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Save the Mercs (FT, Open to 4)

10-06-2005, 21:33

Semi-Deep inside McKagan space a pirate organization managed to set up a small, heavily armed and armored base inside a dust cloud/asteroid belt.

As soon as Republic Intelligence learned of this they handed out a contract to a private military organization to go in and destroy the base.

They sent in 2 shuttles to complete this objective. One shuttle hit a mine on the way in and exploded, the other came under a missile attack from an enemy camp on an asteroid. The shuttle crashed on another asteroid where the 6 man crew was forced to abandon the shuttle. They set up a small peremeter on the chunk of rock they were on and sent out a faint distress signal before all communications were jammed.

In a asteroid to asteroid firefight, the crew spread out their ammo and have been trying to hold out.

The Repubic has sent in a destroyer to set up a peremeter around the belt, and a small "parking lot" where they would send their strike team in. The strike teams mission was simple. Destroy the base, and if possible rescue the crew.

Realizing that they would need more forces, the Republic sent out a request to any nation interested to send in a ship to help in the operation.

(OOC: I'd like to get a few things straight. No more than 4 nations are allowed in this, and no nation can send in more than 1 shuttle. To prevent people from sending in armies, no one can have more than 5 people on the shuttle.)
11-06-2005, 01:55
((OOC: Glad to see you decided to go with it.))

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11-06-2005, 01:57
(OOC: Yeah, I thought the idea had died though. If you want to join let me know.)
Lessir Tsurani
11-06-2005, 02:18
Stephen reveiwed his unit. It was one of the New Terran Colony Special Ops Squads, He looked at the way they stood, they way they held their rifles, the way they manipulated the space around them and nearly threw up at their lack of skill. While by any other class of troops they where the Elite of the Elite, One of the best Squads in the Terran Colonies, they where still a long way off from his old Black Reapers. he sighed, looking at the mission. Fairly simple, but it might give them a bit more training. Gesturing, they loaded onto the Utimana Class shuttle, which sliped into rift space...

...and sliped out agian near the ship. A message was sent.

We are here to help, please tell us the main location.
11-06-2005, 02:22

Please do not enter the dustcloud yet. We're gathering a force of a few shuttles to make the assault. *transmitting coordinates*

Does you shuttle have adequate armor? If not, our onboard supply depot will see to it you do if you dock in shuttlebay 2.
11-06-2005, 02:24
ooc: what kind of weapons do the pirates have?
11-06-2005, 02:27
ooc: I've just been going for some sort of missle and low tech energy rifles of some sort.

I still use what could be called MT weapons, only a little more... efficent.
11-06-2005, 02:41
A scoutship, the Nak, happened to be in a nearby system when it registered the message from McKagan.

"Ya, Nak what is it?"
"Some people are asking for help."
"And I should care?"
"Code 170A."
"Damn 107A, alright set course."

The Nak travelled to the system and sent a tight-beam code to the source of the help wanted signal.

"I am hear to aid in the rescue mission."
11-06-2005, 02:45
Transmitting to the Nak

Does your ship require ammunition or armor, or does your squad need medical relief or resupplies? If you do, enter Shuttlebay 2. If you don't just sit tight and get ready. This ship will issue a short range communication to the shuttle fleet once we have all the support we need.

(OOC: If we get one more person we can go, or if you guys want we can start now.)
11-06-2005, 02:47
"I am alright." Fidel transmitted

ooc: my 'squad' is one man.
11-06-2005, 02:48
((OOC: Give me a sec to prepair a post.))
11-06-2005, 02:50
"I am alright." Fidel transmitted

ooc: my 'squad' is one man.

OOC: If you want, I could let you take in a few of my marines, or not, doesn't matter.

Is your dude like a sniper or something? :p
11-06-2005, 02:53
((OOC: Give me a sec to prepair a post.))

(Ok, you're the last one in, I closed the RP)
11-06-2005, 02:57
ooc: not a sniper, part of the reason I'm using a scout is that of the styles of weapons, only scout armour could be non-superficially damaged. He is a fully qualified soldier and spec-ops.
11-06-2005, 03:00
A few sectors over from McKagan space. A Marine Command ship was on patrol duties and undergoing training sims.

"Sir, We are detecting a message from Mckagan forces requesting assistance."

"Are we not in an alliance with them?"

"I believe so sir?"

"They are requesting a Marine squad for a mission assistance sir."

"Very well, Launch a Scout DropShip. Make sure it has a Jump Module, and send the 4th sqaud from the 3rd Company, 4th Legion."

"But sir, its their day off!"

"Just do it!"

"Yes sir."

The Scout Dropship was readied and the team prepaired. They loaded up and launched from the Command ship. With the orders to go ahead the Small 45meter craft shot off in a horizontal flash of blueish light.

A few minutes passed, A nother blue flash of light could be seen as the craft jumpped into the McKagan system.

"Transmit message."

"Yes Sir."

~ Transmission to McKagan ~

"This is Colonel Greagor Mec, It has come to our attention that you might be in need of assistance. I have an Elite team of 5 men including myself at your disposal."

~ End Transmission ~
11-06-2005, 03:10
ooc: not a sniper, part of the reason I'm using a scout is that of the styles of weapons, only scout armour could be non-superficially damaged. He is a fully qualified soldier and spec-ops.

ooc: Cool, just don't make the ship too powerful against people.

The idea of when we're going in is that there are enemy folks with like, rockets and such on random asteroids.


A shuttle from Avisron drops down into space alongside the other 2 shuttles.

To all the shuttles; "Hello people. Thanks for helping. The pirate base is in the dead center of this place. There are mini gravity wells, plama vents from engery clusters, and asteroids everywhere. We'll probably have to send a few people onto an asteroid at one point, so I hope everyone remember's their 0G combat training. Our first objective is to go to the base, and blow it up with charges planted either on the inside or out. By that point, we'll have to fight through some pretty heavy resistance on the way out."

The shuttle, with it's pilot and 4 soldiers, drifted off into the cloud.

Inside one of the gunners steped up onto a platform and placed his CX-3 on a rifle stand. Then he climbed into the weapons turret and began to scout ahead.
11-06-2005, 03:19
A few sectors over from McKagan space. A Marine Command ship was on patrol duties and undergoing training sims.

"Sir, We are detecting a message from Mckagan forces requesting assistance."

"Are we not in an alliance with them?"

"I believe so sir?"

"They are requesting a Marine squad for a mission assistance sir."

"Very well, Launch a Scout DropShip. Make sure it has a Jump Module, and send the 4th sqaud from the 3rd Company, 4th Legion."

"But sir, its their day off!"

"Just do it!"

"Yes sir."

The Scout Dropship was readied and the team prepaired. They loaded up and launched from the Command ship. With the orders to go ahead the Small 45meter craft shot off in a horizontal flash of blueish light.

A few minutes passed, A nother blue flash of light could be seen as the craft jumpped into the McKagan system.

"Transmit message."

"Yes Sir."

~ Transmission to McKagan ~

"This is Colonel Greagor Mec, It has come to our attention that you might be in need of assistance. I have an Elite team of 5 men including myself at your disposal."

~ End Transmission ~

Just as the McKagan shuttle began to enter the dustcloud another shuttle came in with a message, in response, the commanding Lieutenant of the shuttle responded before his main ship could.

"Please follow the rest of the shuttles in. We'll spread out so we can flank targets as we approach them. After that, we'll have a few shuttles unload their people on the base, where we plant explosives and run like hell. Then we fight our ways to the crashed allied shuttle, about 3 clicks away from the base, pick them up and haul ass."

The Leiutenant felt good that he could take initiative like that.

Just then, the Sergeant in the gunner's position yelled down "we've got an enemy rocket position on the astroids at 3 o'clock!"

The Specialist below the gunner cavity that was guarding the rear hatch for the landing moved, incase the gunner hatch was shot off, that way he wouldn't be sucked into space as well.
11-06-2005, 03:28
The Korgarein Scout Dropship Helos seperated from its jump module. And readied for its mission.

~ Transmission ~

"We are almost ready. Be ready when you are."

~ End Transmission ~

Colonel Greagor pased through the small ship giving out his orders.

"Private Droc, You will be our pilot on this one. Private Tena, you are on aft guns. I'll take the forward gun turret. The rest of you, STRAP IN, here we go!"

"YES SIR!" of the the men said.

The crew preformed weapons checks and control checks while the Jump module pulled away to wait for the Helos to return.

The Helos moved into position and fallowed the McKagan lead shuttle.
11-06-2005, 03:28
The Nak followed in after the shuttle that was taking point.

ooc: the Nak will be using it's PDLs and PDWs rather than it's main weapons.
11-06-2005, 03:32
"Sir! Multiple contacts, forward! Looks like a small fighter of some sort and some rockets!"

"Let the fleet know, get on those main guns, Kelley! Get on the forwards!" the Leiutenant paced back and forth.

He walked to the officer in rear who was to cover the landings. "If we get hit, you're on damage control, got it?"
11-06-2005, 03:35
"So they deploying a fighter, raise sheilds, but keep the missle bays locked, we don't want to blast our co-workers." Fidel ordered Nak.
11-06-2005, 03:39
"All ships, spread out and flank the bastards!"

The break in radio silence gave them away.

As soon as rockets from the positions, and the enemy fighter, soared at the ship, the main guns on top lit up.

A bloodspot spread out in space as one of the snipers on the asteroid got knocked off by a large shell, and the fighter took a few hits on the original pass.
11-06-2005, 03:40
- At the Same time -

"Sir, Multiple contacts, Rockets... and a fighter sir."

"Alright boys! Here we Go! Auto-Assist-Targeting (AAT) on. I dont want those Ballistics getting through and Droc target that fighter and ready a Micro Torpedo!"

"Yes sir!"

The Helos begain to maneuver erratically to avoid fire. The forward Twin gun turret fired pulses of green energy rapidly at the incoming contacts.
11-06-2005, 03:45
The Nak, pulled a side jack barrel roll, pulling it far to the side and coming within a couple feet of a asteroid, before looping round and firing a PDL battery at a couple of people firing missles from asteroids.
11-06-2005, 03:55
The Helos begain straffing runs on many of the asteroids that where firing at them. The ship took several hits but the shields were holding up well.
11-06-2005, 04:28
While the Nak was blasting the people on asteroids an semi-heated argument was in the works between Fidel and Nak.

"Please, just one little missle?"
"I always knew you were suppose to be a warship A.I. but no missles."
"Please, I'll be careful."
"Even one of you little missles, with you being as careful as you could would do to much damage, so NO."
"You never let me have any fun."
11-06-2005, 05:05
The McKagan shuttle charges in towards one of the asteroids with an enemy position on it. Taking several hits to the undercarage, the shuttle pulls out, but not before dropping out 3 of it's 8 bombs. As it turned back around, the gunner station on top opened up on the enemy positions that were spread throughout the surrounding asteroid field.

"Magazine one has been depleted! Insert another one someone!" the Sergeant yelled.

"Got it!" the person who was supposed to be guarding the door said. He pulled an access panel out of the wall and jumped inside. He pressed a few buttons and a visual on a computer screen indicated the ship had been reloaded.

"Fire at will!" he screamed up while getting out of the small comparment.

There was no response. At first the younger Marine thought that a stray round had took out the gunner, but then the fire lit up again, and moving forward in the ship he could see the 2 rounds of fire creating blood pools in space.

Then he noticed something. The shuttle hadn't been rocking from rocket fire for several minutes.

He walked forward some, and before he could ask the question he realized that the rocket battery had been knocked offline by one of the other ships.

Then he wondered... "where did that fighter go?"

Just then the gunner screamed "Incoming!" and the ship rocked to the point it through the Sergeant to the rear of the ship where he was originally.

"To any of the other shuttles! We're pinned down! Requesting immediate cover fire!"
11-06-2005, 05:45
As the request came in from the pinned down McKagan shuttle, the Helos was already coming in torwards the shuttle from her port side.

"I told you to shoot that SOB down Droc!"

"Yes sir, right now sir!...AHHHHHHHH" He yelled as he made his attack run at the fighter.

The forward guns of the Helos lighting up as gravimetric energy spewed forth in pulses.

"Target Locked on sir."

"Fire Damn you!.. Fire!"

Two micro Gravimetric torpedoes launched from the Helos's forward weapons array. They then begain to home in on the targeted Fighter.
11-06-2005, 05:52
Alert!... Alert!... Alert!... sounded the Helos computer.

"Crap Sir, Ventral shielding down."


The Ship shuttered violently, and an exspossion could be heard.

"What the hell was that?"

"Colonel, ventral gun turret took a hit, shes down sir!"

"Get those shield up, Tena consentrait on the Dorsal Turret control!"

"Sir, Yes Sir!"
11-06-2005, 06:29
"Yay, I get to use my missles, Code 56F."
"Code 56D, use the lasers."
"Damn your knowladge of the Codes, or at least the annoying Codes."

The Nak spun round getting the hostile fighter in the sights and opened fire on it with two laser cannons.
Lessir Tsurani
11-06-2005, 08:07
The Tsurani Shuttle followedinto the cloud, its unique design looking rather strange. Then however, the fighting began and the ship split from one to five seperate fighters. Instantly they began to move swiftly around the feild, their skill boosted by the fact each one had movement training. Their Weapons blazed, tearing apart most meteors out of hand. Then the message came, and two of the fighters broke off to assist. Their Cannons blazed, and they manouvered without any problems, yet their was no form of communication between the two. It was unsettling.
11-06-2005, 22:44
OOC: Accually, Wasnt he the first to join?
11-06-2005, 22:50
As the shuttle turned around and opened up on the enemy positions, the fighter, now slow and smoking, dropped down in front of them.

But before the gunner could get his fire concentrated on it it exploded. Apparently from weapons launched from one of the others.

"Ok boys," the Lieutenant aboard the McKagan shuttle transmitted to the other shuttles, "Let's move on towards the base, we're picking up at least 3 known ambush sites just like this one, and there's probably a good amount of snipers hidden in the asteroids. If you're pilots area isn't reinforced then you should keep a great look out, and it your ship has a design similar to ours, keep someone ready to fill the pilots seet ready. I'd also suggest that we stop here for a minute to check everything. We've got 2 magazines full of weaponry over here and enough composite armor to repair any damage the crew comparment of your vessels may have taken." the Leiutenant finished his breif.

The new commander walked into the rear of the vessel. There was a pilot and a co pilot up front (one of them is a soldier, just filling the role,) a gunner uptop, and 2 soldiers in the rear who were supposed to be the vanguard of the rear hatchway. The shuttle could still hold 3 more people, but due to training exercises aboard the destroyer most of the Marine and SEAL (Space Air Land) units were busy shooting at plastic dummies.
11-06-2005, 22:52
OOC: Accually, Wasnt he the first to join?

Ooops, SO SORRY, accidently jumped the gun there.

In that case, i'd just ask that he revise his post so that he only has one vessel.
11-06-2005, 23:26
~ Transmission ~

"Mckagan commader, This is Colonel Greagor of the Helos, we have taken only slight damage to our ventral gun implacement but shields are back up. No crew injuries to report."
In a Computer Voice: "Weapons; Foward turret- ready, Rear Dorsal Turret- Ready, Forward Weapons array- Ready- 6 Micro Torpedoes Remaining."

~ End Transmission ~

"Well boys looks like its heavy shit from here on out."

"Yes Sir!"

The Helos reformed on the McKagan and Theao Vessels.
11-06-2005, 23:39
"You never let me have any fun."
"Just follow the McKegan, I'll let you blow a few asteroids later."
Nak grumbles but slids into place behind the McKegan shuttle.

ooc: It's Theao, not Theaoian
11-06-2005, 23:40
"Sir" the soldier in the copilots seat said to get the Lieutenants attention. "Korgarein's report their ok, took some damage but sheilds are up."

The Leiutenant walked down from the steps that led up to the the main weapons station. Then after checking in with the rear position on the ship and learning that the two soldiers were bringing their PDW's online (small guns on both sides that shoot straight out, basically for anti personnel ops), he walked up the small cavern into the open cockpit.

"Good, tell the ships to hold position while we work on our rear armor. We had a round come straight in and it managed to crack our armor in a few more places than we originally thought. I'm having to bring up composite armor from the cargo hold to repair it. I've got one of the soldiers helping me now. If we take another energy round the top armor layer will possibly collaspe around the port cannons, that wouldn't be very fun."

He walked to the rear.

One of the soldiers had brought up about 4 sheets of the armor and 2 small engineering devices, he'd already placed a small net or armor above the wound to the ship, and was fabricating another peice that would fit in around the access stairway to the weapons station.

"So, I heard theirs snipers out there? Well, earlier I put up a good little countermeasure in all the ships shuttles." he flicked a switch. Immidiatly the pilots windows tented. "Now they can't get a perfect shot off, anyway. By the way, our fuel cell took a hit back there. We've got a leak. We'll be ok, just burning a little faster."
The Shivian Imperium
11-06-2005, 23:56
OOC The shuttle IS one vessel, it just have five seperate parts. Combined or not the effect is roughtly the same, however, if I must.

IC The ships reconnected, the insides becoming a complex system. The ship survayed space. It was Neurolinked to the pilot, who had been kept in a small circal while the Soldiers had been flying around. The ship moved forwards, waiting.
12-06-2005, 21:02
The soldiers aboard the Helos shut down power to the ventral gun. This allowed them to prevent possiblity of a fire as well as transfer the power to the shield generators.

Now they wait, Wait for the commander of the McKagan unit to order an attack.

((OOC: Just a little bumb))
13-06-2005, 01:28
The Leitenant walked to the rear of his vessel and then to the forward communications array.

"To all vessels, we're ready to go now. Our next objectives are several ambush sites. We've got three wide ambush sites that would blast us back to hell if we went in together.

I want someone to go in to the far 3 o'clock and come back toward 12 on their target, WE'RE going to go in from 9 o'clock and head toward 12, and I want someone to hang in the middle to the exact time the outter bases are overran. After that we'll make a three pronged attack on the center and most heavily armed unit.

We've also got some bad news. Our mothership just picked up a load of pirates that were headed in a 'back door' to resupply the base. They didn't get everyone, so now we've got pirates that are armed to the teath."
13-06-2005, 05:28
~ Transmission to McKagan ~

"This is the Helos, we will run strait down the middle, while you and the other flank, if that is ok with your orders. Our shields are a full power, plus we are routing power from our damaged gun to them. We should be able to withstand a hell of a lot of hits befor this ship would go down."

~ End Transmission ~
13-06-2005, 05:34
"We suggest that you not move into their firing range until the other two flanks have been cleared. If you wait, we can attack them from multiple sides before they realize that happens."

With that, the Lieutenant began to check the weapons systems and various other systems before moving off towards their flanking positions.
13-06-2005, 05:44
~ Transmission to McKagan ~

"This is the Helos, Understood, We shall await your order to attack. We can pick up any transmission you make with in this sector."

~ End Transmission ~
13-06-2005, 06:18
"We're going to engage our target now, and wait for the other shuttle to engage theirs before we come on in and assault the main base."

A few moments later the shuttle was flying at full speed towards its target. A few missiles were launched, but due to the hard armor of the shuttle didn't do near as much damage as they could.

"Fire at will fuckers!" was the order of the day. In a rather short period of time the enemy bases had been blasted, and all the remained was a rocket base on the inside of a crator on an asteroid.

"Take us in" ordered the Lieutenant.

and then, with deadly acuracy, a PDW on the side of the ship fired a single round into the enemy.

"That was like... too easy" the Lieutenant thought.
14-06-2005, 20:27
The crew of the Helos waited for the order to attack.

((OOC: Bumbing for the others.))
14-06-2005, 20:33
(OOC: I've got someone that's kinda a noob to this, but I might bring him in? is that ok?)
14-06-2005, 20:35
((OOC: Thats fine with me, my only other RPs right now are all diplomatic, so im kinda borded anyway.))
15-06-2005, 04:29
OOC: I'll just go ahead and assault the other base, anyway.


"Sir, we've got a clear on the forward base." the co pilot spoke while turning around and transfering the power away from the PDW that had been hit. It was taking too long to make it into the main combat zone, and due to the word that the Avisron had captured a shipment of weapons, there was some worry between the individual soldiers that it might not be very easy to walk into a warzone and plant some explosives.

"Sir, we've got 3 magazines left, due to the prolonged fighting we've went through more than we should have. If we go out on the main guns we're screwed to hell and back if you don't want to go back to the lead ship."

This had pissed the Lieutenant off to a high degree. Not only had his allies in the assault left him out to dry so to speak (OOC: that's IC, nothing personal), his ship had taken a beating and he wouldn't get the high degree of applaus that he would have for completing this mission. Worse yet, by fighting so long, the ship was running extremly low on fuel since a stray round knocked a hole in the cell. But the mission must go on.

"We took out that other base, let's fall back and meet up with the Korgarein's and see if we can rearrange out battleplan."

The flight control officer that was piloting the vessel responded with a simple "aye."

A few moments later the ship was ahead of the other negotiating the next corse of action.
15-06-2005, 04:56
"With lower numbers here then we thought, we could use a warship to cover the landings." was transmitted from the Helos.
15-06-2005, 05:43
"Of course we could, but there's not really anything that can fit through here..."

The Leuitenant stopped and laughed.

"We can bring Avisron in, it'll have to blow alot of stuff up to get here, do you guys have a ship that could blow it's way in? Or do we have to use shipboard fighters, of which we have few, to get in here?"

"If you guys have something that can clear the way, the tactical systems on Avisron could rival that of a small defense platform, it's just not designed to clear debris."
15-06-2005, 05:50
"It might be possible to request one of the Escort Frigates protecting our Marine Command Ship to re-enforce us. The Tigress class Frigate is only about 200 meters long. One of them should be able to maneuver through or blow its way through if neccessary. It would at least let us get to the base, and take the fight to them."
15-06-2005, 06:01
"Well we've got Avisron here which is 200m long. It could possibly blast it's way through, but it would be better to save ammo until we actually make it to the base. Wha'ya say we just fall back to our ships and come in that way?"
15-06-2005, 06:09
"Our ships weapons are Gravimetric Energy based, we do not rely on 'ammo' except for torpedoes. If we get our ship here we could do the shooting untill we get to the enemy post."
15-06-2005, 06:37
"Our weapons are a bit hard to explain. I'm not technical, all I know is that they'll whoop ass if called upon. We won't run out of ammo for a good while, but if we get in I don't want to come out until it's over."

A few moments later Avisron had a forward operation fighter wing of 4 fighters inside the asteroid field as it lined up to enter once it's escort arrived.
15-06-2005, 06:50
"Very well, We will request fighter support. However we are also requesting for one of our escort frigates to come as well. It can wait with the Avisron."

Onboard the Helos;

"Lueteniet, transmit a message to the Dalvargo, Request fighter/bomber support as well as a frigate."

"Yes sir."

---Transmiting Message---

---Trasmission Commplete---

With in a few minutes the Tigeress Class Frigate Drimal as well as a Fighter wing of 4 Bowfighter Mark V's jumped into the sector near the Avisron. The Korgarein Fighters formed up on the McKagan fighter wing.
15-06-2005, 06:56
Aboard Avisron a plan is being formulated.

"The 8 fighters will fly flanking manuvers while our ships move in. Then once we breach the inner rim they will break formation and keep anyone on the asteroids busy. However, we are not to destroy the base with orbital fire. We can't get a shot to take the whole thing down. However, inside a small ventalation shaft a tunnel drops down to a matter-antimatter reaction chamber. We've prepared an explosive that will take the whole base out if it is dropped down that way. So, once the outter weapons are taken out about 20 men, either a composite force or whatever we agree on, land and cover the squad that drops the explosive on. At this point 2 fighters will be available for close air support on these units. Then they board their vessels and return to their ships. At this point the base explodes and little damage is done to our ships. Then we jump over to the mercs positions, deploy every able bodied Marine in the field, and hope to come out on top."

The message is sent as Avisron moves into the field.

(OOC: This is probably my last post tonight.)
15-06-2005, 07:11
"Understood!" The Korgareins responded.


The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord
2. My ventilation ducts will be too small to crawl through.

Thought it kinda fit into this
15-06-2005, 18:16
Avisron's forward weapons array opened up as, while on the bridge, a Marine reported to the commanding officer of the ship.

"Sir, we could launch our other 3 APC's to conduct demolitions work on the other, later, asteroids." he said while working on a small PDA.

"We could do that, but if they get too far out of formation they'll be open to enemy positions that our fighters aren't covering, we've not got the full air power we should here, y'know?"

"I know that, but our APC's have a weapons array too... so what if they can't turn very fast?"

"Very well then, just get them back in here once we enter the inner circle or they'll take damage that we can't afford this early in our mission."

Avisron was supposed to be in space conduction operations for another 2 months before returning to port.
15-06-2005, 22:48
Following suit with the Avisron, The Drimal Opened fire, attempting to plow its way through the field. Fire consintrated forward with the fixed heavy Gravimetric cannons at the larger floating rocks in the way, while the smaller twin gun Turrets fired at the smaller asteroids. Green beams of energy hit several asteroids. With in those asteroids a shear was formed and light pearced through from their cores, they then broke up and incinerated in the following blast.

~ Transmission ~

"We will follow your lead McKagan."

~ End Transmission ~

The Helos mean while waited for their chance to land with the other and finally assault the pirate fortress.
15-06-2005, 23:10
Avisron has worked it's way into the field. Shortly after being surrounded by the asteroids by the forward motion the PDW's came online and began cutting the smaller fragments down before they could come back and hit the rear of the ship.

"All is going as planned sir. The forward operating fighters are reporting a large rock base, they'll be able to take it out though."

"Excellent, can we provide long range gunfire support?" the Commanding Officer said while watching a large chunk of rock nearly bounce off the forward part of the ship before being shot down by a point defense weapon.

"Probably, i'd rather not fire while we have demolitions teams out though."

"That works."

Just then Avisron guns stopped at the sight of a heavy wall of rock fragments ahead. It looked as if going through would be hell, but just then a field of fire broke loose on them.

The demolitions teams had planned it perfectly. Three large explosions broke the rocks apart, and 8 other explosions decimated any remains. As long as the ship didn't back up while inside and the rocks managed to stay on the outside of the armor, they'd be ok.

The demolitions ships docked to resupply.

"Sir! Fighters are engaging a large weapons array! We've got a fighter coming back in under heavy enemy fire!"

"Keep surpressing fire on them... keep them pinned down!"

The PDW's on Avisron broke loose on everything behind the ship.

"Have the Korgarein's move up and bring their main guns in on these bastards at the base!"
15-06-2005, 23:35
Onboard the Drimal;

"Commander, McKagan forces requesting we move forward sir. Requesting we take out the forward enemy base sir."

"Very good, lock forward heavy guns and torpedoes, bring us in on them and fire at range Lueteniet."

"Yes sir."

The Drimal activated its port thrusters, this aimed the bow directly at the Asteroid containing the outer post of the pirates. The Two Heavy guns that extruded from the ships bow suddenly erupted in fire. Massive green bursts spewed forth at the target. The guns alternated fire one then the other every few seconds. The smaller turrets of the Drimal still firing at the smaller incomeing debris from the other destoyed asteroids.

The Korgaein Fighters moved in to support their battle bothern. They would revel in the blood of the fallen enemy pilots.
16-06-2005, 00:23
"Sir, Korgarein forces are beginning to bring the outter post to it's knees."

"Very well, have the fighter wing help in close air support there, and then scout ahead for targets we can hit once we converge on the other base."

The ship moved in and rocked from the shots that were beginning to make it into the sheilding sphere of the destroyer.

"Keep those faggots pinned down and have a force recon team be ferried over to one of the asteroids! Have those marines ready for full EVA combat duties ASAP!"

The destroyer took a hit from the outpost just below the bridge.

"Keep us moving!"

The ship began to make a push forwards as the demolitions squad relaunched to use their guns to keep the pirates pinned down.

Just then a wave a pirate fighters cut through the allied line and seperated Avisron, Korgarein, and the fighter wings from their home ships.

"We're going to be massacared if we don't get the fuck out of here!" the Weapons officer yelled while firing a short burst into the undercarage of an enemy fighter.
16-06-2005, 00:53
Onboard the Drimal;

"Commander, the Avisron is taking heavy fire."

"Theres not much we can do for her at the moment. Continue to fire Heavy weapons at the Pirate outpost. Switch the Turret's Anti-fighter Auto-Targeting system on and recall our fighter wing for support. Tell them to fight ther way through."

"Yes Commander!"

"Fighter Wing is on its way, heavy oppistion between us and them though."

"Doesn't matter the boys can do it."

The Drimal shook and seemed to jump as hits from several pirate fighters empacted on the starbard shields.

"Commander, Starbard shields are down to 75% sir."

"Reroute power from the jump drive system!"

"Yes sir, Routing power."

The Drimal's turreted guns blazed as they fired at the pirate fighters attempting to make straffing runs at her. Their accuracy was good but the Fighters were fast. The Helos tucked herself close to the Drimal allowing her to be protected by the Frigates shields while helping in covering fire against the enemy fighters.

The Korgarein fighter wing begain to fire at long range with missiles and heavy Pulse cannons. When they got closer they engadged their targets with a hell storm of fire power.

"Push forward damn you.. Push forward!" screamed the Commander of the Drimal.

Her engines fired, and she begain to move forward again. Continueing to fire on the post as she moved.

"We didn't die in the Great war against some of the best warriors of Clan Kor, we sure as hell aint going to be taken down by pirate scum like these."

"YES SIR!" The bridge crew yelled togather.
16-06-2005, 04:32
Avisron begins to rock violently as enemy fighters fly overhead dropped out some sort of plasma explosive.

"Get those bastards!" a marine at the Tactical station yelled while rerouting fire to the enemy fighters that were coming in overhead.

One fighter came in fast but unfortanatly for them got a shell up through the rear of their ship. The wreckage from that crashed into Avisron slightly above the shuttlebay.

"Damnit, those fuckers came in on a fucking suicide run! I want you to keep the PDW's on those fighters and focus the missiles on all those goddamned fighters that are holding our fighter wing off!"

Just then a volley of 8 missiles were launched at incoming fighters.

All 8 missiles found a target, and the wreckage of 7 fighters was now a fireball coming at Avisron.

"God damnit!" the Marine on the bridge yelled as the shrapnel from the fighters was heard bouncing off the armor on the outside of the ship.

"Those fuckers fly apart easy! Target the main guns on the incoming craft and use the missiles for clearing the fighters that made it through the line!"

Meanwhile 4 APC's were tucked in under the ship watching explosions all around and trying not to impact the underside of the ship when it rocked with fire.

The Colonel that was Commanding the APC's decided to take initiative and try to save a few lives.

"A1 to A3, we've got 3 o'clock. A2 and A4, 9 o'clock. Pull out from the ship and head for the rear and then come in on top, fire the main guns at anything that moves! We've got to break through!"

During the last few moments the pirates had effectivly driven a wedge between the Korgarein's and Avisron. Cutting the two off and now allowing them to share resources had severly slowed the mission down. While on the other side, if the allies broke through here then the inner base shouldn't have as much resistance other than their main guns.

When the APC's cut out the field of fire immidiatly changed. They first broke loose and destroyed 3 enemy fighters at once, and then blew up one that managed to make it through the wall of fire Avisron was laying down.

Then they took a hard turn to 3 o'clock and headed towards the other allied ship, firing on enemy fighters, trying to punch a hole in the line seperating the two ships.
16-06-2005, 05:00
After a final volly of torpedoes the Asteroid that the forward pirate outpost was based on begain to break up. Several exsplosions riped through their lines finishing the first base. However the fighter defence remained and was one thick shit storm.

Onboard the Drimal;

"Sir, we must regroup."

"Yes, you're right. Full thrusters to port. We are going to fight ourway to the Avisron."

"Yes Commander."

"Oder fighters to form a forward chevron flight pattern in front of us."

The Korgarein fighters took their positions in front of the frigate. It looked like a spear head prepairing to punch its way through the enemy picket of fighters.

"All ships forward!" yelled the commander over the comms. "Killem all!"

The fighting was long and hard. Many of the Pirates tryed to crash their fighters into the Drimal. Two empacted on the forward shields and droped them to 12%. Several enemy fighters where taken down by light missile fire from the Korgarein fighters. A few kilometers from the the McKagan vessels, a suicide fighter smashed into one of the Korgarin fighters while trying to hit the Drimal. As the two fighters begain to explode and burn you could hear.."I GOT EM SIR..." then static over the comms.

"Damn it!... Get those shields re-enforced. We dont have those fancy dual shielding systems like the big boys got. We gotta make them last."

Power was rerouted from various funtions to bring the forward shields up to 75%. however, the other shield qaudrants were reduced in power a little.
16-06-2005, 05:14
The APC's and the McKagan fighter wing broke through to fire into the field, effectivly flanking the last remaining enemy fighters off into their deaths at the vast array of weapons that were now focused on them.

The main guns on Avisron scored a hit on 2 enemy fighters, forcing them into a nosedive into an asteroid.

"Sir, the last enemy fighter was just taken out by a combination of fire from us and the allies."

"Ok, send the following message to the Drimal."

Good work, got a little hairy back there, eh? It looks like clear sailing until the main base. Fairly open too, I suggest we back off a bit and make repairs, and then bombared the fuckers.
16-06-2005, 05:20
~ Transmission ~

"Understood, rechargeing our shield generators now."

~ End transmission ~

The Drimal and her fighter escorts stopped their advance and took up position near the McKagan ships. The Helos was being preped for its part in this mission.
16-06-2005, 21:18
Message sent to both warships and the landing ships.

"What we've realized is that there's a large crator around the vent. We'll set down there and rush our troops out. We'll only need around 2 troops to plant the bomb, but to hold the area it'll be a challenge. Suggest setting up 3 kill zones. A rifle nest on each side of the forward location and a few men on back in the crator that can fire on anything that makes it through. We'll be there within the hour."
16-06-2005, 22:32
~ Transmission ~

"Due to our origional orders we only have 5 men, but they are well armed. Private Yi'joc is carrying a Disruptor support Rifle (simular in use to a SAW,LMG, or the old M60lmg). It should give us some good cover fire. Our 40mm E-round Launchers should give us some good bunker buster ablities if the enemy are dug in.

~ End transmission ~
16-06-2005, 23:01

"We understand. We've got a crew of 25 marines, but we're only sending 7 because of fears of a last stand scenario down there. Our landing party has 4 CX-3 rifles and 3 CX-2 LMG's. We'll be ok for a quicky operation."

Avisron is nearing it's target.
17-06-2005, 00:29
~ Transmission ~

"Understood, we are going in!"

~ End transmission ~

The Helos maneuvered through the asteroid field still under covering fire from the Drimal. They caught up with the Avisron and prepared to preform a Marine Drop from the Helos. The Drimal, held back knowing it would be an easy target for any fixed gun inplacements if the pirates had them. She would provide cover fire in case any more pirate vessels or fighters showed up.
18-06-2005, 18:55
Avisron was near it's finest hour. For the young ship and crew this had been their first major taste of combat. The stress on the newly commishioned fighter squadron was apparent as the fighters had broken radio silence earlier and then, without orders, obliterated an enemy gun emcampment.

Inside the massive hangar complex of the ship the APC that had originally entered to complete this mission sat at the end of it's repair drop. Earlier in the mission it had taken several critical hits to the fuel cell. Now, however, enough armor to protect the fuel cell had been added.

"Ok boys, check your ammo. Does everyone have one full mag chambered and at least 5 in your kit?" The Lieutenant that was leading the mission asked his 6 man squad.

"Sir yes sir!" the all said in unison.

"Ok, I want flight navigation officers on board first, followed by infantrymen in 2nd quarter and our security officer and 2 Heavy Weapons Soldiers in the rear quarter to cover the landing. Wait just a minute, though." the Lieutenant continued.

Flipping open his PDI he brought up a large TV screen like projection on the side of the hangar they were in. "This is the zone we're landing in. Last recon photo's show no enemy soldiers here, although several large camps are nearby. I want the Heavy Weapons Officers to go here, and here." he pointed on the screen to two boxlike rock formations on either side of the landing zone.

"Ok, I want 2 infantryman in nest number 1, and 1 in nest #2. I will cover the hind quarter from the doorway of the transport. Our Security Operative will plant the charge, and the Korgarein soldiers will fill in our inner peremeter security and maybe get a few more bodies in nest #2."

He flipped a switch and got another camera view with several overlapping circles of different circles. "If we're in position in under 30 seconds and they aren't on top of us by the time we get set up we'll be ok. If you notice, this is our kills zones. We've got the whole thing heavily covered except for the mid-center which is my task, and maybe the allied soldiers. Just have everyone in the boxes keep their heads down and guns up. Conserve your ammo, our Security Operative will need a few moments to extract some computer information on the pirates. Ok boys, get to the locker room and dawn your EVA Combat Suits and board the shuttle."

Meanwhile the Security Operations Operative had went to the Marine Communications Centre and relayed the troops positions and allocations information to the Drimal. While this was taking place, the Communications Centre on the bridge had sent another message to the Drimal. It read simple, "Gonna get hot. Stay on peremeter - take down bandits getting too close."

In moments the APC was in space and waiting to link up with it's counterpart.
18-06-2005, 20:54
The Helos remained in space waiting for her orders, she was to large to fit into the Drimals hanger that was already filled up by a recon fighter. The Drimals launch bay is only able to hold one recon fighter, this is due to the ships Two forward mounted heavy Gravimetric cannons taking up a lot of room in the ship. The Drimal after all being a Patrol/Recon/Escort Frigate not designed as an atonomus warship they normally worked in groups.

The Drimal Relayed the orders to the Helos where the soldiers aboard had been waiting fully ready for the mission for the start. The Korgarein soldiers aboard were elite lancers of the Korgarein Star Marine Corps. Their armor suits provided them with a breathable atmosphereic mask as well as stablization thrusters to remain grounded on low grav planets and asteroids. The PAS or Personal Armor Suit they wore fit snugly against them. It is black, with black armor plates, trimmed in dark red. They were ready with their weapons locked and loaded.

Onboard the Helos;

"Alright, these are the plans we got from the McKagan commander. here and here are the main positions we must hold. Private Yi'joc, You have the support rifle (LMG), I want you in that number 2 position for covering fire."

"Yes Sir."

"And I want you there with him Major Alic."

"Yes Sir."

"Alright, Private Droc Private Tena, you two will be with me. We are going to fill out the middle of the line. Everyone got that!"


"Good We are ready to go then. Pilot ready the ship for drop operations."

"You got it sir."

The Pilot went to his chair in the cockpit and readied systems for go. Finally the point of this mission had come. They would now get the chance to show their abilities. It have been so long sence the they were in combat. The Great Clan wars had been over for so long. They felt the need to kill something.

The Helos maneuvered into position along side the McKagan Vessel awaiting the go word.
18-06-2005, 21:15
"Ok boys, this is it!" the Lieutenant yelled to his 5 men in the rear of the ship and to the pilot overtop of the extreme noise from the alert klaxon.

"Sir, decending into the sphere of the asteroid!" the pilot yelled.

"Fuck it! We've got incoming!" the Security Operations Officer (SOO) yelled while pulling himself into the weapons turret. "Take us in low and hard! Make sure we don't leave the Korgarein's!"

The APC ducked down into what was the parody of a river valley on the asteroid, only without a river, or anything but rock for that matter.

"15 KM's to the landing zone, we're coming in over the fortress wall, i'll just have to set us down and then we're clear! The rock nests are going to be at 11 and 2 o'clock from our position!" the Security Officer said while retreiving his rifle from a safe box in the cockpit.

"Tell the Korgarein's to stay the fuck down! We've got incoming from some orbital guns! They're going to be able to bring hell to our landing zone! We're going to have to sit down closer to the compound itself and have our boys run out through the field of fire or our transport's gonna be blasted!"

the Commander began to think on his feet. "Tell the Korgarein's that after the explosive is planted we're going to send 3 of our men up to the main gun complex and blow it too! Ask them if they'll be able to assist!" the commander yelled as the APC sat down on the surface and the soldiers bailed out and ran towards their boxes. At first they didn't come under fire, but then the main gun fired a shell down on them before they managed to make it to their boxes, safe for now.

The Security officer hung back in the shuttle with his rifle and pack setting up for his roll. He was going to go alone and plaint the explosive and then meet up with a few riflemen and some allied soldiers to take out the gun position.
19-06-2005, 02:34
Onboard the Helos;

"Sir, Message from the McKagan team."

"Patch it to my head set."

"Ok, open comm."

~ Transmission ~

"Understood, we We can back you up!"

~ End transmission ~

"Alright boys, we are going to have to hit this one hard. Ok on 3 we are doing a hard boost jump."

"Sir.. Yes Sir."

It had been sence training that these troops had done a hard boost jump. The two landing bay doors opened as the Helos fallowed the McKagan ship in. As the Helos passed several meters (about 100) over the McKagan troops heads the Korgarein troops leeped out the bay doors. They fell very fast for about 25 or so meters when several thrusters fired on their Personal armor suits. The five men hit the ground pretty hard, falling and rolling after. Like one smooth motion the men went from a rolling hit right into a standing run just behind the McKagan soldiers.

Over the Comms:

"Damn its been a while sence i done that... hooyaa."

"Told you we would be here for ya."

The Helos quickly raised into orbit attempting to give cover fire from any incomeing units and getting away from the heavy incomeing fire.

From the Helos:
"Just ring and ill be right back to get ya boys."

"You make sure you do boy." said the korgarein commander.
19-06-2005, 04:28
Within moments the 2 transport ships had deployed their troops and were both in orbit again (that's yours and mine, btw)

The Lieutenant was kneeled at the rear of his formation a few moments later. He had a CX-3 Command Version like all of his troops.

He got on his comm system. "Hey fuckers, is everything ok up there?"

It was virtually impossible to tell if there was a fight going on at this distance.

"All's clear... wait.... *firing in background* Under.... tck.. come... an... fuckers!"

So far the marines were holding.

The security officer left for his assignment.
19-06-2005, 07:03
"Come on... lets take this shit to them." yelled one of the Korgarein soldiers

"Calm down, we will be in the deep shit soon enough."

The men aimed their distruptor battle rifles outward at the enemies position and prepaired to hold out till the last man if need be. Korgareins are not afraid of death. They embrase it as an end and an honorable time to rest. Besides, with the technology they have, they may not be dead for long.
20-06-2005, 01:45
The soldiers were already dug into their positions, and both of the nationalities were targeting what apeared to be the enemy position that they would soon file in from.

"Oh shit man!" one of the soldiers yelled while aiming at the other side. Looking down on the outside of the craetor the soldiers noticed several enemy soldiers coming across the large courtyard-in-space type area firing automatic weapons at position 1.

"Fire at will!" the Seargent in command of this box yelled as he fired several shots into the chest of an enemy. At this point several charges had went off on the far side of the valley the end of the crator was situated on and five doors had opened in the rockface.

A few moments later the advancing enemy soldiers walked into a deathtrap. The members in the second firebase began firing into the side of the enemy formation.

After a few minutes the allied soldiers were in a fight for their lives. Enemy soldiers had found enough protection to move up and take decent shots at the allies.

While on the opposite side of the warzone the Security Operative and a soldier were moving along the rockface towards the entrace to a small cover. At this point they were in more of a "tactical approach" than really being that stealthy.

One would move up and scan the forward area, and make a motion to the other, where he would advance past the other and do the same thing.

"So, do you think they've got a guard up here?" the less trained soldier whispered to the Security Operative. "Yes, they'res a sniper nest at the end of this cove. That's the point where we spread out and kill the resistance as quite as possible." the SO said while walking up the cove.

"Get down, we've got a sniper on the rockface." the SO said while moving up as for as possible. The other soldier took up a position on the other side of the rock formation and aimed his rifle towards the sniper.

Counting down from 3, the two soldiers fired in unison towards the sniper. Before one of the rounds scored a hit on the sniper helmet that started a brutal, yet contained to the suit, explosive decompression the sniper had managed to get a shot off at the under experienced soldier.

The shit scored a hit not on the soldier, but on a rock ahead of him. It knocked srapnel like rock fragments into the soldiers suit. Knocking the armor down to about 70%, it turned out better than it could have.

"Ok, there's the entrance to the shaft. We'll move in and i'll take the charge in. It's not too far, but you should move into the inside cover of the hatch and keep a watch out. The charge is big, but it's not going to go off without a remote detonation. And we still have to take that gun camp out."

The two officers moved into the shaft. The soldier moved the panel back up into it's position the best he could without locking it, so that they wouldn't be discovered but didn't risk being locked inside.

"Ok, just stay here."

The Security Officer put his rifle on it's shoulder mount and moved down the shaft. He tried not to make much noize, but he knew that he wasn't going to be discovered due to the large firefight going on outside the cove.

He opened another door, and brought his rifle forward to use it's light system to aluminate the area he was in.

He was now at the correct junction point. He stood up and removed a floor panel. There was the extremly long drop to the matter-antimatter junction tube. He said the magnetism on the charge to 30%. Enough to hold it to the side of the tube but not enough to hold it in place.

He set the charge, the detonation type, and slid it down the tube. At this point he left the junction point and went down the shaft as fast as possible. Nearing the end, he realized his soldier had just fired a shot out the vents in the door.

Upon reaching the end, he noticed the soldier had KILLED a enemy scout team of 3, firing out of what they would think was a rockface.

While all this had taken place, the main group of soldiers were now in a trench fight against a force 3 times larger than them.
20-06-2005, 02:25
"Sir, this is point number 2, you have heavy forces moving into your position."

"Understood. Boys theres a lot of guys out their and they have good cover. Use your E-launchers."

The men loaded their launch tubes under the barrels of their rifles. They aimed them into the air and fired several 40mm gravimetric explosives at the entrenched enemy soldiers. The Korgarein soldier in nest 2 maintained heavy support fire acrossed the vally.

"Keep fireing boys, we got to hold out."
20-06-2005, 02:54
"Keep it going, we've got to hold those fuckers off!" the Leiutenant yelled into the comm unit.

"Sir! We're beginning to be overwelmed over here!" a frantic commander in nest #1 yelled.

"Fuckers!" the Leiutenant said softly as he fired plasma grenades from his rifle in over nest #1 onto what he hoped would be an enemy formation.

Meanwhile the Security Operative and his soldier were in a light trot across the top of a rockface while, every few moments, turning and firing a potshot back down on the enemy platoon that was chasing them.

"Those assclowns can't hit shit!" the soldier said while planting a large explosive and causing a rockslide ontop of the enemy soldiers, effectivly ending that resistance.

"Ok, the gunplatform is about 2 clicks that way. We can get a pretty good scan of it from that *pointing* ridge, and we can advance on it through that valley." the SO said while checking his PDI.

On top of the hill the SO used the optical sight on his rifle to look into the command center on the gun platform. It appeared the room had 2 operators, and there could be no more than 3 guards inside it.

So, they ran down the valley towards it.
20-06-2005, 03:26
Center Of the allied Line;

"You and you get over to the 1st nest position, give them some help."

"Yes sir."

The two men stood up and took off running toward the 1st position, fireing at the enemy every few steps.

The Commander stayed in the center and continued to fire at enemies at both positions.
23-06-2005, 22:03
"Fucker! God damnit!" A marine yelled while firing his remaining clip into the chest of an enemy that had charged them and before reloading from the large crate they had bashed open on the ground.

Things in position one weren't going too well. It was a trench fight. No McKagan Marines had been killed, but several had been hit and weren't fighting to keep their EVACS operational.

One Marine had taken a round to the shoulder and it puntured the command wiring between the oxygen tanks and the helmet, effectivly causing the system to go haywire. The marine was now fighting, even though every 30 seconds or so the airpressure in the helmet would drop and he'd near passing out.

Station #2 was more of a sniping station. 1 Marine was watching the flank and ensuring no one came up behind them while the other's were providing sniper coverage to the other firebase.

About 7 KM's away the Security Operations Officer and his soldier approached the gun station.

"Ok, you cover me, i'm going to blow the door."

The SOO planted a charge and walked to the corner. At which point he blew the door and noticed large portions of material floating off into space.

His soldier walked in and came under attack from 3 places. Thinking quickly he cut the power to his gravity boots and jumped upward, floating all the way to the upper level where he turned them back on and dropped a plasma grenade down the staircase. The SOO on the lower deck dove as the 3 enemy soldiers were vaporized.

He ran to the upper level. "Ok, we get in, shoot the fuckers and lock the door behind us. If no one got the message out we can hit a helluva lot of people from here without them expecting it."

The two soldiers forced the door and opened fire on the enemys, storing them in another room, they locked the gun station down and began searching for targets.
24-06-2005, 00:29
There really wasnt much the Korgarein troops could do at this point but fight on. One of the men had taken a hit in the leg as he dove into the gun nest. Luckly he was able to tie the suit up with some metal repair tape from his servival kit. It was just a matter of time, they had to hold out long enough to let the others do their jobs.