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The journey to the East (Earth 13.75)

Upper Xen
29-05-2005, 04:09
Sonora Province, Free Rep of Mexico-

The Xenizen B-52's here were lying quietly, and ill used. Since the bulk of the XAFM had been moved to South China, much of the Xenizen presence in the FRM consisted of a few SOG men in training (what was left of the prewar SOG), and a few bomber units, and maybe one or two infantry divisions.

These units recieved new orders. So did the Mexicans. The 100,000 man Mexican Army force and the 100,000 man XAFM units got an order from Hong Kong and Mexico City to "invade the Western Old USA, in the name of liberty and freedom."

The units complied. The Xenizen Navy, recently reinforced with two new detachments from Japan, moved into the Gulf of California. They sensed that the time was right. They needed a cause.....

It soon came. It seemed that the pro-Fabusist and Racist "patriot" governments in the west were now under threat from rebels who were resisting their rule, both by bomb and by protest. Now, this was a perfect opporunity to conquer.

The Mexicans and the XAFM units began a massive blitzkrieg into New Mexico and Arizona. Supported by Free Mexican F-16s and 120 F-35s, and 20 B-52s from Japan, and the aircraft from the Xenizen Navy units in the Gulf of California, they hit targets in Arizona and New Mexico with the fury of a sandstorm. The unprepared Minuteman Militias and the antiquated National Guards of the state governments soon fell to the Xenizens.

Joining the blitz was the SOG teams. They were HALO jumped into central Arizona and New Mexico, and they proceeded to lay waste to power plants and military facilities. Before long, panic set in, and the two states' forces were in disarray.

The combined force of the blitz and the SOG teams forcred the states to surrender..........and they did, unconditionally.

It was part one of the plan to rule the West.........


OOC: Gulf detachment:

15 Arleigh Burke Destroyers
20 Oliver Hazard Perrys
8 Harpy Arsenal Ships
14 Sealift Ships
6 Seawolf SSNs
5 Zheng He SSBN
6 Togo-Nimitz Carriers
8 Sacramento Supply Ships
6 Sub Tenders
15 Wasp Amphibious Landers

Aircraft Carriers Have:

24 F-35's
12 TSA-12B
20 F/A-18
16 Sea Kings

Amphibious Landers have:

36 Sea Knights
12 Sea Kings

XAFM 1st and 2nd Mech Divisions:

100,000 men and supplies

FRMA units 1st and 2nd Mech Divisions

100,000 men and supplies

FRMA Air Force 1st and 2nd Wings-

36 F-35's, 26 F-16's

25th Bomber Wing-

20 B-52s
Upper Xen
29-05-2005, 21:05
Southern California-

"We shall overcome...."

The marchers of all colors and classes began to march on LA City Hall. Awaiting them were LAPD riot police, Minuteman thugs, and National Guardsmen. The conservative governor of California, having heard of the fate of his comrades in Arizona and New Mexico, opted to put down any rebels that may have been inspired by the Xenizen victory.

The marchers were not dissuaded, however. They continued to walk forward, chanting. Eventually, the National GUardsmen, without warning, fired on the demonstrators, using live ammo.

The result was chaos. All over the city, rioting broke out. Chaos spread to Long Beach, and much of LA COunty, as people who were tired of corruption and near-fascist government moved to express their grievances....


Outside Edwards AFB-

All the while, the Xenizen SOG moved to take the fight to California. HALO jumping outside of Edwards, they began assaulting it with sappers, and mortars. The guards soon awoke, and began trying to fight back. But, the surprise assault, aided by Xenizen and Free Mexican jets, was successful, and the base fell.



The Mormons in Utah, meanwhile, prepared for battle. Unlike the Californians and the Arizonians and NEw Mexicans, they were rich and well armed. They would be a tougher nut to crack, with fanatical faith Osama would love and a gun in nigh near every house.

That's why the B-52s went to town on them first. Armed with nitro-octo-cubane bombs, iron bombs, and Headcrab Bombs, they began bombing targets all over Utah. Salt Lake City was hit with six Headcrab Bombs; the result was chaos beyond all imagining. Like in Townsville, the citizens were forced to turn their firearms and any tools they had against their loved ones, now consumed by the awful horror that was the Headcrab. The crabs did slightly worse, as the citizens and police were actually armed, but they still had the desired effect of scaring the populace and infecting those who were unprepared.

Other cities shared the same fate as for the military bases, factories, and transport hubs, they got to experience what it was like inside a firestorm.......
Upper Xen
29-05-2005, 21:38
Southern California-

The Xenizen Army and Mexican Army troops began to move West. They had only lost 50 men to the combined Arizona/NM National Guards. Now, they would have allies. The Rebels in Southern California, the Progressive Army of California, eagerly joined with the Xenizens (after a few bribes and promises of liberties and rights), and began acting as scouts and saboteurs for the XAFM/FRMA troops.

The Californians, however, retaliated. Moving every man they had, they readied themselves for a fight in the San Bernardino Valley......
29-05-2005, 21:43
Upper Xen
30-05-2005, 00:08
San Bernardino Valley-

The Californians assembled their tanks. Some 1,500 tanks, and 20,000 men, were entrenched, hoping to repulse the Xenizen/Mexican Coalition.

They had entrneched themselves in a crescent, in an attempt to form some kind of stage so they could eventually, when the time was right, make their own Cannae.

Admiral Kyoko Mori knew this. She had been officially disgraced after the sham battle of the Gulf of Cali, but unofficially, she was still in good spirits. She had led the land campaign very well so far; New MExico and Arizona were now currently held by the Allies. But, the expedition into California would be risky. This was a rich state that could afford high tech weapons, and it had plenty of willing and able men who would defend it. Still, she gambled on the invasion-their big base, Edwards AFB, was in the hands of the Allies, now held by the Progressives.

She saw the sattelite photos of the defenses, and said, "Fools....they forgot about air power, didn't they?"

She smiled, and ordered her naval aircraft to attack the enemy forts.

The aircraft, nealry the entirety of the Detachment in the Gulf, hit the defenses with napalm and iron bombs. They lost ten planes, their biggest loss, to enemy planes and anti-aircraft fire, but they managed to do enough damage first.

Then, she decided to hold off the attack. Instead, she ordered the remaining B-52's, which had by now retreated to bases in South China, to fly in and drop Headcrab Bombs.

This they did with relish. The B-52s flew over their targets, lumbering in the sky like evil birds of prey. Guarded by fighter escort, they began to drop their payload.

The Headcrab Bombs hit the trenches, splitting open and releasing their cargo. The Headcrabs spilled out, and soon, the Californians were in a state of panic. They used their M4s, knives, shovels, anything on hand to try and kill the wily beasts.

But, they were too fast, and too jumpy. Before long, the zombies started to appear.....their moans and their unceasing lumbering began to terrorize the men, who found them nigh near indestructible, too panicked to realize that a single headshot would do just fine. Only a few realized this, but by then, it was too late: the zombies ate well that day, and many were forced to retreat.

The Xenizen/Mexican Forces soon came in attacked the survivors, the Allied tanks firing DU shells at the enemy tanks, and tearing them to bits. Guerillas from the Progressive Army and SOG did a rear end attack, taking out what was left of the enemy support structure, and the regular infantry took out those who were too tough to die, and too stupid to surrender. The rest of the Californians, however, began waving white flags; they also peed their pants and fled in large numbers, only to be rounded up by the Allies and medevaced.

The Battle of San Bernardino, however, was not over. The Allies then began zombie cleanup, taking out every zombie with a headshot and explosives, as prescribed by Attack Order #45.

The war was moving swiftly......
Upper Xen
30-05-2005, 01:00
Los Angeles-

"General, the Xenizens have breached our defenses. They used a new, and horrible weapon....and they are coming this way, having taken Ontario and San Bernardino."

The General said, "Onscreen."

The images shown were horrible. Zombies were clawing at Californian infantry. Tanks were being torn up. Guerillas and Regular infantry were shooting those who stood in the way up.

He turned pale. "Order an evacuation of LA County. Leave it as an open city, destroy all essential facilities."

"But sir-"

"Do it! Leave nothing of value behind!"

The adjutant reluctantly said, "Yes sir."

The Californians then began ordering an evacuation. The initial trickle of organized refugees soon became a panicked traffic jam, as Highway 405, and all other major exits became clogged with panicked citizens, eager to flee the feared Xenizen onslaught.

Still, with all of this going on, the order to destroy valuables was carried out. Oil refineries, banks, armories, and industrial facilities that were not captured by the Allies were sabotaged with thermite, stripped of essential parts, or blown up outright.

But this did not deter the Allies. When Mori heard this, she simply ordered spare supplies flown in from Japan and China. No tomfoolery would stop her.....
Upper Xen
30-05-2005, 02:04
LA City Hall-

The Allies then drove towards city hall. There, they stopped in a laager, like in Shanghai, and they ran up to the flagpole in the front. Producing a Xenizen flag, they raised it onto the top.

The city was theirs.

The other XAFM/FRMA/PA forces in the area moved to seize the rest of the city, and the other parts of LA County. By now, those left simply waved white flags; they wanted no trouble.
Upper Xen
31-05-2005, 00:47
OOC: Note-I'm Asian, so some of the racial epithets IC that are said, I can probably say. They're IC only, anyway.


"Governor...LA County has fallen. The Allies have the San Bernardino Valley, and Edwards AFB. Our major facilities and Orange County are in danger of falling to the enemy. The Mormons have been bombed in Utah, and it seems the Allies command the skies."

The Governor of California hated this. How did a jap-crap army beat the finest American, apple pie boys he could muster? By dirty tricks, that's all. Typical.

He fumed as he saw the digital map the adjutant produced. Not good. Southern California was in danger of falling to them. The North was safe, for now.

The Governor said, "Any evacuations?"

The adjutant replied: "Refugees are clogging the docks at San Pedro and San Diego. Catalina is overflowing with people. All other exits are blocked off."

The Governor then said, "What will happen now?"

"Sir.....we have reports that an army of liberal scum has formed a rabble mob call the Progressive Army. The Allies support them. Already, they have begun sabotage and raids in Fresno, San Francisco, and other cities."

The Governor says, "No surrender. We hold on. Armor Sacramento. Hold the line in the San Joaquin. We need to resist...."


Somewhere over Central CA, 2400 ZULU-

Six Xenizen C-130s were flying over the San Joaquin, carrying a load of guns and medical supplies for the Progressive rebels in the area. It was pitch black, but the pilots knew where they were going. The Progressives would be lighting signal flares, and they would be using radio directing as well.

Onboard the plane, the James Brown song "Night Train" played, as men stood ready to unload gear on command. The pilot was always talking with the Progressives, saying: ", be clearer, you're f**king breaking up.....mother-fine. I'll go that way. Jesus, you'd said you'd get me through an area that DIDN'T have Flak."

There was no flak, of course. But the map said that area did. And that was what made the pilot nervous.

Eventually, the Xenizen C-130s got close to their objective, and said, "Broken Spoon, this is Night Train. We're delivering the goods."

On signal, the back doors opened, and James Brown's rhythmic wailing was drowned out by the sound of rushing air. The men began to push out the packages, rigged with parachutes, and watched them float safely to Earth.....

When all of their goods were unloaded, the crew relaxed. All the other crews had unloaded their goods as well, and soon, they lifted off, to return to Mexico, and then home.
Upper Xen
31-05-2005, 01:35
Upper Xen
31-05-2005, 20:39
Los Angeles, city Hall-

Admiral Mori loved her new HQ. She put her feet up on the desk, and smoked the cigar she held in her hands. Smiling, she leaned back, and shut her eyes, letting herself go in the strains of The Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop."

Then, an adjutant rushed in. He said, "Ma'am?"

Surprised, she lept out of her chair, put out her cigar, turned out her music, and said, "Yes?"

The adjutant said, "Ma'am, we have surrounded Orange County. We are detecting large amounts of civilian movement toawrds Catalina Island. The Mayor of San Diego has declared San Diego an open city. Californian troops are digging in up north, and they are fortifying San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno, San Jose, and other Central-North CA cities. We hold the South. The Progressives are attacking up north usign guerilla raids; we are getting supplies into them. However, an offensive may be necessary."

Mori thought for a moment, and said, "Okay, do this. Send some propaganda out to the enemy. Have the Progressives spread rumors, drop leaflets, and broadcast stuff, too. I want a full psychological warfare campaign. Show pictures from the San Bernardino Battle, they need to know the consequences of resistance. I want SOG to join the Progressives, start handing the kids toothbrushes and candy, and give 'em their tetnaus shots. We need to wait until we can free up troops from Mexico and Australia to continue. For now, this is our best."

The adjutant said, "Yes, Ma'am."


Somewhere over San Francisco-

Six B-52s flew at about 50,000 feet over the city. They took a while to get here, but then again, it was never easy flying from Kitafuji, Japan, to the Americas.

Unlike last time, these B-52s were carrying leaflet bombs. These were filled with candy, White Castle hamburgers, and leaflets with pictures of happy children and Californians eating nice, hot meals contrasted with pictures of the LAPD suppressing the riots and the words "Why fight for a government that hurts its own? Join us, and you will be treated with respect," and another set that had, in no uncertain terms with a headcrab on it, "If this was a real bomb, you'd be dead by now. Surrender."

When the B-52s approached the main shores of SF, they said, "Okay, boys.....begin drop."

The B-52s soon began dropping their goods. The bombs hit Haight-Ashbury, Chinatown, Castro Street, Nob Hill, and other parts of the city, blanketing them with the goods. Kids ran up to eat the candy, and adults devoured the literature that had fallen from heaven. They were scared by this; many indeed considered the proposition on some of the leaflets that they may well have died if those were real bombs. Others laughed, and others began thinking.....

As for the B-52s, they soon did a circle, and kicked it into high gear, as enemy SAMs soon came to greet was damaged, but the others were able to make it out....
Upper Xen
01-06-2005, 22:56

The fleet of C-141, C-17, and C-5 aircraft arrived in droves. They landed, and began taxiing down the runway here at LAX, which as a hub of world affairs, was used to a lot. But, it probably never saw a widespread military influx as it did now. The air traffic controllers had a hell of a time coordinating the arrival of 125,000 men, and the supplies and materials needed to keep them going.

But it was worth it. Many of these men were hardened vets of the Australian campaign, and of the Civil War, fighting in Wuhan, Japan, and anyplace else where Upper Xen had convulsed with the song of brother-versus-brother combat.

Their Casspir APCs were soon filled, and they rushed out through the freeways, which were by now cleared of refugees, and prepared to do battle on the front lines. Word had it that the Californians were plotting a major offensive in the north, and were amassing at Bakersfield and Mojave. Well, that was fine and dandy.

They hadn't learned a damn thing about what the XAFM would do to them, would they?
Upper Xen
02-06-2005, 00:28
Outside LA, Camp Spearhead-

Admiral Mori looked at the details of the mission. It was a huge op, and yet it seemed so simple....

The plan was a straight blitzkrieg. Here, it was possible, since it was a relatively flat, developed area with good roads. The CA forces may have mined them, but the mechanized forces, using tanks and helicopters, would dominate anyway. The new units, organized into the 3rd Army Corps, would plunge north on Highway 40 from Ontario to Mojave. The XAFM units, as 1st Corps, would hit the West, at Bakersfield. The Mexicans, the Pacific Coast, up to Santa Monica. All the while, air attack, and Progressive Army skirmishers would keep the enemy busy.

The plan looked foolsafe. All it needed was continous communications, something they had, and it would be all right....
Upper Xen
02-06-2005, 01:09
Mexican Camp "Libertad," NW of Long Beach, 3rd Corps Ontario, 1st Corps Camp Spearhead-

The scene was the same. T-4 and M1A2 tanks, Casspir APCs, G6 cannons, Land Rovers, M2A2 Bradleys, and Blackhawk Helicopters awaited the order to go. They were revving their engines, and the tank drivers looked like they were going to a NASCAR race.

Then, the order came. "Move out."

The dispatriate units moved out, and began heading to their objectives at the utmost speed.

F-16s, F-35s, and B-52s, plus recently freed B-70mk1s from the Aussie campaign and the G6s in the units, began to aid the blitz, targeting vital Californian forts, supply bases, and military convoys to help aid the advance. Octo-nitro-cubane, napalm, iron bombs, and Phosphorous shells fell in a continouous steel rain on the enemy, dealing great damage.

As this happened, the units began to engage Californian forces. They had gotten them not entirely by surprise, but the overwhelming application of force forced them out of their positions.....
Upper Xen
02-06-2005, 01:51
Outside Bakersfield-

The Californian M1A1s and M60s soon met the enemy T-4s and M1A2s of the XAFM on the field of battle. In an epic battle not seen since Kursk, a massive tank war erupted, as explosions rendered by both shell and missile, deployed from helicopters on both sides and by brave teams of infantry with SMAWs on both sides, choked up the field with clouds of smoke and fire. All the while, APCs drove up to their objectives under heavy fire, and unloaded men, who poured MG, rifle, and grenade fire on their enemies.

The Californians tried to charge the XAFM repeatedly, but the XAFM charged them at the same time. Firing manuevers resembling the age of sail emerged, as the tanks raked their enemies with shells, driving alongside and going close up to deal death.

All the while, the artillery was directed at enemy positions and massed tank formations on the field. Iron shells, WP, and napalm rained down like a New England April shower from hell,and filled the field with more ghastly explosions.

All the while, the XAFM was moving forth, though they didn't know it.