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Need a bit of help with this

The Big Warboski
21-07-2005, 18:04
Now that I have established an account and setup a nation I would like to participate in the rpg end of the game. Problem: A suggestion for starting population, armaments, technologies, and most of all starting monies. I have several great ideas for my nation that can go in several directions. I just need a point a to start from.
21-07-2005, 18:19
Reading the stickies does help. For monies and such, we use the NS nations as a basis, and there's calculators to tell you how much in what you have spent.

As for military, manpower, tech levels -choose what you want, then justify it.

On, and on a side note....

21-07-2005, 18:22
First off: Welcome to NationStates. There are several "Stickeys" at the top of the page that you should read. They have userul information in them. There are also a few stickies in the "Moderation" forum that you might want to read. One is called the One Stop Rules Shop and is run by the Moderation.

Second off: There are several web pages that you could use to calculate what you can use for your budgets and other items. I suggest NSEconomy. I have used them since i started here on NS

Third off: It is up to you on what type of technology you want. We have RPers who are Modern Tech (current world technology), Post-Modern Tech (technology that is a little more advanced than current tech), Future Tech (Technology from Star Wars and other future based stuff), and more. I would ask around to see what generally is acceptable for the different types.

The Earths: There are a multitude of different "Mirror Earths" that players have created. You might notice some of them. The most popular it seems is Earth 2, although there are others.

The Moderation: The mods are here to make sure that the game is kept fun for all. There are those that test the mods ability and become the next nation who is DEATed (Deleted). The mods do take part in RP's from time to time. If you believe someone is breaking any of the rules in the One Stop Rules Shop, then go to the Moderation Forum and make a post about it. But make sure that it is something that is truly what you think it is, they tend to be overworked and we don't want them to be overworked.

Useful Thread URLs:
The International Incidents Consolidation Sticky:
The Euroslavia Series of Useful Hints:
The One Stop Rules Shop:

Useful Web Site URLs:
NS Economy:

Again, welcome to NationStates. Have a great RPing Experience.
21-07-2005, 18:35
Forgot to mention one thing....

In your User CP: Your User Control panel is accessable through the "profile" link just under the NationStates logo in the upper left of the screen. Here it shows you threads that you have "Tagged" or "Subscribed to". It also can be a place to change how you see the NationStates forums. You can create a Signiture to go with all of your posts. Mine looks something like the below
The Holy Empire of Shazbotdom ( || UN Deligate for CIN Headquarters ( || SCS Project (
Land Claims: Shazbotdom on NS Earth ( || Continents of Big Brother, Beta 3, and Tomohawk on New Terra (
States of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota on The Latest Earth (
Alliances: The Ottoman Alliance - Message Boards ( || The Coalition of Anti-Terrorist Powers - Message Boards (
The Commonwealth of Independant Nations - Message Board (
To see people signitures, you have to go to where it says "Edit Options". it should be in the 3rd subsection where it says "Thread Display Options". You will be able to view Signitures, Avatars (although they are not used in NS but the rest of Jolt) and images that have been inserted into posts.

Many other options are in your UserCP so i suggest having a good look through it.