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Mercenary Clans for Hire

Sith Shadows
22-07-2005, 00:05
Need a special group of men who are ruthless and without mercy yet are not ignorant in the ways of Battle?

If so then Contact one of the Sith Shadow Clans.

There are 6 clans ready for combat, Price for hiring is negotiable.

What do you need mercenaries for? Anything you need done, covert strikes within enemy territory without risk to your own people, Security for a complex of vital importance, escorts for convoys and the list goes onwards.

Contact the Twilight Clan for further Details.

Current Clans

Twilight Clan

Raven Clan

Anubis Clan

Wraith Clan

Shadow Clan

Ghost Clan

Should you need more then one clan then contact the Twilight Clan and they will arrange it for you.

Until we meet...