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Trials Start (attn. all anti terror nations)

The Mormon Church
06-06-2005, 23:57
Shocking News

"Trial has began for Pedro Tarse a renowned terrorist in the nation of Thesniper5161. Marines took Pedro Tarse out of the country and brought him back for trial. He is being put on trial for Attemped Terror Attacks, Terror Attacks, Murder, and Abuse towards non-combatins. And now a Statement from the President; "We have taken him out of his nation this way so the goverment can be ran the way the people want it too. And then sense we had him we put him on trial of the attacks in our land that he himself has admitted to commiting. We ask that anyother nations that would like to put him on trial let us know so we can give him to you and if the sentances add up to more then he can live, he will be put to death so we do not waste money on him."; That was the speach given by the president today. We have no more news to report at this time. Thank you for listening to The Mormon Church's News Network (TMCNN)
07-06-2005, 19:01
Yay! Kill the terrorist!