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[Earth II] Operation Schwert [Germania annexes Taymyria Okrug and Yamalia Okrug]

North Germania
13-06-2005, 00:56
DRN News --

Reichskanzler Kahn announced today the annexation of two Okrugs in Northern Russia, bordering the Barents Sea. The former government, having dissolved internally from disputes between powerful politicians, has fallen into complete disarray, and the people are now without fresh water, electricity, and other vital necessities.

Launched from Trondheim, were ten TS-9 transport ships, carrying a total of 15,000 OS-Polizei police forces to restore order to the anarchic region. Food, water, and clothing were air-dropped to the population in Taymyria and Yamalia, followed by over 6,000 Reichsheer Engineers and 3,000 Reichsheer Medics in TS-9 transport ships.

Power and clean running water has been restored to 75% of the population, and any damaged houses, roads, or public facilities are under repair by the Germanian government.

Reichskanzler Helmut Kahn released a message to the former Nerotikan people:

"Nerotikan civilians: do not fear! As your government has failed you and left you without your basic needs, I have seen fit to bring you these things and increase the prosperity that you once had ten times!

No longer will you be locked in the chains of chaos, hunger, and anarchy. We have restored order, and you will find a new meaning of happiness under your new government, as Germanians!"

The population greeted the police, engineers, and medics with open arms and praise. A small percentage of the people that were opposed to the annexing of the two territories began violent protests, and but were quickly put down by the OS-Polizei.

Fifty protestors were injured, and eleven were killed during the riots. No OS-Polizei were killed, but ten have suffered burns from Molotov Cocktails -- the primary weapon of the protestors.
13-06-2005, 11:40
"Sir, the Germanians are moving into the former Nerotika."

"I know. I got a call from Reichschancellor Kahn yesterday, explaining the situation. We'll do nothing other then increase the intensity of the border guards. Keep whoever dislikes the Germanians from entering Cotland."

"Yes sir. I'll inform General Dislet (OOC: Commander, Defense District East) immediately."

"Good. And could you please get me a cup of coffee?"

The aide nodded and exited the office of the Emperor silently, heading for the coffee tray in the small pantry down the corridor. Meanwhile the Emperor got the last paperwork underway before he was heading for Berlin for the Zeeeland peace summit.


Along the Cottish-Nerotikan border, the soldiers were well within the Cottish side, and fetched any person who survived the mine fields along the border. They were returned to Germania after they had been questioned, DNA-sampled and checked against the database over illegal immigrants. If they tried to enter Cotland illegaly three times, they would get executed. Nice and simple.