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End of an Age, Beginning of an Era (FT Intro)

12-06-2005, 01:05
[OOC: I am going on a business trip at the beginning of July and will be gone until August, so I will probably not be actively RPing for much of that time. So let me just say now that I am an old modern tech nation that has finally gotten sick of the "Earth (X)" bull, and have decided to branch into future tech. I will not be dropping MT altogether, but FT will become my main universe from now on.]


To Earthers it was known as HD 160691. About 1.08 times the mass of Sol, with an apparent magnitude of 5.15. It had been spotted through radial velocity from the Solar System in the first few years of the twenty-first century. It lies about 15.3 parsecs from the Sol, or just over 2800 years travelling by the speed of light. HD 160691 has three planets, known to Earthers as b, c, and d. Of the three planets, b and c are gas giants, 1.67 and 3.1 times the size of Jupiter, respectively. Of those two, b orbits its sun at only 1.5 astronomical units, almost the same orbital as Earth. The second gas giant orbits further at, hovering at around 4.2 AUs. However, those are not the most interesting planets. The third planet, d, is of most interest to the galaxy. This planet is hovering at around 0.9 AUs, only 25% larger then Earth. It meanders around its planet relatively slowly, with one of its years being equal to approximately 654.5 Earth days.

It was on that planet, HD 160691d, a planet with more land then sea, that something interesting happened, many years ago. Life. Not intelligent life. Not space-faring life. But life. It was this that interested most an ancient Earther kingdom, emigrants from Germany and Eastern Europe. They left their home and travelled the agonizingly slow journey, close to three thousand years, to HD 160691d, which they called by a new name. Tokarev, it was called, after the Russian man who had started the journey, now long deceased. They settled Tokarev's fertile fields, they explored its vast wilderness. They began their own civilization.

However, Tokarev was not the brave new world of lore. Disease and inbreeding threatened to destroy the early society. Tensions rose, and fighting broke out. Only a few hundred years into its existence, the Tokarev civilization was torn apart by a bloody global war. The planet was divided into factions, and technology levels grew exponentially, as they are apt to do during times of war. It is true that the biggest impetus for technological improvement is war. Soon, the citizens expanded the war throughout the star system, which they had named Hovedoem. Primitive warcraft were constructed in orbit, or on the moon, called Klaskova, which was controlled by the German faction, known as the Wunderveldters, as that was what they called Tokarev. Fighting killed most well over sixty percent of the population over the course of centuries, the birth rate struggling to keep up. Eventually, the Wunderveldters were defeated, and most of the German descendents left had fled to the moon, which they renamed Kleinveldt.

It was then that the Grand Imperial Nation of Tokarev was born, granting the Wunerveldters on Kleinveldt semiautonomy, in return for the use of their shipyards by the Tokarev government. A small world, long forgotten by Earthers and the galaxy, two thousand years by light from the nearest important solar system. For the first time in its history, which was only slightly longer then the journey from Earth all those millennia ago, Tokarev looked outside of the Hovedoem starsystem, which in an effort to please the Wunderveldters, was renamed Wunderdoem.

Technological advancements had been rapid over the years. Tokarev would soon be able to compare its technology to that of the rest of the galaxy. A small fleet was to be sent out, in the direction of Earth. Using the Alcubierre Drive (, the ships being sent out would travel at approximately ten thousand times the speed of light, although could theoretically go as fast as two hundred thousand c. In any case, they would cruise in the direction of earth, slowing to relativistic speeds at every solar system they passed. Three ships were being sent.

The Agamemnon, the flagship of the Grand Imperial Navy of Tokarev, one of the older Bellerophon-class Command Ships.

The Southampton, a veteran of the wars against the Wunderveldters, one of the Iron Duke-class Destroyers.

And the Marlborough, a Marlborough-class battlecruiser, the newest ship in the fleet, representing the pinnacle of Tokarev technology.

They cruised through the inky blackness of space, while over three billion Tokarian citizens sat on the edge of their seats, waiting for word from thousands of light years away. As they cruised, slowing to the single digit multiples of c through star systems, they transmitted a simple message, in a variant of old-Earth Russian, mixed with a bit of German. It simply read, "Attention."

This was the end of an age for Tokarev, the end of warfare and isolation. However, it was also the beginning of a brand new era ...
Stellar Nations
12-06-2005, 01:57
"Sir, we're picking up a transmission"

"Put it on, Lieutenant."

"Aye, sir."

The speakers shouted static, then played the message.

"It's some form of Russian, sir. Computer doesn't recognise anything aside form that."

"Get Ivan up here."

"Aye, sir."

A few minutes late, the civilian newsman, Ivan Antonov, came onto the bridge. "Yes, sir?"

"Translate that" the captain siad, waving into the air, indicating the message

"It says 'Attenion' That's it."

"Send out a message, Ivan, in russian. Say this: "WE are peaceful explorers. We do not wish war. We would like to meet with you."

A few seconds later, Ivan was rattleing off into the com systems in Russian.
12-06-2005, 03:00
- Draconious Primary 1 -

"Sir, we have have a transmission intercept from Listening Outpost K1980-687."

"What is Lueteniet?"

"It would appear there is a short message from an unknown nation sir."

"Interesting, What does it say?"

"We are not sure yet sir, we are still running translator programs."

"Very well, keep me informed."

Several minutes passed befor they could translate the message.

"We have it sir, it is an old Earth dialect, Russian I believe sir."

"Yeah, well, what does it say."



"Thats it sir, thats all it said."

"Well then, where did it come from."

"Long range scanners detect a possible ship sir, but its not known for sure."

"Allright, what do we have in that area?"

The Lueteniet checked his board and looked over a few things.

"Well sir, the closet ships are a pair of Waranter class Destroyers sir, The Livon and the Drygon."

"Send them to investigate the messages origin."

"Yes sir, but it will take several hours for them to reach that area of space. It is quite remote and they will have to make Jump coordinate changes to avoid certain regions of space."

"Alright... Alright.. Just send them."

"Very good sir, sending orders now."

- Deep Space -

The Commander of the Livon, a Captain Helonin recieved the orders and proceeded to the target area, however, they were still a few sectors away.
12-06-2005, 05:32
- Deep space close to the message origin -

A blueish-white horizontal flash could be seen, then a seconded fallowed. Two small ships Just under 600 meters in length a peace could be seen aproching the area where they believed the message was sent from. Their shields were up but their weapons were not powered. They begain to scan the area looking for the ship that was thought to have sent the transmission.

Onboard the Livon;

"Have you picked up anything yet."

"Yes Captain, we have an energy source as well as a mass signature of our port bow sir."

"Feed the cooridinates to Helm control."

"Yes Sir."

"Got it Captain."

"Got set a course for the ship, Bring us off their starboard side."

The Livon proceeded towards the designated cooridinates and the Drygon followed. With in a few moments they were with in a few hundred kilometers off the unknown ships starboard bow, hopefully far enough away not to provoke the vessel in question (The Marlborough).

"Communications, transmit this message to that ship on all frequencies."

"Comm channel open sir ready to transmit."

~ Broadband Transmission ~

"This is Captain Helonin of the Korgarein Destroyer Livon. We have detected a long range communication from this area and we believe it was sent by your vessel. The Transmission was 'Attention'. We are here on peacefull, diplomatic terms. We request that you state your intentions."

~ End Broadband Transmission ~

"Well now, We wait...."
12-06-2005, 18:50
General Marshal Fedor Fedorovich Ushakov was a Hero of Tokarev. He had fought for nearly fifty-years in the civil war, and it was he that had won the final battle, destroying the Wunderveldter fleet, forcing them to surrender. Now, Ushakov was on a mission of equal important, that would perhaps gain him more prestige. Ushakov was on the bridge of the Agamemnon, his flagship. The bridge of the ship was actually in its bowels, with elaborate communications and sensor suites connecting it to the world around the ship without sacrificing its protection and survivability. Suddenly, a lieutenant ran up to him, an excited look on his face.

"Vashe Visokoprevoskhoditelstvo [Lit: Your High Superiority] Ushakov, we are recieving a transmission."

"Excellent, Poruchik [Lieutenant]. What does it say?"

The lieutenant handed Ushakov transcripts of the message.

"We recieved this one first, in what appears to be a variant of Tokar. We translated it as 'We are searchers of peace. We do not want combat. We wish to conference with you.'"

"Excellent. Send a message, confirming our coordinates. An-"

Ushakov was cut off by the blaring of a klaxon, and the shouting of another lieutenant on the bridge.

"Two ships approaching from starboard bow. The Marlborough confirms superluminal speeds, but slowing to less then .84c. 582 meters in length, a form of nuclear fusion detected, some sort of electromagnetic field surrounding them."

"Slow to relativistic speeds, .3c, keep them in our starboard arc. Try to open communications with them."

"We are recieving a message, My General. We are trying to translate it."

"Tell all ships to hold position, power the Poincare P-Matrices. Send three transmissions. Respond to the first message we recieved, continue to hail the unknowns, and send a message to Tokarev, reporting we have contact."

"Ja, Vashe Visokoprevoskhoditelstvo Ushakov."

"And dammit, someone translate that message."

[OOC: And for future reference, I use British Naval naming conventions for my ships, even though my nation is based on the Russians. I am writing up a comprehensive history for my nation on my InvisionFree factbook, which will explain why that is.]
12-06-2005, 20:47
- Deep space close to the Tokarev ship Marlborough -

The Two Korgarein Destoyers decreased power to main engines and reversed thrusters bringing them to a hult a few kilometers off the Marlborough's starboard bow.

Onboard the Livon;

"Captain, we are recieving hails from the unknown ships sir."

"What do they say?"

"I believe they are simple messages of peace sir."

"Very good, but i want to know for sure. Retransmit our first message in the old Earth dialect we translated their first message from."

"Yes sir, linking message through our translators. Retransmitting message."

~ Broadband Transmission ~

(In Old Earth Dialect "Russian")

"This is Captain Helonin of the Korgarein Destroyer Livon. We have detected a long range communication from this area and we believe it was sent by your vessel. The Transmission was 'Attention'. We are here on peacefull, diplomatic terms. We request that you state your intentions."

~ End Broadband Transmission ~

((OOC: Very nice technology discriptions, a little more then i can understand but reay nice. You might want to put one over all link in your signiture to them.))
12-06-2005, 22:11
[OOC: To show the differences between Old Russian and Tokar, I am inserting tiny differences in the translation.]

"General Marshal Ushakov, the vessels are retransmitting."

"Yes, what do they say?"

"Sir, it appears to be in a variant of Tokar. It reads, 'This is His Nobleness Helonin of the' ... I don't understand the next word, sir, but it seems to be 'Koargharin' ... 'Escort Ship Livon. We have seen a long range transmission from this place and we think it was sent by your ship. The communication was 'Attention'. We are here without malice, and wish to talk. We ask for that you make clear your goals.' Something like that, sir."

"Interesting. Transmit a message: 'It is with great honor that we humbly request Your Nobleness Helonin to make contact with Your High Superiority regarding this meeting between our Task Groups. We represent the Grand Imperial Nation of Tokarev. Our proud ancestors left Earth many centuries in the past, and it is in this time that Tokarev has achieved great peace and prosperity that we look outwards now. What tidings of the universe can you give to such new travellers as us?'"
12-06-2005, 22:56
Oboard the Livon;

"Captain, We have recieved a transmission from the unknown vessels. They are identifying themselves as Tokarev."


"Yes sir, the Grand Imperial Nation of Tokarev."


"They say they are descendants of a civialization that left Earth Centuries ago."

"Ok, Try to get a link with the Korgarein Archives. We have data on earth history, maybe some of it can help us in this contact."

"Yes sir, it could take a few minutes. We are really far from our last boarder outpost."

"Understandable, Just do it."

"Sir, they are also requesting knowledge and advice about the Universe sir."

"Well, thats interesting. Advice?.... well, Caution i suppose. Ready communications"


~ Broadband Transmission ~

(In Old Earth Dialect Russian/slowing adapting to Tokarev with every message analysis.)

"We welcome you into the vast regions of space. I believe that the best tidings we can give you is 'Caution'. While many nations that enhabit space are peacefull, there are many whom are not. As well there are very dangerous places and anomalies that may or maynot pose hazordous to you, your people, and your ships. We would like to assist you in your questing of this new time in your peoples growth and expansion into the universe."

~ End Broadband Transmission ~

"Message sent sir."

"Good, transmit a transcript of this meeting so far to Korgarein Central Command. I believe that Fleet, Security, and the Diplomatic Corps may want to know every thing that happens here. And keep the channel to them open so they can monitor in real time. And request further orders on how to proceed here."

"Yes sir."

It might have been possible for the Tokarev ship to detect the massive energy communication transmissions to and from the Korgarein government.
Stellar Nations
13-06-2005, 04:33
"Sir, mesage coming in. IT is a set of co-ordinates. Seems like it was cut off, though."

"Sheilds up. Set ourse right away. Prepare, but do ont transmit, these mesages:
'We come in peace. We want to meet with you.'
'We noticed your transmissions were cut short, is there a problem?'
'Attenion unknown ships! Disarm your weapons and lower your sheilds immedeatly'"

"All messages prepared sir."

"Good. Set course for those co-ordinates. Speed of 20C, for now. Slow to .35C when we get there, then match speds with the vessel we recieved the transmissions from"

"Aye, sir."

The supercruiser vanished in a ball of light, going past the Sho Barrier.

A few minutes later, it arrived. It broadcast the second message.
New Exodus
13-06-2005, 04:48
OOC: Tag for eventual arrival near Sol.
13-06-2005, 05:21
The two vessels lumbered in space communicating with their hopefully new found freinds when they were interrupted by an incomeing ship.

"Sir, We are picking up a transmission from another ship entering this sector."

"No doubt others picked up the Tokarev transmission as well."

"Yes sir, No doubt. They are transmitting the message to the Tokarev ship."

"Well, we have had our time here. the Tokarev people know we are not here to harm them. Let the others speak their peace, however, sence we do not know them, prefor a tactal scan of their vessel and keep an eye on them. Just try not to prevoke them. We are here an a peacefull mission, It would be a shame to have to kill someone now, or even ourselves for that matter."

"Very good Captain."

The Two vessels scanned the incomming ship. Their weapons were still not armed but their shields remained powered up to full. This was customary for Korgarein fleet vessels even during the first part of a diplomatic mission. As is it for them to travel in groups of at least two. Their shields remain up untill the entire situation can be evaluated.
Stellar Nations
13-06-2005, 17:12
"SIR! We re being scanned! By the two unknowns, sir!"

"Red alert. Don't power up weapons, but keep them on standby. Scan them, full sweep."

"Aye, sir"

The two vessels could tell that the sheilds were up, but the weapons were unpowered. A few parts of the ship were unable to be peirced b the sensors, but they were deep within the bowels of the ship, most likely the powerplant and bridge
13-06-2005, 17:38
I'm FT, so:

13-06-2005, 19:23
Oboard the Livon;

"Captain, they are scanning us!"

"As they should Lueteniet, after all, we did just scan their vessel. Try to calm down a litte."

"Yes Sir... Its just.."

"I know Lueteniet, this is new to you. You are not used to not being shot at first. It will be fine."

"Yes sir."

"Their weapons are not armmed, so let them continue with their buisness here. And maintain level 2 alert."

"Yes sir."

There were many places within the Livon and her sister ship that could not be scanned. The thick layers of Duranium that helped make up the hull often prevented certain kinds of sensors and scanning devices from detecting anything in the ship.
Stellar Nations
13-06-2005, 19:56
"Sir, scanners can only determine that their sheilds are up, but their weapons are not powered. Somthing is interfering with them"

"They are most likely warships. It would be bad for security if others could scan them. Downgrade to Yellow Alert. Ivan, send this message: 'We would like to have a meeting of our three peoples. I would gladly host such a meeting on my ship, however, if either of you would like to host this on your ship, then I would be more than willing to go.
13-06-2005, 20:16
Oboard the Livon;

"Captain, The new vessel is requesting a meeting between us, themselves, and the Tokarev."

"Interesting, well then, open hailing channels."

~ Broadband Transmission ~

"This is Captain Helonin of the Korgarein Destroyer Livon. I would be willing to meet with you and the Tokarev commander, but this is the Tokarevs party. We will let them decide what they wish to do."

~ End Broadband Transmission ~
13-06-2005, 22:49
14-06-2005, 20:33
Oboard the Livon;

"Any word yet?"

"No Captain, We have not recieved any more Communications from the two vessels."

"Hmm, well, we shall give them time."

"Yes Captain, We have however recieved orders from Fleet Command sir."

"Good, what are they?"

"Orders are to remain in this sector, continue Diplomatic relations with the new nations."

"Very good then,... now we wait."

((OOC:Bumb for the others.))
14-06-2005, 20:40
[OOC: Sorry, I am due to go on a business trip for part of July, and my boss has just told me I should leave a week earlier then I had originally planned. This puts a lot of stress on me to get my work done for this week. This weekend (Saturday night, most likely) I will post and respond to everything that you have posted, then this thread will die for a little while. Sorry for the inconvenience.]
16-06-2005, 04:38
Oboard the Livon;

"Captain Helonin, We have recieved an Alert level 3 message from KFC."

"Really, What the hell is it."

"It would appear the Deep space Patrol Group 4509-34v was attacked by vessels belonging to a nation known as the 'Draconic Order' while undergoing diplomatic meetings with a new ally, Calpe. The ships withdrew after a heavy defence was put up by our vessels as well as those belonging to members of the Republic, Theao, and Phalanix. The reason for the attack is unknown, nor is who the attack was aimed at. KFC has suggested that be remain vigilant for more attacks from this new threat."

"That is very disconcerting, Unprovoke attacks by a new possible enemy. We must worn the others here. open hails."

"Yes sir."

~ Broadband Transmission ~

" To all ships... Repeat... To all ships. We have been informed of an attack on a group of our vessels as well as other nation participating in a diplomatic meeting. This unprovoked attack was orcistrated by a nation that has been identified as the 'Draconic Order'. Niether the reason, nor the exact target of this attack is known. We are recommending that the vessels gathered here be put on alert status while conducting our diplomatic missions.

Thank you,
Captain Helonin "

~ End Transmission ~

The Livon and Drygon's scanners became very active. They patched themselves into the Kogarein defence Grid to help keep an eye out for additional attacks.

((OOC: Just updating my vessels of some recent events. The attacks were not planned ooc by any of the peacefull groups involved.))