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USFU Tests nuclear device and dose maneuvers (rare mod tech rp)

The Fedral Union
12-06-2005, 04:01
A Government DOD official rushed up on to a podium as the emblem of the white house and bluish curtains swayed in the back round the podium was rich dark oak it had the pentagon DOD emblem on it witch stood and shined out from Meters away. The tall some what old pale grayish haired individual put the microphone up to his mouth, starting to speak in a deep but loud voice.

He said “Good morning, citizens of the United states and our allies. As you all know the Union is about to embark on a nuclear testing and or force maneuver expedition to the northwest pacific. We are making this announce meant to let you know it will last several weeks we want a total complete accurate count of force capability, we also want to test out these new thermonuclear devices, we are also trying to let the world know that this is an exercise only and not an attack but the United states or her allies in that region, we will only send 3 groups of ships each containing 15 ships, also any attack on our forces will not be tolerated, we will retaliate if any attack is done on our ships we also believe this is a grate opportunity for others to join in and make the maneuvers even more challenging for our forces.”

With that the pale skinned well dressed DOD spoke person walked down off the podium and in to another room as reporters tried to ask questions and flash bulbs went off.

Several hours after his speech 45 ships from servile fleets began gearing up form there home ports , they rushed out water thrashing on there bows as they cut threw the clam rippling bluefish waters of there bays and finally as the waters turned green and murky in to the pacific they went.

The list of ships:
5 DD-21’s
5 DD(X)’s
5 CG-21’s
4 Nimitz class CVN
2 CVX class Carriers
1 Sea Dragon class super carrier
4 Arsenal ships
5 DDG-51 Arleigh Burke class
5 FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry class
5 CG-47 Ticonderoga class
5 DDG-51 Arleigh Burke class

These ships would cruise in to the now bluish tinted tropical northwest waters in about 3 hours from there west coast home ports.
12-06-2005, 04:56
As these nuclear tests will be taking place in an area close to that of the Aequatian Republic, we demand that the United States of The Fedral Union moves the tests to an area that will clear the Republic and its protectorates from any harm done by the detonations. As well, since the movement of your fleets will be taking place within such proximity of the Aequatian Republic, we shall be providing our own naval forces for the job of security and containment.

Units of the 5th Fleet will be deployed to make contact with the vessels from the USFU and escort them past Aequatian waters before ships from the 3rd Fleet will take their place and stay in contact until the tests are complete and take part in the maneuvers with your ships.

5th Fleet

Carrier Battle Group Hades
Hades (CVN-59), Zeus-class Fleet Carrier
Firebird (CGN-106), Aquila-class Guided-Missile Cruiser
Neely (DDG-324), Newbiggin-class Guided-Missile Destroyer
Crawford (DDG-325), Newbiggin-class Guided-Missile Destroyer
Plunger (SSN-121), Ocean-class Fleet Submarine
Sanborn (AOE-27), Marriman-class Fast Combat Support Ship
Muller (AS-9), Hopper-class Submarine Tender

Battleship Strike Group Resolution/Audacious
Resolution (BBN-36), Vanguard-class Battleship
Audacious (BBN-37), Vanguard-class Battleship
Raptor (CGN-109), Aquila-class Guided-Missile Cruiser
Rodacker (DDG-282), Wolfe-class Guided-Missile Destroyer
Anderson (DDG-283), Wolfe-class Guided-Missile Destroyer
Richards (DDG-284), Wolfe-class Guided-Missile Destroyer
Skipjack (SSN-127), Ocean-class Fleet Submarine
Townsend (AOE-28), Marriman-class Fast Combat Support Ship

Frigate Patrol Group 11
Nicola (FFG-242), Meyers-class Guided-Missile Frigate
Perry (FFG-243), Meyers-class Guided-Missile Frigate
Baird (FFG-244), Meyers-class Guided-Missile Frigate

5th Submarine Squadron
Boomslang (SSN-88), Snake-class Fleet Submarine
Eel (SSN-89), Snake-class Fleet Submarine
Bushmaster (SSN-90), Snake-class Fleet Submarine
Fer-de-Lance (SSN-91), Snake-class Fleet Submarine
Massasauga (SSN-92), Snake-class Fleet Submarine
The Fedral Union
12-06-2005, 06:46
The response from the DOD and government : as you request we will move these test we did not know this would interfere with your nation or its affairs, and in the interest of keeping the peace we will move it a few hundred miles north .

With that the fleet changed course its ships steaming along With that the fleet changed course its ships steaming along more ships are being sent the numbers are:
12 DDG-2 Charles F. Adams III Class
20 Oliver Hazard Perry II class
4 SSN-688 Los Angeles Class
4 SSN-21 Seawolf Class
4 SSN-774 Virginia NSSN Class
4 SSBN-726 Ohio class
20 DD-963 Spruance class
15 DDG-51 Arleigh Burke class
15 CG-47 Ticonderoga class
8 DD-21 Zimwallt
8 DD(X)’s
8 CG-21’s
6 Nimitz class CVN
4 CVX class Carriers
2 Sea Dragon class super carriers
8 Arsenal ships