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Tannenmille carpetbombs Canada, Alaska, and Maine (Earth 13

28-05-2005, 04:27
TNN - Tannenmillian News Network

As TIE Bombers still flash through the skies over Old Canada today, Reichsführer Aven Tannen named Mark Goldfetter, 38, Kolonieführer of the Tannenmillian Colony of America.

This is Otto Remsburg reporting from Montreal, Tannenmille.

OOC: Only invading NY, NH, MA, CT, RI, ME, VT, Alaska, Greenland, and Canada.
Camel Eaters
28-05-2005, 04:36
OOC: PEOPLE! Look we need to make longer conquering posts. Oi vey! Alright? I want to here about great battles in which you outsmarted Canadians and destroyed their defenses. Make me want to read it!
28-05-2005, 04:50
OOC: That was just a rough intro post. Once I get my armies on the ground, it'll get better.

Skies over Ontario, 1950 hrs.
Officer Cadet Gerald Oliver leaned back in his TIE. However, with the cramped cockpit that was the TIE Bomber's, he leaned back about a quarter of an inch. Before him lay approximately 40 more TIEs, and behind him another 120. They had been deployed from the Star Destroyer Toxic Dandelion with orders to bomb Toronto. Over the Gold Team comm channel, he heard Flight Lieutenant McKillip fumble with something, and then the opening synthesizer of Rammstein's "Feuer Frei!" was heard.

Oliver smiled.

Toronto, Canada-Tannenmille, 2000 hrs.
With the Canadian government scrambled, Mayor David Miller couldn't get through to any of the higher offices in any province. He looked out of his office window to see a swarm of black on the horizon. Beads of sweat formed on his brow. Toronto didn't have any SAMs, but they did have a form of a shield. He picked up the phone on his desk and dialed a 10-digit number that would activate the city's shield.

Hopefully in time.
28-05-2005, 18:37
Toronto, Canada-Tannenmille, 2010 hrs
The first thirty TIEs shot over the threshold and began dispersing their payloads. Officer Cadet Oliver was singing along to Rammstein when suddenly the TIEs before him vaporized. Suddenly, Rammstein ended and the comm channel filled with "What the hell?"s and "Oh my God"s. Trying his hardest to keep from gagging, he juked his bomber to the right, praying that he avoided whatever it was that had caused his teammates to die.

Aleutian Islands, Alaska-Tannenmille 2355 hrs
Thirty-two T-1a transports escorted by an impressive array of TIE Avengers flew lazily over the North Pacific. Inside each transport sat 320 of the Tannenmillian Navy's finest: Elite Shockforce Sagetroopers. At 8 feet tall and 280 pounds apiece, these beasts were a fearsome sight on the battlefield. With armour that could change colours or cloak at the user's will, Sagetroopers were easily the most valuable soldier in the Tannenmillian armed forces.

The pilot came over the intercom, saying, "We hit the LZ in 3 minutes, and it's hotter than hell. Lock and load, boys."

In unison, the Sagetroopers began humming the anthem of Tannenmille.
28-05-2005, 20:21
Anchorage, Alaska-Tannenmille, 0005 hrs
The American troops had well barricaded themselves in, and fire had been exchanged for seven minutes. Three of the 3,200 Sagetroopers died, and one more was severely injured.


Master Sergeant TSGE1533095 flung his emptied assault rifle at the US bunker, with a handy frag grenade fastened to it. As he watched it soar through the night sky lit by the hellish gunfire exchanging between the two parties, he reached down to the rocket launcher in front of him. Behind him, Technicians worked feverently to install the loudspeakers that would soon play "Where is My Home?", the traditional anthem of the Czech Republic and military anthem of Tannenmille.

Eager to hear the familiar tune, he began to sing it to himself.
28-05-2005, 21:34
Queen Elizabeth Islands, Northern Old Canada, 0150 hrs.
400 T-1a Shuttles streaked towards northern Old Canada. In each sat 320 Sagetroopers, manufactured in groups of 30,000 annually. This insane number of troops had the specific mission to destroy anything the Canadian military could possibly use to defend itself. Defending the ships were 1,200 TIE Avengers, the pride of the Navy. Accompanying the Avengers and shuttles were 3,000 TIE Bombers: the 67th Bombers' Regiment. They would secure the QE islands before the Canadians could.

TNN -- Tannenmillian News Network

Anchorage Falls! Tannenmille's Flag Flys Proudly
This morning at 8:39 A.M. local time, US soldiers in Anchorage surrendered to Tannenmille. (OOC: I'm lazy, and I still have to RP taking over all of Canada and New England) All soldiers are being taken aboard Tannenmillian starships and will be held as prisoners of war, and most likely will be sent to work on the Solar Quarry projects. TSGE0960455, common name not to be revealed, was the proud soldier given the honour of hoisting the glorious flag of Tannenmille over City Hall.

Fighting still continues in the rest of Alaska and Canada, as more troops are brought in. Reichsführer Aven Tannen today announced plans to also invade New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.


Toronto, Canada-Tannenmille, 2005 hrs.
Officer Cadet Tyrone Hellmann began booting up his firing systems when suddenly the familiar roar of ion engines behind him stopped. He glanced at his radar, brow furrowed in confusion. Only his blip and those of the bombers in front of him remained, as well as a small number of those TIEs that were splitting and trying to avoid the shield that had appeared from nowhere. Suddenly the commanding officer of the Toronto campaign, he quickly spoke over the comm channel, "Okay, men. We'll be running this ourselves. Ten fireteams: Gold, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Black, White, Green, and Pink. I'll be heading Gold, and I'm transmitting your team assignments over the info channel.. now. Target governmental buildings and any airport under this shield. Leave parking lots as landing fields for us. Für Tannenmille, Für Ehre!"
Camel Eaters
28-05-2005, 22:12
OOC: Okay really quite good in the end. But I can't give you that much land for such a young nation. You'll get Alaska and one Province of Canada that links that and Maine up. Aight?
28-05-2005, 22:18
Let us have a small scale bean fight to settle this dispute.

No man can own land. It is God's.
28-05-2005, 22:56
There is no provice that links Canada to Maine. And I don't think age of someone's nation should be a deciding factor in expansion of land, as Rome expanded quite fast.
29-05-2005, 02:36


18,000 PILOTS
64,000 SGEs
128,000 RASUSS Troopers

10,240 SGEs

9,000 PILOTS
9,600 SGEs


83,840 SGEs
128,000 RASUSS Troopers