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Emperor Franz Josef I Dead! [E20]

25-07-2005, 18:41

Official Austro-Hungarian Announcement!

Vienna- His Imperial and Apostolic Royal Majesty Francis Josef died yesterday in a tragic car accident, after his car crashed into the side of a building during the violent storms that swept across Vienna. Ernst von Koerber, Imperial and Royal Premier of the Dual Monarchy of Austria and Hungary, who was also in the car at the time suffered minor injuries and is expected to recover fully.

Ernst von Koerber announced that the coronation of Franz Ferdinand, who is widely disliked by much of ruling government, something that may interfere with his calls for massive reforms- including proposed plan to replace Austro-Hungarian dualism with 'Trialism,' a triple monarchy in which the empire's Slavs would have an equal voice in government with the Germans and Magyars, something that has widely been widely criticized by both Parliament’s and the Unified Austro-Hungarian Parliament as appeasement.

The government also denied rumors that Emperor Franz Josef I was assassinated by Czech nationalists, though one official stated that “Much of the investigation is centered on this possibility.” This sparked massive anti-Czech riots in Prague and Vienna that left nearly one hundred people dead and hundreds more wounded.

Franz Ferdinand only made a brief statement today, urging unity in this time of crisis, reminding Austria-Hungary that “In times like these it is most important remember that we stand together not as Slavs or Czechs or Magyar’s but as Austro-Hungarians!” He also announced thirty days of mourning in which all flags in Austria-Hungary would fly at half-mast.

The coronation is scheduled to take place in two days, on February 10, 1903. The funeral is scheduled in four days.