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Liberty, Equality, Freedom! - The protection of Democracy!

14-06-2005, 19:35
Dear Neighbouring Countries,

It is a hard time in the world. War looms at every corner. Danger is ever present. The democratic ideals of freedom and justice are threatened... We need your help. The FreeFall Area seeks allies for we are not able to defend democracy on our own. If you have a substantial army and wish to help us in our fight against fascism and oppression. Please, join our cause and together we will become the scourge of the world!

The minister of Foreign Affairs of the FreeFall Area Region


ooc: war affairs and alliances first! we will start a new thread for the war :)
14-06-2005, 19:49
If nations do not wish to give their support publically, they can always telegram the Democratic Republic of Honshuwa. The telegrams will imediatelly be wired to the Minister and a reply will follow soon after..