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Random Kingdom 2045 Aid Concert (Open to PMT and FT nations)

Random Kingdom
12-06-2005, 00:50
OOC: I created this after seeing Palixia's Band Aid concert, seeing the date and thinking, "What about PostModern and Future tech nations?". So here it is, the PMT/FT equivalent of PBA, the NS equivalent of Live 8.

IC: To celebrate the recreated government of Random Kingdom, the people have decided to hold an aid concert. The 2045Aid Committee (non-profit) has contacted nations to discuss the transfer of profits, and the payment scheme will be a one-time fee to all developed nations' governments who wish to distribute tickets, a price per ticket, and a grant from the treasuries of RK itself.

The concert will begin August 1, 2046 at 12:00 in the Unity Arcology Performance Hall, and will be syndicated via audio/video linkup to anywhere and anyone who wishes to watch it (it will be fully broadcast to RKTV1 and 2). It will be recorded and sold, mostly as a HD-DVD but in other formats.

More details will be given later in time.
Random Kingdom
12-06-2005, 15:25
ooc: bump for ideas, criticism and such.