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A new beginning (closed RP)

The Green Plague
13-06-2005, 00:09
Location: an unnamed airport in the Omzian capital of Osaria.
Time: 12 noon, Osaria time.
Setting: The delegacy of The Green Plague has arrived as scheduled in the city of Osaria. After a long flight the Green Plague officials were escorted by security staff from the plane, and wisked away by their driver. The delegacy consists of the following:

Gen. Ivan Ilek, head delegate, potential ambassadorto OMZ222.
Cprl. Alexei Magnusson, security head for the delegation
Alexander Forsberg, senior advisor
Katerina Stefens, translator/assistant to the senior advisor

Katerina "Greetings, we are glad to have arrived safely, and thank your national leaders for this opportunity, lets get down to business" **taking her seat next to the Osarian officials during the ride**
13-06-2005, 00:31
OOC: Excuse me for the very short post, but time is not on my side, and I have four finals to get prepared for. /OOC

Dr. Konares International Airport
20km from Osaria

A hint of smoke blew across the geometric figure that made up Jon Moran's face, as he felt a slight vibration originating from the cell phone on his belt. A mid-aged man in his fifties, the meeting resembled something of a regular routine for Moran, though as a senior diplomat he was also aware that the importance of the meeting was great for not only the Omzian Republic itself, but also for his own career. Thus, he could only ignore the call, as he made a few mental notes for himself in the midst of a midsummer afternoon. However, he was nevertheless mentally alert, as he noticed the visible - albeit small - delegation emerging from the chaos of the passenger terminal into the open area situated between the two groups. Fun time, he smiled somewhat sarcastically to himself, as he approached the young woman.

"On behalf of His Honourable Presidental Excellency, I welcome you to the Omzian Democratic Republic, we hoped that you've enjoyed the scenery of the mountains of the north," he greeted with a humble smile, gesturing towards a convoy of armoured automobiles just a short distance away of him, as he extended his hand towards her. "I'm Jon Moran of the Omzian Foreign Affairs Ministry, and I'm here to represent the Omzian Foreign Affair Ministry. The Ministry has authorized me to bring your delegation directly to the Omzian Foreign Affairs Ministry headquarters in Osaria."

After walking towards the line of vehicles, each car, one by one, made their departure from the emptiness of the VIP Parking Lot of the vast airport facility, and began their trip into the site of urbanization...
The Green Plague
18-06-2005, 16:42
**enjoying the beautiful mountainside that is the road to Osaria**
Katerina: "On behalf of The Green Plague, we are pleased with your quick response to our call for diplomacy. As a growing nation, we are in a troubled region, and looking for structure, a more capitalist minded environment to grow. I **pauses, realizing her error** I'm sorry, We feel that it is in the best interest of both of our nations to become trading partners. Your nation appears powerful, with strong alliances, and military might. Ours is a small but peaceful nation, we are developing environmentally friendly, organic food sources, and feel this potential relationship could be mutually beneficial" **brushing her hand ever-so-slightly against Mr. Moran's leg. "Do you agree Mr. Moran?"

**As the convoy moves towards its intended destination, Alexander Forsberg leans into Ms. Stefens, speaking quietly in Swiss-German, to which Katerina smiles, nods, and hands Forsberg his planner and a rather nice pen to go with it. He immediately opens the planner,always the perfectionist, and starts making sure all his index cards, documents, etc. are in order for the upcoming summit.**
18-06-2005, 23:02
Moran nodded politely, as he felt the comfort of the leather seat, a soft blurb of cold air pushing against the sleeves of his suit. A light overhead shined against the red star pinned onto Moran's chest, as he looked at his Green Plague counterpart with a smile. "It's no problem, and we have no hesitation to extend our hands to those nation who are...", he said before pausing for a fraction of a second. "Economically disadvantageous. This does not prove to be a problem in itself, as we are confident that we can expand Omzian business interests towards Green Plague, despite the unfamiliarity between our two nations right now. Thus, it is obvious that a relationship between our two nations will be certainly advantageous for both sides. I'm confident that the Green Plague will be an excellent market for our common interests in the near future."

Feeling a soft push against his lower leg, he repositioned it as a light, almost invisible, frown appeared on his face. "As you might know, we don't usually receive so much attention especially from younger and smaller nations. However, we are certainly happy and joyful that this is the exception, and I'm sure that we are all looking forward to a bright future between us, not only as nations, but also as cultures, economies, and the sites of global power."

As he looked outside, he could already notice the beauty of urban architecture, as shops and government compounds swarmed around the car seemingly endlessly. With a red light shining just above the car, the swings and motions of the flags of both the Omzian Republic and the Green Plague suddenly came to a stop. However, despite this absense of movement, the car soon once again made its move, across the massive eight-lane roads of the capital city. Soon, the sight of a huge building, dotted with glass and gutted with fine architectural beauty, became more apparant for the occupants in the car. Outside of the building, a roughly-organized row of cars sat silently, as a group of cameras-toting reporters and cameramen swarmed a fair distance away.

"I guess that we have finally arrived. This is the Headquarters, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Omzian Republic. However, I can guarentee you, Ms. Stefens, that we have a busy day ahead of us."

OOC: Just a note (since it appears that you would like to join the region of Haven), the process of voting for your membership has began. So far, I'm optimistic about your entrance into the region :)
The Green Plague
19-06-2005, 20:27
Arriving at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Green Plague delegates gazed in amazement at the Omzian architecture, which differed greatly from their own. This sightseeing was quickly ended, as the delegates were wisked away by Omzian Republic officials.

"The craftsmanship of your cities is superb my friend" stated an eager General Ilek, smiling with content. "I will be most pleased to return here often."

With a quick resettling, and briefing by Ms. Stefens, the Green Plague delegates approached the government offical entrance to the Ministry, where they were frisked, walked thru medal detectors, and shown the way to their quarters.

"This nation is quite hospitable.." noted Magnusson in the travel notes.. "All perameters appear safe, Delegates arrived safely, meeting is go."

((OOC: I am looking forward to the vote, please feel free to ask my nation any security type questions or requests your voting council feels appropriate, no hard feelings will come of it.))