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Factbook of the great Xandyzon

29-05-2005, 14:28
Xandyzons' rulers:
Lars Wykoff
James Wykoff
Alexander Wykoff
The countrys name has shifted as the rulers have changed. It used to be Laoff, as in LArs wykOFF. Then Jimton. Then as the great Alexander became of age, he changed the name again.
The nation of Xandyzon is relitivly new nation, only 90 years old. The founder, Lars, was a religious leftwinged liberalist, who was assasinated after ruleing Laoff for 6 years. It was then Lars' son, James, who carried on, changing the name to Jimton, and making the nation a monarki.
James' son, Alexander, had his father imprisoned for treason for aiding terroist and enimies of the nation.
When Alexander got power, his first order was to change the name of Jimton to Xandyzon. Then he changed the goverment, killing all who stood in his way. But it has all been for the better. The great nation of Xandyzon is now a economical powerhouse, it's population can get jobs and education(not free, but you must work at it also), and there is no tax, so the puplic make their money, and get to keep it.
The currency is the Xan and xum. 100 xum equals one xan.
The laws are simple, and few.

~1: Murder and other wrong-doing.
~1.1 If a person(a) takes another persons(b) possesions without permission from the goverment or person(b), they're subject to imprisonment, a fine or death.
Remark that life is a possesion, so taking life is therfore also ilegall.
~1.2 A person(a) cannot lie to anyone else. Neither another person(b) or the goverment. A lie is defind by not telling what happend correctly acourding to a persons knowlege. If a person does lie, the person in question is subject to:
'White lie': 100 xan fine
'Lie': 140 xan fine
'Big lie': Imprisonment for 1 week.
'White lie' in a courtroom: 1000 xan fine
'Lie' in a courtroom: 2350 xan fine
'Big lie' in a courtroom: 1 week imprisonment and a 1000 xan fine.
A lie of treason: Death
Remark that a lie is defind by the judge.
~1.3 Homosexuality:
Homosexual Kissing: Death
-under the influence of alcohol: 1.000 xan fine
-under the influence of other strong drugs: 1.000 xan fine
Homosexual Sexual enjoyments: Death
-under the influence of alcohol: 100.000 xan fine
-under the influence of other strong drugs: 100.000 xan fine
Homosexual Marriage: Death on all partys, also witnesses of the marriage
-under the influence of alcohol: Death
-under the influence of other strong drugs: Death

~2: Goverment and people.
~2.1 The goverment controls all. Life, work, buisness and money.
~2.2 Any member of Xandyzons' population can leave Xandyzon at any time, but immegrating from Xandyzon means you give up any connection with xandyzon, therfore you cannot return without going thru the same proces as any other immegrant.
~2.3 Religion is ilegall, worshipping anything or anybody is ilegall and anyone doing so will be punished by death.
~2.4 The population may have groups of any kind, to discuss world politics, debate, a chess-club or even a quilting club. But forming a 'club', 'gang' or other gatherings gives the goverment the right to inspect the gathering.

~3 Other laws.
There are no other laws, but a person(a) can prosocute another person(b) for any wrong he(a) feels is being done. Person(b) may have a defence and a judge will decide whether it is worth doing anything about.

Any other updates on Xandyzon will follow.
-John Johnson
Updated 29th of May year 0 at 03:48 pm.
John Johnson is also autors of such books as: 'Alexander, biografi' and 'The Wykoff Heratige'