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OOC: Writers wanted

15-06-2005, 10:26
I'm looking for some writers who can write a few short biographies, and invent plans that people have for the government. My entire government is now based on the Belgian one, with the same names. What I want to do is:

- The leading government partys suggest a Minister
- The opposition partys suggest a Minister

- Biography for both
- Plans for both [Plans must concurr with that Camewottians party]

- I let the people vote

- The leading partys will always suggest the Minister who is in place now, you can entirely invent the opposition partys candidate.

[Leading: Socialist (+-30%) and Liberal (+-40%)
Opposition: Green (+-10%) and Conservative (+-20%)

- Remember that the opposition party will ofcourse choose a Green candidate for (example) agriculture, and Conservative for (example) Foreign Help.

- The first thing I want is a biography for Onkelinx, and then an opposition candidate. Then I let the people vote, and then I move on to the next Minister.

Here's the overview: [The Prime Minister is not replaced, ofcourse]

Laurette Onkelinx
Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Justice

Didier Reynders
Minister of Finances

Johan Vande Lanotte
Minister of budget and government companies

Patrick Dewael
Minister of home affairs

Princess Layla
Minister for Foreign Affairs

André Flahaut
Minister of Defence

Marc Verwilghen
Minister of economy, energy, foreign trade and science policy

Rudy Demotte
Minister of social matters and public health

Sabine Laruelle
Minister of agriculture

Freya Van den Bossche
Minister of work and consumer matters

Armand De Decker
Minister of foreign help

Christian Dupont
Minister of civil servant matter, social integration, cities policy and equal chances

Renaat Landuyt
Minister of mobility

Bruno Tobback
Minister of environment and minister of pensions

Peter Vanvelthoven
State Secretary for modernizing of the state, added to the minister of budget and government companies

Hervé Jamar
State Secretary for modernisation of the finances and the fight against the tax fraud, added to the Minister for Finance

Vincent Van Quickenborne
State Secretary for administrative simplification, added to the prime minister

Els Van Weert
State Secretary for sustainable development and social economy, added to the minister of budget and government companies

Gisèle Mandaila Malamba
State Secretary for the family and persons with a handicap, added to the minister of social matters and public health
15-06-2005, 17:04
i'll help, and i just need to know who to do a bio for, their basic information, some high quality colleges and universities in camewot, area they live in and most importantly, whether they try hard to get where they are or they were in the right place at the right time.
15-06-2005, 17:11
I want a bio for a Minister of Justic. So the major candidate is Laurette Onkelinx, she's a 43-year old female. A socialist.
Universitys: New Camewottian Scientific. Jensen Catholic.
Areas they can live in: By sea, In the north, Near-jungle town, City, Capital (Jensen) or a village.

All other information is optional by you. So I need a opposition candidate for Justice to. Someone from the green or conservative party.
20-06-2005, 13:22