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The Uruk Pact (New Alliance)

Dostanuot Loj
13-06-2005, 03:12
The Uruk Pact
The Uruk Pact Forums (

The Uruk Pact is a pact designed to allow nations of varying backgrounds and population sizes a military, diplomatic and economic alliance on which to rely in times of both peace and war.
All nations that meet the requierments are welecome to apply to join.

The pact is divided into two sections. The Upper Council, and the Lower Council.
The Upper Council will consist only of nations whose populations at the time of application are above 1,000,000,000 and meet all application requierments. Upper Council membership is limited to eleven (11) nations (Not including the founder nation).
The Lower Council will consist of all nations who apply whose populations are less then 1,000,000,000. There is no limit to members of the Lower Council.

As of currently, all that is required of member nations is a Non-Imperialistic international stance. All applicants to the Lower Council will be accecpted ASAP, however applications to the Upper Council will requier a background check.

Members of the Upper Council will also be given membership to the Security Council (Unless attributed to another Council), which will oversee the military affairs of the Uruk pact. As well, Upper Council members will earn the right to nominate Lower Council members ot the Security Council.
Members of the Lower Council may be elected to the Security Council for a period of two RL months, but must be nominated by an Upper Council member. Uppon aquiring a population of One Billion, a Lower Council member nation may opt to join the Upper Council (Membership this way is unlimited).
Members of the Security Council will be given the right to vote in bills regarding war, trade, and diplomacy.

Council Descriptions:
- Security Council: Composed mostly of Upper Council members, the Security Council dictates all offensive and defensive actions taken by the alliance. (Member Spaces: Upper Council (Unlimited), Lower Council (2))
- Trade Council: The Trade Council is made up of elected Upper Council members who dictate the trade regulations of the Pact, including Trade Embargos and other such pre-warfare trade related actions. Membership in the Trade Council removes membership to the Security Council. (Member Spaces: Upper Council (3))
- Diplomatic Council: The Diplomatic Council is made up of elected members from either the Upper, or Lower Council. The Diplomatic Council regulates contact among the Pact and the International Community. Membership in the Diplomatic Council removes membership to the Security Council. (Member Spaces: 4)

The Pact
Member Nations Agree to:
- Provide Economic, Military, and Diplomatic Support to all member nations.
- Provide Military Defense in a Conventional War to Member nations who are not the agressor in their respective conflict.
- Decide by vote among other Pact Members, what course of action to take in a dispute.
- Provide Economic assistance if required to other Member Nations.

Current Member Nations:
- Founder/President: Dostanuot Loj

Member Nations are required to create an account on the Pact forums, as well as participate where required.
Blood Moon Goblins
13-06-2005, 03:20
Tag, I might sign up once I finish my RP with Kraven Corp. I dont want to bring in a ton of allies on his head by making an alliance through a govornment that doesnt exist :)