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11-06-2005, 08:30
ooc: i`ll RP here the calpian space programm as it develops


Alpha Space Programme - 27 august, 85 A.R.

Sindra launching facility, Linn Island

Karl looked prodly at what once was only a dream. Now, 20 years later, it was the rocket that will send the first calpian into space. And he will be the one that will pilot the small capsule that will make history. The rocket was in position to be launched, only hours away from a huge success or a huge failure. He shook his head, hoping he didnt jinx it, and looked around for a piece of wood to knock on to prevent the misfortune. He smiled at his own superstition, but he could not stop to think that he should do everything possible to ensure this goes smoothly, even if it called for him to knock on a piece of wood to ensure this succeeds.

`Karl, lets go. You got to prepare for the launch.`, said the man who will help him dress up in the heavy suit.

He went to the preparing room, knowing that he was only one hour away from meeting his destiny.

One hour later

`Final check on all systems guys. Make sure everything goes smoothly.`, ordered Mark Vinberg, the CSA Director.

`All systems checked out ok sir. We are ready to go.`, smilingly said the Mission Chief.

`Very good...proceed.`

Mark watched dreamingly at the spacecraft that he could see into the distance. He stopped himself just in time to burst into laughter, at the thought that this was similar to the Roadrunner cartoons. One man, strapped himself in a capsule, on top of a rocket full of inflamable fuel. Three capsules were already launched with success to test the systems onboard, and now was the turn for a human to try it. The rocket will send the 3 tonne capsule into Earth`s orbit, and after circling Earth for 3 times it will descend back to Earth into the Sindra Sea, where it will be located and brought aboard the ships waiting there. He left for the launch pad, as it was time for the Emperor to give his speech.

The Emperor walked in front of the microphones, fully aware that this could be the most important moment in Calpe`s history. Almost 300 million calpians were watching the CNS tv post right now, trembling with emotion at the thought of this first manned space flight and preparing for the long celebrations that will come after that.

`Dear compatriots, i find myself today in front of you, having the task to present the future of Calpe. I come here with great joy, as this was both my dream and the dream of Calpe, to explore space. With this ocasion i can promise you one thing.....Calpe will go on with this. We will not stop or slow down the space programme at any moment. I promise you one thing today..... Calpe will put a man on the Moon in the next 15 years.....and we will set foot on Mars in 40. Any funds that are needed will be put at CSA`s disposal to acomplish this. I leave you now to enjoy a piece of history, one that you can proudly tell your grandchildren about, seeing Karl Weber launch to the stars.`

Launch pad

`Sindra, everything is go for launch. All systems check out ok.`

`Alpha 4, launch is confirmed. Starting countdown.`


`10....9...8...7....6....5...4...3....2...1...We got liftoff!!`

With a huge wave of flames and smoke behind it, the rocket launched, achieving amazing speeds as it raced towards the sky. Everyone watched with admiration and hope in their hearts as their dream was coming true.

`20,000 metres.....30,000 metres....70,000 metres....100,000 metres.....160,000 metres. We got orbit!!! We made it.` Cheers broke out from the controllers and another 300 million people watching this on tv.

Aboard the Alpha 4 capsule, Karl watched amazed and with teers in his eyes as the dream of generations of calpians was fulfilled.

`Sindra, I`m ok. Its beautifull uphere people. I only wish that all of you have the oportunity in your lifetime to see this.`

The capsule begun to make its three orbits around Earth, and Karl was watching with avidity in all this time Earth, taking pictures and talking to the people that turned on the tv`s, telling them what was happening.

One hour later the capsule begun its descent towards Earth, returning home. As it plunged into the sea, helicopters raced to recover the new found hero of Calpe, Captain Karl Weber.
11-06-2005, 15:04

`This is the Special Edition News Bulletin, brought to you by the Imperial News Service. We apologize for interrupting the program, but we just received news that the Emperor has authorized the beggining of a new space program, with the purpose of creating a fully reusable space plane. In accordance with the wish expressed by our national hero, Karl Weber, that said at his first trip in space that he wishes that all of us have the oportunity to see what he saw, the Cosmos program has begun. The target seems to be the use of a fully reusable passenger spaceplane in the next 5 years. According to our sources, it will be capable of carrying 3 or 4 passengers and use the existing air traffic control system and make use of existing airport infrastructure. We now have live the director of the Calpian Space Agency. Mr. Vinberg, can you tell us more about this staggering news?`

`Certainly. The design for the Cosmos program was begun even before the launch of the first calpian in space. We are very confident that the requierements will be met and we will have a prototype ready in the next 5 years.`

`Can you tell us more about the posibilities opened to us with this project?`

`Ahh, now thats the nice part. The Cosmos is designed to have the capability to make 2 flights per day in orbit, taking with it up to 3 passengers along with the pilot. Now, it will probably make more like 2 per week untill the ship is tested and verified enough to make comercial spaceflight a routine task. Its weight will be around 60-65 tonnes, it will take off and land horizontaly from normal airports, like a normal airplane and it will have 3 rocket engines and 2 normal jet engines.`

`Extraordinary! What is the cost of the Cosmos program?`

`Due to the wish of the Emperor that this is done as fast as possible, without sacrificing from the reliability of the spaceplane, the costs are estimated to be somewhere around 50 billion dollars, including the prototype cost. The cost of a regular spaceplane will be somewhere around 500 million dollars. In the long term, it will cost a civilian to go into space somewhere around 50,000 $ for the ticket, with a 2-3 hour trip.`

`Thank you for your intervention Mr. Vinberg. There it is, ladies and gentleman. Calpe will have a spaceplane in five years. We leave you now to return to the regular program.`
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