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Jensai seeking Alliance, Trade Agreements

17-06-2005, 00:45
The People's Republic of Jensai made it' appearance on the International stage today. The newly elected President, James Adderson, announced that he would dedicate his first five-year term to improving Jensai's international relations and improve the defenses of the fledgling nation.

A young man in his late twenties and wearing a suitmakes his way through a large crowd as dour looking men in suits clear his way. He has dark brown hair and an energetic gaze. He steps onto a raised platform and makes his way to a podium with many microphones nad listening devices attached. Behind him is the Jensai Flag. He begins to speak, his voice carrying over the crowd and through the loudspeakers.

"The nation of Jensai must make itself known in the international community and ensure that it does not fall prey to Imperialist ambitions. It must grow, both economically and militarily. As such I have requested my international advisors and diplomats to ask any interested parties for a military alliance that will last no less then twenty years to ensure protection and mutual respect. I have also asked them to convey the wish to from trade agreements. We, as a nation, will grow strong. We will persevere and become one of the greates nations the world has ever known!"

The crowd let's out a cheer of approval as the young man threads his way back through the crowd to a waiting limosine.

The following is Information about the country. It might get long.

Jensai's main exports are foodstuffs, such as grain, vegatables, and fruit, as well as steel, timber, and manufactured goods. The govevernment, along with a conglomerate of several oil companies, has begun probing the Red Desert for oil. There has been some success so far and there is hope that oil may become one of the countries primary exports.

The Jensai military service is compuslory once you graduate from high school. You must serve for a period of two years unless some physical defect or problem makes it impossible.

Those two years are broken down as such: three months of basic training and physical fitness followed by three to six months months of speciliazed training, depending on the branch and any specialites, such as tank driving or air force pilots. The remaining time is spent on active duty. Once your two years are up you are allowed to return home, go to college, and get on with your life. However, until you reach the age of fifty you are still liable to be called up in the case of a national emergency or war. To facilitate this you mus keep your uniform at home and are required to attend certain training periods during the year.

The standing military force is currently 200,000 strong, with over half of that devoted to the ground forces. The rest is spilt up over the air force and navy. The navy is relatively small and contains a single carrier, which is the pride of the fleet. It also contains around two dozen destroyers, a doxen attack submarines, seven cruisers and a singile heavy cruiser as well as many smaller coastal patrolboats and gunships. The navy also includes seventy carrier based fighter and bomber aircraft as well as heliocopters.

The Army is made up of mostly mechanize infantry with a single tank division. The air-force is made up of around three hundred modern aircraft. one hundred and fifty are pure fighters, another seventy-five are fighter bombers, and the last seventy-five are pure bomber aircraft.

The government is composed of a president who has two vice-presidents and a cabinet of advisors. The law-making branch is the senate and a house of represantitives. There is also a seven-member supreme court, as well as many lower courts. A law must be voted through the senate with a two-thirds majority and the house with a simple majority. It must then be signed by one vice-president and the President. The government also has several departments:

The Department of the Interior, reponsible for agriculture, education, infrastructure, and inter-province trade and internal intelligence.

The Exterior Department, responsible for international diplomats, inports, exports, and international trade as well as intelligence.

Military High Command is responsible for over-all command of the armed forces.

The nation is made up of seventeen provinces which are then broken into districts and then counties. Each province is responible for it's own police force and monitoring the military forces within it's borders.

Companies are geneall left alone to do as they wish as long as they do not underpay or abuse their workers and do not pollute. Doing so results in heavy fines.

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