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A Cry for help [Nerotikan Conflict Attn. All NS Nations]

26-05-2005, 15:31
In nerotika I am currently being oppressed by a nation called Credonia. So far I have been attacked by this so called Liberator and thousands of my civilians have died for no apparent reason due to bombings and a massive gassing of a large city. I call to anyone who wishes to help me because as of right now I am under attack from a nation claiming to be nuetral, my nation is split up into territories and Nerotikan has become a living hell. My only ally cant get into Credonia held territory and my rebels there are slowly dissapearing. So please help me.
The thread is and I hope someone out there will help. This is the only way I can get my word out sence my own region has gaven up on me. Please I beg of anyone here to help me out.

President Naki Lok
26-05-2005, 15:42
If this had happened 2 months ago i'd be right with and i'd be throwing everything i've got at Credonia. I'm larger and I can hold my own.

But times have changed and me and him a more friendly now than before and so Stevid is unable to answer your plea for help. He is possible to beat but I will not draw Stevid into a political debate with a new ally that we have strived to achieve.

David M. Conroy