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Rebels sieze council building in Shinrittan border town, Civil War seems inevitable.

11-06-2005, 06:48
June 11 (Corellia, Shinritta): Armed rebels, loyal to deposed King Michael XIX, siezed the council building in the city of Corellia, overwhelming police and massacring 50 officers and 10 troops remaining, as auxilary police units. This is the latest blow to the fragile republic, under President Seth Hunter, which arose from the ashes of the revolution which overthrew the old monarchy.

Parliament in the Shinrittan capital, Trabia, have voted President Hunter and Prime Minister Robert Hoskins emergency powers to take back Corellia. Earlier, President Hunter ordered 25,000 troops under Commander Thomas Wendy to prepare positions outside the city, for a possible raid in a few days. Most of the residents have fled the city, seeking refuge in the countryside and the fortified city of Yavin, about 50 miles away.

This is a rare show of force by the Republic, which has seen President Hunter has persistently attempted to negotiate the monarchists back into the political fold. The monarchists insist that President Hunter his wife, Vice President Julia Hunter, and Prime Minister Hoskins, must resign and live either under house arrest or accept exile, and the monarchy restored. The Republic has offered Monarchists council positions, but now seem ready for war.
-----Encrypted Message---------------
To: Commander Thomas Wendy
From: President Seth Hunter

You are hereby ordered to attain a high alert status. Return fire only. Do not fire on rebel positions unless in direct threat. Keep collateral damage to a minimum.

-----End Message------------------------