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Rebels attack Government buildings in Shinrittan capital

10-06-2005, 06:03
June 10: (Trabia, Shinritta)

Insurgents aligned with former King Michael XIX attacked 3 government facilities in Shinrittan capital of Trabia and one in the border city of Yavin today. The worst of the bombings, concentrated on the Shinrittan Energy Department Headquarters in the Hunter district of Trabia, killing 36 employees, as well as injuring over 150 other civilians, including the Energy Minister Dominic Bates, a former general of the Republic during the revolution which deposed the King. The 2 bombs caused much structural damage, and after police and rescue forces arrived on the scene, the surrounding buildings were ordered evacuated. They will remain closed to the general public until the buildings are declared safe.

The other buildings, the Parliament building, and the President Palace, came under small arms fire, but were repulsed by security forces and police, who arrived moments later. 2 insurgents were killed, and 1 captured. The detainee is being held in an undisclosed location somewhere outside of Trabia.

President Seth Hunter immediatly ordered a cabinet meeting, which included Prime Minister Angelo Del Piero and others, to discuss the next action to be taken against the insurgents. " We will continue negotiations to bring the rebels into the new Shinrittan Republic, but will use force if necessary if they continue to use violence against innocent civilians to attempt to overthrow the Republic.", President Hunter said, in a speech to the scared people as well as offering condolences to the families of those who perished.

Shinritta has been in turmoil since deposing the 800 year old Corelli dynasty, the last monarch of which, Michael XIX, abdicated in the face of Republic forces, and was allowed to leave the country. The Monarchists are also aided in the rebellion by Religious fanatical groups, who have attacked nightclubs in the Yavin area, although none have ventured to the larger cities.