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The Imperial Navy-A nation for eternity (Final post...farewell.)

The Imperial Navy
08-06-2005, 15:41
OOC: Despite the fact i'm leaving, I refuse to end with everyone dead. So I shall make my final post on this forum a glorious one.

Suitible music for this final moment. (

Here is what happens to everyone:

Admiral Gilder

Although the newest Admiral, he quickly rose in the ranks to become Admiral of the 1st Armada-Supreme commander of the Imperial Armada. His feats became legendary, and he was well noted for his actions during the Creon invasion... his command lasts until his untimely death from Tydanium plague, which it seems has a strong effect on Valuans.

Admiral Vyse

Admiral Vyse refused the post of 1st Admiral, having fallen in love with his new flagship. He continued to serve as the 2nd Admiral of the Armada until his retirement age 395. He now lives quietly on Tydus Prime, telling stories of his actions to the children of the planet, and others who gather from far and wide to hear his tales.

Vice-Lord Bellena

Bellena continued to serve under her husband until he ascended to the throne, and then she became Emperess alongside him. The People praised the new pair, for their adventures have been legendary. She later bore 2 sons, named Gregory Jr, and Striker, in honor of Gregorys old friend from Moleland, who had fought with him since his command began. She and her husband died around the same time, and a mass funeral was held in their honor.

Admiral Galacian

Galacian remained in his post in the Armada, gaining the nickname "Admiral Ironwall" for his brilliant defence tactics. He died while still in service from heart failure age 612. He was given a military burial with full honors for his long and tremendous service. He even outlived the Emperor and his wife, and new Emperor Gregory II was so upset to lose him.

Admiral Kabal

Admiral Kabal retired from the Imperial military to form his own shipping company. Kabals Haulers became massive, making even more money than the TIE Corporation in it's first year, and Making Kabal a very happy man. Even with Kabals passing, the company remains as stong as ever, run by his son, Manar.

Grand Admiral Dangar

He continued service until the death of Emperor Marshall I, and then retired from the Military. He disapeared from the public eye, seeking a quiet life on the planet Gaton Secondus. His current wereabouts are unknown, but it is believed he is still alive...

Admiral Yarris, the covert commander

He vanished with the 6th fleet shortly after the Hyacombian incident all that time ago at Moleland. It is believed he still operated for the Emperor under his covert name Hydra. Some even claim he still lives... given the ammount of forbidden tech they had, it is bet that the roumors are true... and Yarris still serves the Empire.

Emperor Marshall I, man of legend

He continued his reign of glory until the age of 567, when he finally died of old age. Over a billion people lined the streets as his coffin was taken to the Temple of Imperia, where all Imperial Leaders go when they die. His coffin is still visited today by many, including peoples from Moleland, who consider him their savior.

Grand Lord Gregory, Hero of the Imperial Navy, Destroyer of the Hyacombians, Legend of space

Gregorys continued acts in the Emperors name have already passed into legend. When the Emperor died, he took the throne, as Emperor Gregory I, with his wife Bellena. Their children grew with them, and his popularity was unquestionable. People came from all over to praise his name. Many alliances were forged, the fleet became much larger, with over 14 new Armadas created, and the Military bought and end to Imperial Piracy. Sadly, like all mortals Gregory reigned for over 300 years, and then died from a brain tumor that had become inoperable. His wife died from heart failure soon after. There are roumors of suicide, but that is disputed. Gregorys funeral was 100 times larger than the funeral of Emperor Marshall I. Stories of the Great Emperor Gregory are told even to this day. One thing is for sure - he will never be forgotten. A man of Legend, and a man of courage. He is the icon of Imperial supremacy, and forever will his tale be told.

A Man had an Empire.

A Young man had a passion.

An Empire had a mission

And the world will forever know their tale.

OOC: Farewell to thee nationstates, I leave you a legacy.
Mikosolf Corporation
08-06-2005, 15:43
OOC: *Sniff* always hate to see an olde timer leave... (AFRP; Nov 03)
Communist Louisiana
08-06-2005, 15:51
Salutes The Imperial Navy

You will be missed.
08-06-2005, 15:56
*Gun salute Imperial Navy and 5 Fighters fly over head then the lead fighter pulls up away from the squadren*

You will be missed my friend, things just wont be the same. you best be back boyo.
08-06-2005, 15:56
OOC: You have been a great friend, supporter, and ally in Credonia's time of need and I am deeply appreciative. Good luck to you in the future and may lifes fortunes find you. You'll be deeply missed.
The Imperial Navy
08-06-2005, 15:56
Salutes The Imperial Navy

You will be missed.
Thanks. There wasn't really much point in me making this post though, considering no one ever wanted to RP with me anyway... except Moleland.
08-06-2005, 15:57
Goodbye, hopefully not forever. (Of course, by the time you come back I may have become a DoS nation...who knows.)

~Czardas, Supreme Ruler of the Universe
08-06-2005, 15:59
Thanks. There wasn't really much point in me making this post though, considering no one ever wanted to RP with me anyway... except Moleland.I'd have liked to. Unfortunately, my time didn't permit an involved RP until this summer -- when you're leaving us, and I'm joining.

~Czardas, Supreme Ruler of the Universe
08-06-2005, 16:27
Unified Sith
08-06-2005, 16:32
Why are you leaving TIN..... don't go
Communist Louisiana
08-06-2005, 16:38
Yea, I understand. Whats bad is for every good rper we loose, they are eplaced by a dozen newbies and 9 of those quit within a month leaving only people who cant rp well.

Whats happening to nations like Russian Forces and shit?
Van Luxemburg
08-06-2005, 18:22
Altough I didn't got the honour to RP with you, I salute you, farewell, we will miss you.
08-06-2005, 18:28
Don't leave TIN!
The Merchant Guilds
08-06-2005, 18:32
Goodbye old friend, you know I am on MSN if you want to chat.

I expected this to be temporary not permanent? Why did you make it the later?

You better not be going to Sweden otherwise I will be coming after you with a truck load of launchable Cactii :D (if you are let me know I am spending a month touring the Eastern Front so Sweden isn't that much off course).

If you come back in September, before or after know there will be always be a place of honour for one such as you amongst us (you know who I refer to) while we exist (far into the future probably).
08-06-2005, 18:58
*Notes the pathetic mood, even from TMG; and decides to shatter it*

"That's right, go away, you aren't wanted!"

T'will be a bit of a shame to see you go, I'm not going to lament on about how it's a tragedy, not my thing, good luck with whatever you do beyond NS and lead a good life.

Au revoir.