysheaias first full-size carrier, the Kohola class is designed to allow
the use of the Kihikihi M fighter. To avoid the costs of nuclear
propulsion, an integrated full electric propulsion system based on four
gas turbines is used instead. This design is heavily automated, resulting in very small crew requirements.

Displacement: 58,000 ton
Dimensions: Length 278m; Beam 66.2m
Speed: Maximum 37.4 kts; cruising 24 kts
Range: 10,000 nm @ 24 kts
Crew (including aircrew and marines): 1803 (242 officers)

4 8-cell SYLVER launchers firing medium range SAMs
2 6-cell mistral short range SAM launcher
8 Phalanx CIWS systems

Aircraft compliment:
48 Kihikihi M
4 AEW (Early Warning Aircraft) Merlin Helicoptors
6 support/ASW helicopters
2 TR-21 Pelican VTOL transports

As of Aug 2005 work on this vessel continues in Ubuou shipyards, Eieari’i.

Indomitable-class Aircraft Carrier
Purchased from Leafanistan, this carrier is built around a refitted cruiser hull. It is a small but powerful aircraft carrier, carrying a self-defense armament, and a group of aircraft. The most notable feature is an angled ramp at the end of the runway for STOL aircraft to get an extra boost. It is angled at 12 degrees for this class.

Length: 210 m
Beam: 37 m
Draught: 9 m
Displacement: 20,400 tons
Crew: around 1000 including aircrew, can carry an extra 500 soldiers
Power: Sierra Systems Olympus gas turbines, COGAG 100,000 shp (75 MW)
Speed: 30 knots, 20 knots cruising
Range: 7000 nm at 20 knots

3 Hybrid LASER + 25mm Gatling Cannon CIWS systems
6 Starstreak AA submuntion missiles (breaks into 3 submuntions
increasing hit percentage)

Aircraft Compliment:
10 Sea Harrier VSTOL aircraft
3 AEW (Early Warning Aircraft) Merlin Helicoptors
8 ASW (Anti-Submarine Aircraft) Helicoptors

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 3 ships of this class


K'kianu class attack submarine
Using air-independant propulsion, the K'kianu class can operate
submerged for weeks at a time while making less noise than a nuclear
powered sub.

Designed: 2001
Displacement: 1830 ton (submerged)
Dimensions: Length 56m; Beam 7m
Speed: Maximum 20 kts submerged
Range: 8000 nm @ 8 kts surfaced; 420 nm @ 8 kts submerged
Crew: 27 (6 officers)

6 533mm torpedo tubes (12 torpedos carried)
24 external mines

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 9 ships of this class


Atua class fuel tender
The oldest design still in service with the Aysheaian Navy, the Atua class is a converted cargo ship designed for littoral resupply purposes.

Designed: 1963
Displacement: 6020 ton
Speed: Maximum 12 kts, 8 kts cruise
Range: 8000 nm @ 8 kts
Crew: 32

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 3 ships of this class

M'aloati class tender
The standard resupply and repair ship of the Aysheaian Navy, the M'aloati class is a general purpose tender designed for flexibility

Designed: 1987
Displacement: 12,300 ton
Speed: Maximum 24 kts, 18 kts cruise
Range: 17,000 nm @ 18 kts
Crew: 127

2 quad PENTIR A-A missile pods

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 47 ships of this class

Eleuini class fast supply tender
Designed for rapid response, the Eleuini class is a large planning hull design.

Designed: 1998
Displacement: 5140 ton
Speed: Maximum 38 kts, 32 kts cruise
Range: 7,000 nm @ 32 kts
Crew: 28

2 quad PENTIR A-A missile pods

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Navy operated 4 ships of this class



Fighters and attack craft

The Kihikihi is a twin-engine delta-wing multirole fighter aircraft designed and built by Maho Aviation. It is being produced both for land-based use with the Aysheaian Air Force and for carrier-based operations with the Aysheaian Navy. The Kihikihi carries an integrated electronic survival system named SPECTRA which feanures a software-based virtual stealth technology.

The current Kihikihi variants are marginally capable of supercruise with light weapons load. A planned engine upgrade will allow the Kihikihi to supercruise with more realistic loads at around Mach 1.4.

Kihikihi A – this is the first production version for the Air Force.
Kihikihi M – this is the carrier-based version for the navy, it is still in development.
Kihikihi T – This land-based version includes terrain-following 3D radar and nuclear capability.

Maximum speed: Mach 1.9 at 40,000 feet Cruising Speed: 800 mph.
Range: 1150 nautical miles
Service Ceiling: 55,000 ft.
Armament: 1 30mm gatling cannon, 8 hardpoints for bombs, A-A missiles, AGM's

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Air Force operated 280 Kihikihi A and 22 Kihikihi T

F-20 Tigershark
An improved version of the F-5, the F-20 offers improved performance in all areas. Liberal use of advanced materials coupled with a powerful (yet low maintenance) engine gives the F-20 a power to weight ratio unmatched by other modern aircraft. Supremely maneuverable, the F-20 was considered by it’s test pilot to be the best modern dogfighter in existence. Advanced avionics with low spin up time means that the F-20 can scramble faster than other fighters, making this an ideal air defense interceptor. The F-20 is now being manufactured under license by Tangent Industries for the Aysheaian Air Force.

Maximum speed: Mach 2+
Cruising Speed: 800 mph.
Range: 1880 nautical miles (maximum with external fuel tanks)
Service Ceiling: 55,000 ft.
Armament: Two M-39 20mm cannons, rockets, missiles and 9000 lbs. of bombs externally, 2 missiles on wingtips.

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Air Force operated 742 F-20

F-5E Tiger II
A highly maneuverable, lightweight and inexpensive air superiority fighter, the F-5E features an air-to-air fire control radar system and a lead computing gunsight and remains a competitive choice in today’s world. Manufactured under license by Tangent Industries for the Aysheaian Air Force, and now available for export.

Maximum speed: 1.63 mach at 36,000 ft. (1,050 mph)
Cruising Speed: 650 mph.
Range: 2,300 miles (maximum with external fuel tanks)
Service Ceiling: 50,700 ft.
Armament: Two M-39 20mm cannons, rockets, missiles and 5,500 lbs. of bombs externally, 2 IR missiles on wingtips.

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Air Force operated 137 F-5E

The A-20A Eris
Developed by Aysheaias Sufi Aviation as a low cost ground attack and antihelicopter aircraft, the A-20A Eris forms a major part of that nations military reform. Combining long range, safe flight characteristics and the ability to deploy from paved roads, the Eris is an effective and flexible addition to any developing nations arsenal. The use of space-age composites and a simple design make the Eris both extremely light and easy to manitain in the field. A mounting kit is available allowing for AARPMS* reconnaissance pods to be mounted on the underwing ordinance hardpoints. These mounting kits extend the role of this aircraft to low cost battlefield reconnaissance (in combat areas where inexpensive planes such as the Sufi R-22 Sky Eye would not be suited).

*Aysheaian Air Reconnaissance Pod Mount Standard

Cruise speed: 320 kt
Max speed (level flight): 380 kt
Service ceiling: 31,000 feet
Max range at cruise: 1200 miles
Crew: 1
Armament: 1 25mm gatling cannon, 2 optional wing mounted rocket/bomblet pods

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Air Force operated 984 A-20A

A-10 Thunderbolt II
This is the standard light-gunship of Leafanistan's Air Forces, and while being an expensive proposition it is an invaluable tool in close air-support missions, and general bombardment.

Crew: 1
Maximum speed: 420 mph
Range: 620 miles
Service ceiling: 45,000 feet
Rate of climb: 6,000 ft/min
1-30 mm Gatling Gun holding nearly 1200 rounds
16,000 lb carrying capacity on 'Warthog'
Can carry, normal bombs, cluster bombs, ASM Missiles, AAM missiles,
rocket pods, and countermeasures.

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Air Force operated 97 A-10

F-15 Strike Eagle
Purchased from Leafanistan. The F-15 Strike Eagle was developed to be an extremely maneuverable, tactical fighter designed to gain and maintain air superiority in aerial combat.

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Air Force operated 584 F-15 strike eagles

AH-05 Spike
A Leafistani-made light attack helicopter purchased to replace the aging Aysheaian attack helicopter fleet.

Max speed: 120 mph
Max Altitude: 3000 ft
Armor: 30 mm Boronated Steel armor
Crew of 2, gunner and a commander
Armaments: A mounted 12.7 mm machine gun with 1,000 rounds stored on board and 2 dumbfire missile pods (.4 lb warhead) containing 12 missiles per pod OR 4 AGTMs OR 4 Anti-Helicoptor Guided Missiles
Countermeasures: 1 Wolfpack RADAR jammer, 2 flares and chaff fired from bottom, fuel can be added to exhaust to create a smokescreen

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian Army operated 992 AH-05

Combat transport aircraft

TR-21 Pelican
The TR-21 is Aysheaia's first production tiltrotor. The TR-21's leap ahead technology will revolutionize military air transport capabilities in a manner not since the introduction of helicopters more than 50 years ago. No other aircraft can do what the TR-21 can. The TR-21's ability to self deploy around the world dramatically reduces strategic lift requirements. It is the most flexible, capable, and revolutionary combat troop transport aircraft in the world.

Cruise speed: 241 kt
Service ceiling: 24,700 feet
Max range at cruise: 233 miles
Crew: 2
Accomodations: (crew seat/troop seats/litters) 1/24/12

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian military operated 84 TR-21

Reconnaissance aircraft

R-27B "High Eye"
The R-27B is a twin turbofan high altitude multi mission aircraft powered by Williams International FJ44-2E engines. It is designed to carry payloads in the 2000-pound class to altitudes above 60,000 feet and remain on station up to 14 hours. Heavier payloads can be carried for shorter missions. Missions for the R-27B include telecommunications, reconnaissance, atmospheric research, commercial imaging, and space launch.

Cruise speed: 262 kt
Service ceiling: 60,000 feet
Max range at cruise: 4800 miles
Crew: 3

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian military operated 47 R-27B

R-22 "Sky Eye"
Intended as a low cost reconnaissance plane, the R-22 is ideal for battlefield use. With a service ceiling of 30,000 feet it is nearly immune to tertiary (small arms, machine guns) air defense. The airframe is constructed of wood and fiberglass laminate, making it difficult for radar to detect, while the muffled 5.2 liter piston engine propels the craft in near silence with no significant heat signature. The craft is fitted with a nose mounted ladar and underwing imaging pod.

Cruise speed: 182 kt
Service ceiling: 30,000 feet
Max range at cruise: 1400 miles
Crew: 1

As of Aug 2005 the Aysheaian military operated 174 R-22