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The Goddess Satallite Project. (FT/CMA/RP?)

10-06-2005, 06:26
Far beyond any sort of Interstellar policing agency, the catpeople of the Corporate Empire of Krowemoh governed themselves to their own laws, and operated outside of any given set of ethnics or morals.

Here, they could do pretty much anything they wanted, and few of their secret projects were ever known by any others then those directly involved.

The Goddess Satallite Project was one of those secret projects...

The planet itself was desolate, a barren desert world seemingly incapable of hosuing intelligent life. A few sensors sweeps by the solitary Krowemohian Heavy BattleCruiser Right Hand of the Goddess, gave the eggheads back at the Corporate Research stations enough proof that there were no life forms on the planet, thus making it a perfect test site for the Goddess Satallite Project.

With confirmation recieved, a Gate Generator is shipped to the target system, which would allow for the future shipment of the parts needed to construct the Satallites on site, as well as more ships to defend the planet, as well as knowledge of the Project itself, from peering eyes of Non-Krowemohains...

((OOC: Well, basically, this is my nation's attempt at building a 'Planet Destroying' weapon, called... You guessed it, the Goddess Satallite. Think of it as a travel-sized Death Star. (Well, once the thread is complete, and I download Doga to render the darn thing, you'll see how it really works.)
Basically, this is a Cover My Arse thread, so I can build the Goddess Satallite, (And maybe even use it), without someone shouting Godmod.
Again, due to the secretive nature of the Krowemohians, it isn't likely that any other FT nations would even be aware of this project going on, but those particularaly attuned to the Force may sense the life on the Target Planet dying as it is destroyed.
I'm not sure if I want to turn this into an RP. I guess it depends on the type of responses I get. But, if I did turn it into an RP, I probably most definately wouldn't allow big strife forces in to come and try to disrupt the Project before the weapon can fire. Maybe a lost scouting craft or two, or some such deal...
<_< Anyways. I'm running it up the flag pole now... Let's see who salutes...))
Draconic Order
10-06-2005, 07:26
((I'll wait until a planet is destroyed before saying anything... and even then it has to effect Draconic Order in some way...))
28-11-2005, 07:34
With the arrival of the Gate Generator, massive Deep Space Manafactoring Facilities were warped in directly from Planet Krowemoh's orbital shipyards. These mobile construction sites were followed by scores of support ships and two Destroyers, three Fighter Carriers, and five Heavy BattleCruisers. Immediately following these were mining derricks, loaded to the brim with raw material for construction of the five Satallites.

Construction begun immediately, the DSMFs taking in material from the derricks and pumping out the individual pieces of the Satallite, which would be constructed in orbit by special Space Construction Vehicles.

Each of the Goddess Satallites would take two months to construct, and once all five were constructed, they would be outfitted with the advanced equipment needed to turn it into a weapon of Planetary Destruction.

The Support ships would reguraly disappear into the Gate Generator and return some hours later, overloading the defensive ships with ammunition, food stuffs, spare parts and medical supplies. This was done so that in the event of a attack, and the Gate Generator was destroyed, they could continue to operate as needed until a new Gate could be shipped in...

To Be Continued...