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Need help designing a missile (ooc)

11-06-2005, 04:07
I need help designing a missile the missile has to work in space, have a long range, have a large explosion, be maneuverable, and not IR or radar Guided but guided some other way. Can anyone help me make a realistic air-to-air missile that can do all this?
11-06-2005, 12:12
When you say it has to work in space do you mean in space and within the atmosphere or is it solely for extra atmospheric work?

For extra atmospheric manouvering you coudl get away with a basic thrust vectoring control system but i woudl add small manouver jets on the forward section but thats juts me, within atmosphere the TV control and a small set of rear stabilisation fins will do the job.

Also why not IR or Radar? i suppose you could go with some other section of the EM spectrum for your giudance such as lasers (ladar) or millimetric wave radar, it depnds how sci fi youw ant it, if you take it far enough you could go with a transdimensional distrubance warp soul seaking missile or soemthing...