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And the second sun shall form...

Red Tide2
23-07-2005, 17:56
Secret IC:The City of Crig, Red Tide

The only way you can be a small buisness and not be brought out by a major Red Tidean Corporation is to be a front for the Red Tide Mafia. 'Petrenko Machine Tools' was a known front for the Red Tide Mafia. Something noticable was going on there now, sattelite photographs would note multiple cars of various types sitting on the parking lot infront of the machine shop. Tons of El-Capos(the nickname for the Red Tide Mafias best men) were gaurding the shop. Something was up.

Underneath the shop was a special basement. In the basement men handled Weaponized Uranium-235(OOC:Is this the right material?) carefully, wearing special gloves as they shaped the hunk into a sphere, and shaped another, smaller hunk of weaponised uranium into a bullet. This was completed a mere hours later. Then they began to assemble the device. It wouldnt be long now before they can drive the device out into the desert for testing.

OOC:You can RP your nation noticing the increased activity at the machine shop or getting information from spies. If you want to have a spy infiltrate the place and find out exactly whats going on, please TG me.
Red Tide2
23-07-2005, 22:53
OOC:errr... bump? Anybody? Not even a comment?
Red Tide2
26-07-2005, 19:34
The sun began to rise in the East. Tommorrow was the day for the test, today was the day for the delivery. Several Cars of different types filled with El-Capos left the parking lot first. Then a normal looking delivery van left the parking lot at the time when there was no sattelites overhead. Then the rest of the cars left, one by one at random intervels.

They headed North-West. Towards the Red Tide Desert.